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I believe that the main reason for this is the constant death and ressurection of this site over the years. It always took a bit of a time to get Gurochan up and running again, but the cost of this was a slightly changed adress.
Now it feels like there's only 10 new posts on the whole site per day.
Is there anything that can be done to change it and bring more people here?


I dunno, it seems to be picking up really well lately. It was quiet after xmas (when the site was relaunched) but now seems quite active. I expect as long as the site doesn't go down again, that trend will continue naturally.
BTW, I've been using the site for years (since the .org days) and it doesn't feel particularly quiet to me TBH.


You should check the other threads, alot of activity in G (generally artworks-pencil drawings)


It seems to be picking up the wrong type of crowd.


The kids from tumblr? I expect they'll adapt to the culture here in time. I think there is a minority of them who are just trying to be edgy shitposters TBH.

I try not to be judgmental, as long as people are coming here and enjoying the content, I don't really see a problem with it.


Originally gurochan was just a place where people repost stuff from pixiv and it still is. There is some original content being posted but not that much. so there is no reason for very big traffic.

also while it is relatively free site, it is pretty specialized to guro only, and it does not even allow real life pictures so this naturally limits user base.

I wonder if admins are even interested in more traffic, because if they were they could introduce more content types and become more universal platform.

Adding extra non guro loli board may be useful to get more users since lolicons do not have that many places to go.


I was talking more about the people posting edited photos and spamming threads into oblivion with blankposts (most notably an issue on /3dcg/)
IMO gurochan shouldn't expand into other genres of smut, and it definitely should not allow photography, that just crosses a line that can be way too easily abused.


In that case traffic will be pretty low because there are not that many people interested in guro only.
But maybe admins do not even want more traffic because it will cause more problems and publicity.


People dont want to come here because the community is shitty.

Ive asked artists and fans, thats how they answer consistently. They know gurochan exists, they just dont wanna be on it.

The types of people who post stuff dont have a way to engage comfortably here.

Artists come and start threads only to leave within 2 weeks all the time. Most users post once or teice and have nothing else.

If you want visitors to come and stay and post, you need to actually be a welcoming community.


Well, that's the exact opposite of my experience. I'd say GC is very friendly and welcoming, so I'm not sure where the perception that it isn't stems from. I've been on here for years, and I dont' recall any unpleasantness directed at me at all. For sure there are some heated debates (like the paywall thread) but that's to be expected where passionately held positions clash.

Look in my story thread. Not one single negative or unpleasant comment by anyone. I'd say the same is true in most threads.


I don't really see how this community is shitty or unwelcoming either.

I mostly read the 3dcg board, so maybe it's different on other boards. But i think the comments in pretty much every thread are overwhelmingly positive and usually encouraging the artists to go on.

Unless this is very different on other boards, i don't really see how this community is shitty towards artists who want to post their content here.


Im glad youve had good experiences, its not the same in every board. Lit is great for example.


1) it only takes one bad experience to ruin someones perception

2) weve had uncheckex, targeted cruelty to specific artists because if paywalls multiple times.

3) people leave when they feel shafted, so they stop posting and their threads sink, meaning you dont see the mean words.

If youre saying you like it here, then it isnt all bad. But, well, people pay attention to the negative.

I may have been harsh though, all things considered its been a while since I asked anybody. But…

Man, I can still remember all the conversations. To be honest, I think its the paywall content conversation. It pulls in all types, that conversation does, and not necessarily good types always.

But again, maybe im out of touch.


I don't think you're out of touch Reg, but quite the opposite. As a mod, no doubt you're more exposed to this stuff than the average user. Perhaps this contributes to your slightly jaded perception.

But that fact makes me ask, you are a mod, what are you doing to make the place more welcoming? Saying the place sucks (and by inference suggesting that some users here do too) doesn't seem to be very positive. Maybe something could be done to improve things a little.

It seems to me that because this is a very anonymous site, then the downsides of that – like cruel anonymous shitposting – are going to go with the territory.

But how about an 'About' section, saying what the site is about, and what sort of behaviour is expected?

Clarity in the rules section could be improved too. I'm not going to go through the whole thing and point out all the inconsistencies, apparent omissions, and contradictions here, but they exist, and don't help the perception that "anything goes".

How about some including a board for new users to introduce themselves? I realise that there are problems with anonymity with this, as well as the way usernames aren't enforced here, but maybe it could be tried.

Anyway, that's my two cents. But TBH, though I think some things could be improved, I'm very happy here, and would give this place 5 stars.


Yes, that autist constantly going after Ayaswan is obnoxious as hell.


I think your are wrong, because it is not about community.
If you speak about artists this site is quite unsuited for artists posting their content.
it is all 99% designed for reposting random stuff on the internet. Even technically threads were designed to expire and self erase after some time.

The main problem is that you cannot organize or aggregate your content in any way, you post something you maybe get some response and your thread fades away nobody will ever see it again unless he is going to browse the entire site. also, according to the common principles commenting on some older thread is kinda necroposting. In essence, this site more resembles IRC/discord/twitter than a gallery.

So only artists who produce a lot of content can use this site effectively because they constantly push it to the top. And even then, older works are quickly forgotten. If you want to update some older stories or check for comments it is hard to find the old thread.

Being "nicer" to artists will not improve things much. Getting a negative comment is still better than being absolutely ignored. Also, negative comments generally provoke people to post something to offset it and create some meaningful discussion. Without negative comments, everything dies very quickly. Positive comments also lose all meaning because you do not get anything besides very primitive "thank you and other meaningless posts. If negative comments are completely banned it will just stagnate everything even more, because now you don't know if you can even post it so better stay silent.
The bigger problem is plain lack of people and this is the result of the hyperspecialization of this site which naturally limits the amount of content and amount of users browsing that content.
Also from the artist perspective, you only post guro content here and still need another place for the rest, so why not just post everything in that other place?

Artists who are focused on money-making do not get anything good from this site, because people here seem to be very unwilling to pay or even consider the idea of paying so they are not going to come here for sure.

If you want to attract more artist you need to focus on improving features of the site usefull for artists.


Well, might get a new influx of people again now that exhentai is gone. Part of the reason traffic was lost here was because of user complacency of just posting what everyone can easily access in Pixiv and sadpanda. But now that became harder, everyone is forced to lurk moar, discover websites and join niche communities like back in the old days, these kind of sites can thrive again.



Youre right, features and rules are the guidelines for behavior, and communities model after community leaders.

I however lack the resolve to continue acting as community leader and developing website features by myself. I also lack access to the back end of the website and cant be assed to ask again, meaning I can only change the cosmetic. I cant add a like button. I could rearrange whats here to add features in, giving users some mod features to delete their own comments miiiight be possible…

However, last I checked the actual owner was petrified of change, I cant push for anything big. I have to take these little baby steps toward goals and I was only allowed to make this new gurochan look as close as possible to the old one.

Even News posts are written in the back end so I cant post them.

Anyway, Im out of steam. I have no personal ability to stablize or grow this place, and my feedback loop died out and dried up some months ago.

I would love an official discord
I would love an artist of the day post in news
I would love a gurochan mascot commissioned from an artist
Id love to host guro channer anime watching streams

But Im more or less blocked from doing those things without the permission of a person who is absent. I mean, hes a great guy, but hes not here.

Im tuckered out. Why should I work so hard for a place I cant even get other mods to post, and where none of the old guard ever posts?

Seriously, 5/5 mods I have consistent contact with actively refuse to actually post here when asked, and the actual owner of gurochan and the old mods chill out in a ancient peer to peer chat network where no one has contact with them, with its contact info listed no where. And theyre fine with that.

Its irc #guro or some shit, dont remember the server you have to go on. I cant be assed to find it again.

Look, theres nothing wrong with having a little hobby website you run on the side and not wanting it to be too important to anyone, especially not yourself. so I cant blame leadership for being inaccessible or inactive, but I personally cant be asked to stay indefinitely sandwiched between a dying website I cant even get mods to post on and uncaring leadership that doesnt even post here.

There was a goal to make this a guro community hub through a list of slow changes that would make it a center for this kind of art, even making it a hybrid board/booru where you can add tags to your post and then they can be searched, or something. Theres no high quality, high content gurobooru style board, it could be this.

The end goal would be to make it as popular as possible to encourage larger community projects, guro games, guro content services, patreons for bigger projects. Ive wanted to make a pokenon style rg with raping and goring monsters, or a simulated girl you can cut up.

I saw the path there, but I felt it was blocked. Between gurochan being a pile of fetishists conceptually opposed to community building, and gurochans leader outright refusing to ever consider back end access meaning Id have to slowly vouch for every minute change and push it through him, I gave up. Plus when I said I would take commissions but not requests nobody ever commented in my art thread again lol. But maybe Im just not a very good artist. It lines up with the philosophy here that that would happen though.

I tried to control the pholosolhical discussion by battling it out in /dis/. I welcomed new artist. I played captain. But my powers limited, Im just one of you but I can update the CSS and I have the leaders discord. Thats all.

Im doing a real thing, with a real videogame now. Ill come back to guro and improve this site or make my own when I am stable in my career and have the spare time to safely build this as a secondary source of community. The risk and reward is just not paying out on it right now, for me.

I hope Im not speaking with too much drama, and again, some people are enjoying themselves. But the answer to the question: what am I doing as a mod?

I did an entirely unreasonable amount by changing the front end and acting like a community leader out of pure, unadulterated passion. My reserves have burned up and the returns from doing so have come, and ultimately Im happy with what I was able to do. But for now, Im only ranting about community to share with you an analysis of the OPs question. You can disagree, think of me as a fellow peasant who has spent too much energy here.


Guro is larger than you think, especially if you open up to soft core guro like snuff, bloodplay. Deciding there arent enough people im a community to sustain it is just giving up on improving things before trying.

Not that I havent given up myself, but not out of the thought that theres just not enough guro fans.

If I cant get my mods to post, then I can extrapolate that others arent posting for similar reasons. (Not that I need to, Ive asked.)

I didnt say anything about banning mean comments, youre all free to talk how youd like, but artists that get interacted with tend to stick around. If theyre positive interactions, the tendency is even higher.

I havent seen many threads that end on "wow this was great, will you do more?"


Other thing to note is that this place could potentially serve as one of the safe havens for guro artists, provided theres a way to archive their threads in case of yet another site issue. For example theres a lot of 3d CGI snuff artists on Deviantart who are basically living on borrowed time and occasionally some of the bigger ones get permabanned. I know artists like Vico444 migrated to exhentai but now that site is gone too. Biggest problem is Gurochan having a bit of reputation for performance issues so if we solve that either by fixing them or having a system of caching or preserving artist threads, then all this place needs is a bit of advertisement that Gurochan is online again and you can post your stuff here.


First, I have to say thank you for all the work you are doing here (even if you seem to dislike me to some extent)
It seems that this site is not really going to improve that much if the situation is as you describe.
If there would a possibility for artists to create their own galleries like on deviant art or pixiv I suspect that server may not be able to handle a load from increased popularity and not even negative comments will matter anymore, because finding a good place to post your pictures is not easy to find.
So maybe that fear has some reason behind it. It is not so hard to make a great site with huge traffic, but it may be hard to handle later if it grows too big.

Speaking about Guro community size again, even if it may seem big for you but it is not that big as we would like it to be. Only a small fraction will participate, while most will just browse. Also, people have different tastes and ignore stuff they don't like what makes it even worse.
Of course, if you count all people with something that resembles Guro interests it will be a decent crowd, but if only a few are interested in the same stuff as you are that's no use.
Take your game as an example, I am not really that interested in girls being raped by monsters(even if I would still try to play it). I would rather prefer something funny. So you will need to find support from people who like girls being raped by monsters and that will be a small fraction of all community.

I did not mean that I want to post negative comments but on some other sites I got banned just because I politely told the artist that I don't like that kind of content and prefer another kind fo content. even saying that your '3d character skin seems to be too blue" is considered a negative comment. artists themselves seem not to dislike it as much as mods who are paranoic about anything that can be understood controversially.
In those situations, you probably can post a picture of horses ass and the only comments you will see is great works please post more, what devalues all comments.
Ideally, you have to keep some balance between positive and negative when you interact with people they must see that in general it is positive but they can expect some negativity as well. being positive all the time will devalue you. In all kinds of relationships, you should seek to remain as unpredictable as possible.

>>I haven't seen many threads that end on "wow this was great, will you do more?"

You must be browsing some other site, because if we look at that art board most threads end more or less like that. (I deliberately checked half oldest posts just now to see if it is right or not.)
Some threads seem to be forgotten because they fell down but nothing even slightly negative. Most end with comments, not with pictures
Looking at your thread you also managed to get 3 comments from just one picture, pretty good result.
You may be referring to the situation that first pictures get some comments and later number of comments drops rapidly.
But this seems to be because all your fans already said their line and they are not going to repeat it for every new picture
To get more comments you need to give people some opportunity to do it. Ask a question or do something controversial to troll them.

When I was translating Japanese mangas and posting then on Exhentai I was getting loads of angry comments on how horrible is my English language.
Then, I got someone to check it and no more comments, nobody cares anymore. At that moment it looks like doing shitty translation is a better idea.

As much as I interact with artists it does not matter that much what you do or how well they are received. Eventually, they seem to get bored and stop making new content or move to other things without even any explanation. No matter how well they were treated and liked.
I abandoned 3d myself for about one year and moved to RP. Now I abandoned RP and back to 3d LOL Also add various work issues and other stuff.
Drawing pictures seem to be pretty hard and slow work not so much fun either, so it is expected that people have better stuff to do.
Doing them in 3d is a way more pleasant experience and also very fast.


I dont have time to post right now.

It wouldnt be wrong to say I overvalued community and the impact of positivity while underestimating artists naturally moving from place to place in my posts.

I decided to post with complete honesty about my feelings on the place, and in some places my reasoning is less than objective.

I also disagree with my old post that Im trapped between a rock and a hard place and its impossible for me to do more, im relaying a feeling of frustration thats months old… but the truth is that the server owner has become more responsive and I could likely push for improvements.

I should be honest and say that the lack of traffic here can be reasonably blamed on a mix of factors, potentially including a lack of sense of community– which is something I could work harder to being by being positive instead of critical, but I dont have a lot of time these days. But it makes sense to think our changed url and history of disappearing is at fault to. Its stubborn of me to say otherwise.

But lets drop the criticism, which is something Im doing to blow off steam. Thats no good, I'm part of the problem to, contributing to a heavy atmosphere with brooding cynicism and harshly worded reprimanda.

Instead, what could be done to being in more traffic? Thats the question, right? Lets focus on that.

I think activitt begets activity. If people see lots of new threads, notice that this place changes quickly, they stick around and post because it feels alive. It sounds stupid simple, but the best thing we can do at in individual level at this point is probably just post.


Also, activity is picking up here very slowly. Artists come, some stay, its been quite a while but were picking up a little bit of steam. Its less than it could be but its there. We have lots of lurkers who will all post thanks if OP posts or something like that, and we do have a good round up of artists posting high quality smut. /g is sadly slower than it used to be. But that might be because guro is more often behind paywalls these days.

But in general we could be worse off. Theres nothing wrong with considering how to improve, regardless.

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