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I suggest you obtain while the obtaining obtains.


shit, normies on other boards have collected great loli torrent dumps
but I really hope someone managed to collect guro also


It is a very sad event. I frequently was thinking when this will happen and it happened now.

It was really possible to obtain much because site was overloaded for all that time we were trying to save something
All manga seems to be available on nhentai and
but many artist galleries may be lost.


Good thing I saved everything I found good in there. Guro especially tends to often disappear without a trace on the internet, usually by artist himself so learning the habit of SAVING THAT SHIT the instant you see it is a learned habit.


We'll see. Few things ever really stay dead. If anyone has torrents of the site posting it in the p2p would be nice. This is a bad time to be a pervert.


Exhentai admin kinda gave a hope that he may somehow preserve it in some form

but the main problem is not preserving the content but all that metadata tags previews etc.

Without all that, content turns into plain trash because there is no way to organize and browse all that data on your HDD even if you have it all.

I downloaded lost of that content but now I have no clue what I even have and where


Looks like they took it down. Could be a good sign though, since it could mean they're planning on keeping the whole thing on ice rather than keep it up with parts chopped off.

The only concerning thing is the sheer volume of that place. Gurochan has been killed and brought back a few times, but I can't imagine doing the same to a site of that scale. If the admins can't or won't back up the whole site, then there will be works that could be destroyed forever.


As long as they don't wipe the hard drives, they can keep the meta data and the images all intact. If the admin is wanting to retire, finding someone who wants to take over and passing the torch is possible. Does anyone have any information on what the admin and his team is deciding in this regard?

This really hurts sites like gurochan and /d/, shit it feels like I lost a good friend myself. Is there anything that we can do?


Back up your favs that are still accessible on e hentai. Apparently it might be on borrowed time too.


Yeah but theres bound to be copycat sites in the future who just steal the best ideas that sadpanda had, namely the very good search system. Finding porn thankfully is getting easier and easier, used to be finding guro art was all about looking for some few specific japanese guro mangakas or googling Dolcett to find small fan forums.


Looks like someone might pick up the torch.


I don't see any meaning of that copycat project because exhentai admin if totally willing to give all data and possibly even entire site with all scripts to someone if there are people willing to take it. he is no longer willing to maintain it himself in this neutered form.

Exhentai was almost all about traffic and performance
it hosts about 50 terabytes of content. It woud be pretty expensive to, build such server and put it at home or rent some server on the farm.
it also had pretty clever distributed p2p caching system

I am not sure but from all that info I suspect that exhentai admin was keeping his server at home and this is why he was so quick to shut it down and cannot relocate it to another state.

so the only real hope is that admin will give everything to someone else and it will just continue as before. Creating all that from scratch will be too hard.


There is a vacuum left by Exhentai, now, and some place will inevitably fill it, whether it's a mirror of the original or some other site. Not everything can be recovered, but as long as there's demand and a place willing to host it, the content will continue to be published.

But hopefully the admin will reconsider and give somebody else the keys to keep the original operation running. It sucks to lose so much just because one person couldn't carry on.


The maintaining cost of that site went well over 100,000 dollars per year so I'm not sure if anyone will honestly pick it up.


There is a motto which sounds, more or less, "Athens may mourn, but Sparta won't celebrate". I have several reasons to hate sites like Exhentai and their user base, but know what?! I am not happy at all.
I heard that Exhentai went down due to some changes to the Netherland laws. What are these changes about, exactly? If Exhentai went down because maintenance became too expensive or for copyright infringement, I couldn't care less, but what if Exhentai went down because it hosted controversial content, despite they were mere fiction?
More and more countries, that they say are democratic, are undergoing the fascination of censorship and people like us are way too easy to criminalize. With all these bad examplesa around, things may get quite sinister to us. I really hope I am wrong.


Don't think it was that expensive.
maybe the entire server system costs that kind om money but not every year.
I would estimate about 1000 or 5000$ a year at most
Mots likely ex hentai admin kept that server at home. Internet bandwidth is cheap in EU you can order 1gbit line for about 20 euros

The main problem is with all those pesky laws that actually can rival china or nazi Germany. Europe is currently practically turning back to fascism. In my country, we already have political prisoners.


What country is that, lol? GB?


Exhentai seems to be back online for now. Any idea if this is temporary or if it will stay up?


It is impossible to tell but as I know servers were moved to another place now it has a new owner and everything should be fine so far.
Old site owner is unwilling to work on this site.

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