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Hey there. So I was watching Abominable yesterday, and really got my rocks off to it. I was wondering if other folks here have horror movies that are like porn to them, I’d like to “expand my horizons”, if you catch my drift.


Hostel 2 has a delicious bath scene… with 2 ladies and 2 scythes.


Tho it was a bit more in the film itself, this is the meat of it



Well son of a bitch, it's the real deal on youtube. Maybe. Saying that out loud sounds way too good to be true. But I think I just found the whole film. Maybe uncut. The scene is somewhere in the middle I guess, and has a bit more scratching to it, I think one scratch, then the first stab is definitely worth it!


Well aren't I cunt!

That is the better quality uploaded film, also uncut I believe.


one of such western movies is
"American Mary"

Listing japanese horror is probably unnecessary as it is all kind of porn LOL


You do know you don't need to do the whole "hxxp" thing anymore, right?


Wait what. And only now somebody tells me none of these fuckers said a thing god damn


The "Theatre de la Vampires" scene in "Interview with The Vampire" when Armand seduces and bites the young woman is just about the most erotic thing I've ever seen. I also adore "The Company of Wolves" :D


That hostel 2 scene is hot as fuck. Her cries get anyone else rock hard? The other is the scat scene in human centipede 2. Wish it went on longer thpugh. :) we need more quality entertainment like that today. I mean damn raise your hand if you got a raging boner to her cries.


Or ladies too, my wife masturbated to that scene too so it appeals to women too. She just wished the scene went on longer.


I agree, women are getting more and more less presented in horror movies.


I totally agree, that scene from Hostel got my pussy all in a raging fire, I mean the look on her face nearly sent me over the edge! Cry Bitch, cry for me, its not just you guys who like this stuff. ;)

I hate how hard it is to find movies with decent female deaths, I get my dildo ready each time I hear of a good one but am usually dissapointed. I'm hoping to God that we get a film someday that is just straight up torture from beginning to end, preferably 3 hours long. While the women don't HAVE to be naked, I do like it when they are. But atleast show them in terror. Sighs. But yeah its not just you guys.

Thanks again for the hostel clip. I orgasmed twice from it after putting it on a loop.


You're welcome!


No mention yet of A Serbian Film? There's the woman chopped up with a machete while getting fucked from behind, and the one with her teeth torn out who gets chained up and asphyxiated with cock.


"The House that Jack Built" by Lars von Trier has a pretty explicit, but unfortunately short (like less than a second), debreasting scene. You do see an after photo later on though, and there is a good build up with Jack drawing cut-lines with a marker and making her choose a knife


Since nobody mentioned this already…
there's a web collection of movie scenes at (which for some reason doesn't host that one clip of Renee Griffit's beheading in Showdown In Little Tokyo)

My absolute favorite is a tie between a strangling scene from Woman's Prison Massacre and the beheading from Showdown in Little Tokyo. They both have very good build ups, the woman is naked and in a sexual scenario - getting whacked at the high point. They think they'll have sex, but end up choked or decapitated.

This type of scenario is actually kind of common now that I think about it… Other worthy mentions being Ryde (two women want to make up with a dude and he ends up drowning one and head stomping the other), Appetites (good looking prostitutes get whacked, but there's actual sex scenes with a deathly climax), Murder Set Pieces (an overall deranged movie, that I dig) and others I can't remember from the top of my head - but if anyone knows this scenario unfolding in any other movie - *please notify me*.

There was also this one movie - the name of which I completely forgot - where a cute blondi is tied down to a chair by a clown / masked man and then he unveils another woman in front of her, completely naked and tied upside down, cunt up. He then fetches a chainsaw and there's a very good graphical scene where she's cut in half. The horror on both of them is delicious.
The blondie on the chair manages to escape from the restraints but she's shot down in another scene towards the end - with a kind of drawn out scene that ends with a headshot (if I remember correctly and my mind doesn't embelish such details as is the case with my memories of the little tokyo beheading).


I'll give you a little hint, the clown's name is Art >:)



Funny how my mind distorted that scene. It was a hack-saw not a chainsaw and the blondie was the one getting it. Very hot scene overall.


File: 1565897651560.jpg (46.29 KB, 1280x720, 1[1].jpg)

You probably know that there is a lot of fetish porn videos (not real deaths, of course). Found the video today where the chick plays with the sword, then gets beheaded and fucked in the mouth of her severed head, was pretty neat. I'd gladly post some of these, but I'm afraid it's not allowed here.


Posting links to content that is legal is ok.
I, for one, would LOVE to see that clip you mentioned


Are there any movies out there with good slow burn buildup before the kill?
For me, it’s not so much the death that turns me on, but the girl’s slow realization that somethings wrong. Like, the girls alone, at first she thinks it’s just in her head, then she starts getting more and more nervous, her heart starts racing, and by the time she realizes she’s in trouble, she’s trapped and it’s too late.
Any good movies that have this?


It's a classic but did you tried the first murder of Scream? It's one of my favourite on mainstream movies


Yeah that one’s pretty well known.
Anything more obscure?



File: 1566692313752.jpg (257.7 KB, 1317x1320, headjob_carmel.preview.jpg)


(Don't ban me please, because it's obviously not real gore)


File: 1566698375343.jpg (50.49 KB, 960x540, daddyDearestClip 12.jpg)

Also, knowing quite a few of this kind of videos, I can share with you some of the best ones I saw. Please understand that none of this vids is real murder. - pretty gory torture. You can search "deadly interrogation" on motherless or heavy-r to find other videos from this series, they are all gory. - well, nice music :D - I just like this girl, Keeley, there is a whole collection with her: - I like this one because the girl is pretty cute - nice vid in the middle by ChokeChamber. This user also has some interesting compilations. - It's the famous Charley Atwell! - and this is Sasha Grey! - found it recently, looks pretty nice - I dunno, just a nice little vid

There was a lot of vids taken down by the copyright holders, such as this picture, so I can't find the links.



Bring up pkf and pst (and Keeley) is practically cheating :)


There was a really old movie that inspired the spear through the bed scene in a friday the 13th movie. A guy and a girl are fucking on the bed when a killer comes behind them and stabs them into the bed with the spear :> And they appear to keep fucking after being stabbed, I realize probably mostly them struggling but always liked :>


I only wish there were more consensual beheadings like that one. Does this Carmel have any other snuff related vids?


She has pretty much the same video, but with different ending - with the body, not the head. Also, you can search "the guillotine" on the same website to find another few vids by the same director.


Just watched it and it's pretty hot tbh


ahhh here we go :> It's the second kill. They scream at the start, but then still seam to moan and look like they are fucking :> Kinda hot.


I've fapped many times to the hostel 2 scene - my go to is something similar which is the first scene of "lyon flare" but that's a hentai ofc. probably cum to that one at least 30 times and would another 30, bc nothing else captures the look of horror and anguish as that scene where her chest is literally ripped open while she's raped..

as another has mentioned, interview with a vampire too.. a scene which i had forgotten about when he bites the insanely hot girl's tit and drinks blood from that.. i recall fapping to this when i was quite a young lad.

this scene which ive cum to a few times, despite never caring about the movies..

and a handful of other scenes that escape me atm, some even minor ones, that i too wish were longer

im very interested in this decapitation porn that was linked, bout to watch that.. and interested in a few others

OH and one of my all time favorites because of how insanely hot the girl is and how lewd the scene is - silent night, when cortney palm is running around nude and eventually ends up in a wood chipper. easily one of the hottest pieces of ass ive ever seen, and in such a lovely scene…


Just a few more I thought of..

the scene from scream where rose mcgowan gets dragged up by a garage door til she dies is one of my favorites.. fapped to that one long ago as well before i even knew i had this fetish. but lets face it, she looked insanely hot in that movie and i wanted her to die for apparently sexual reasons then too.

also the scene in piranha where ashley brook the pornstar, who's apparently in it, gets cut in half through her naked tits by a wire in front of everyone.. another pornstar gets it good in this movie or the sequel as well

theres a scene where a woman actually gets impaled in her pussy and out of her mouth in some ghost-horror or something too. its an older one and not really amazing tho, but the concept is right up my alley

im certain theres more.. may post them if they come to me


Ohhh yeah, that wood chipper scene is some grade A+++ fap material.

There's also one scene from Playing with Dolls where a kinda pretty ebony teen is tied to a tree and some masked killer cuts off her top to reveal her breasts, then cuts across her beautiful tit and harvests blood from it. She's finished with a gutting.
Can be found below with the name
Metalface_wire_bondage_stab_disembowel (216.1m)


Laid To Rest 1 & 2. Plenty of gem scenes in those movies. The main actress is achingly hot, albeit with questionable acting ability, and somehow they managed to coax Lena Headey (of all people!) to be in the first movie and got killed by a window pane and stab to the head.
The selling point of these movies are the gore FX are all done in high quality. Highly recommended to turn you on.


File: 1568586638697.jpg (57.53 KB, 864x485, 3377781-t1[1].jpg)

Speaking of porn, TerezFilms doing some insane quality stuff (though cringy sometimes):

I also saw Amazon Warriors videos, but the cringe kills the sexyness.


File: 1568746223754.jpg (77.59 KB, 767x960, 1939794_10153531115808173_….jpg)

Also, guys, look at this. Doesn't it look like a fetish?

It's a very strange thing, an indie slasher movie. And the whole movie is just characters talking to each other about nothing, and I think the gore scenes lasts less then a minute. And the director is even weirder then us, he has like a violence fetish, tweeting about how he likes to dismember chicks, poses with the saw with his wife covered in fake blood, though the only violent thing in his movie is a pair of extremely short scenes.


The saw clip was sweet, she had some nice tits, didn't scream enough though. :(

As for the sawing in half cunt up scene from the other movie that was hot as hell, loved how the ass cheeks bounced on that one as she was sawed. Made my pussy drenched! I'd love to have been the one doing the sawing, absolutely yummy :)


The sawing scene… Which film is that?


Terrifier is the movie.

Either that one or the other movie that has Art the clown in it.



Art The Clown is in both Terrifier 1-2, and All Hallow's Eve. He is been around.

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