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For me, I started off with thoughts of consuming women which gave me great distress and a lot of guilt. But later on I started reading about the idea of ejaculation being an expense of energy/life force/qi/ki (氣) and I went back to it so as not to feel like a victim.


I don't know why you would feel guilty of thinking something (having body parts in your freezer is another matter!). If I did that, I'd probably have to blow my brains out (and there! I just thought of suicide - should I feel guilty about that too?) In fact, I believe that you should embrace and explore those dark thoughts, so you can understand them fully, and not become victim to them. We're all monsters, and denial is dangerous – integration of the Jungian shadow and all that.

I don't think I have leanings towards gynophagia as such, but I do like hard vore, it would seem beasts with big teeth are better suited to the task of chomping women than I am. I think it's just wires crossed in my brain between the predator and sexual circuits TBH. I've enjoyed that sort of thing as long as I can remember.

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