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I believe loli and children belong on their own board. This isn’t about judging others for their particular fantasy. It’s about it being a turn off for other users who have to pass by the content. Much like how fur is a turn off for many users.

This is a bigger issue in the 3dcg board. There are eventually going to be child models that are very realistic. And for some users, that will be much too disturbing. For me, it’s a huge buzzkill.

Young boys and girls can die, they can be the subject of nightmare fantasies. I don’t want the content banned. I just want some way to filter it out.


Just ignore such threads where it is posted.


I agree, there is too many loli threads so i guess it is better to create a different board.

Though you'd better ask it in the main suggestions and feedback thread


Shut up fagot


I'd like the mods to get that retard constantly posting photo edits of kids in /req/ a nice ban.


I like lolicon, and in principal i don't mind if we have another board for lolicon. But there is a practical reason why this idea doesn't work: I guess almost half of the content on this site is lolicon. Moving all of those threads into a new board would require too much work for the mods and admins. And then there are lots of threads with just the occasional lolicon picture, it's not even clear what to do with that.

And even if it happened, it would create new problems: One lolicon board for everything means there is scat and gore mixed in one board, and many people only like one and find the other disgusting. And then you could divide it even further: Some people like lolicon, but find toddlercon disturbing. Some people find male guro disgusting and might request a different board for that.

So better just do what everybody else does with content they don't like and ignore it.

Unless it crosses the line, like the guy in req with those photo edits. I have reported his posts twice already - photos have no place on this site, especially photos of kids.


How funny, pictures of imaginary children are more disturbing than pictures of people getting mutilated in the most gruesome ways. Where the world is going? LOL

But getting on topic:
/3D and /Art boards are where people post their own work and they are not classified according to the content, they are classified by the artist who makes them. So this rule would not apply there anyway or it would be very troublesome.

Doing this it other boards would cause other problems, because now you kinda need to create all same boards for loli content, this way doubling number of boards on the site.

Finally, there is almost no way to reorder all content which is already uploaded. Sometimes it is even hard to decide if this is loli or not.

So the best solution is just to ignore the content you don't like.


Oh can we get boards to differentiate gay shit I only like girls. But I want Lesbians welcome.

This is a request I just find absurd, honestly. I guess you have your reasons and it's not the most out there notion yet, still, I contend we shouldn't needlessly expand complications.


Can we get a separate board for scat, because it's a huge turn-off for me.
Oh, and one for castration/penectomy, and one for cannibalism, just because those particular things are not my particular fetish.


I completely agree.

The problem with 3dcg lolicon is that it is actually classified as child porn in many countries.
I don't want to risk being persecuted for CP, when I'm not even into it, just for looking for amazons chopping each other up with swords.
Having a different board for 3dcg loli/shotacon wouldn't be such a big hassle, and would protect people who are not interested in pedo-stuff.

This isn't such a big issue for 2D stuff, since 1) art style often makes it vague whether the characters are truly underage, 2) in most countries drawings can't be classified as CP.


Actually both 3d and 2d are equally recognizable and both 2d and 3d have same legal status.
Your logic is a bit strange as how separate board of the same site can help you to avoid police prosecution for CP?
It is not like they can even see what board you were visiting.
And it is a big hassle.

Either way, there are very few threads with no loli shot content so it would be more reasonable to create a separete board for loli haters where only pictures of grannies are allowed but other people would continue posting everything as usual into normal "everything" boards. LOL


>3d and 2d are equally recognizable
Not true at all. Some drawing styles are pretty realistic with no ambiguity. In others, adult characters can look like kids to people not used to manga/anime drawing styles.

>both 2d and 3d have same legal status.

Also, not true. Not in my country at least.

I would also say that for many threads the content is quite differentiated. You generally see a pattern of some threads being almost exclusively pedo-themed, while others are predominantly non-pedo, especially on the 3dcg board.


Scat does have its own board.


The only way to tell the age of the character is according to the size. besides that, they all look pretty much the same unless deliberately made to look old and wrinkly.
Since I am doing 3d pictures myself, I know that well. It is pretty hard to make a difference between a cute grown up woman and a cute little girl. Especially when you dress her in some sexy clothes

Speaking about manga /anime it is not style. It is that fact that almost all anime characters are very young.

Those well-diferenitated threads are almost never updated or very small. Any bigger thread will eventually get some loli/shota pictures.



I get why you are worried. And about the 3D and 2D stuff, you are right that the legal status isn't the same in every country. But let's get a little more realistic here:
If someone is watching your internet traffic, they will only know if you use this site at all, not what kind of content you are watching here. A different board for lolicon will not change your situation at all.

And also: Even in countries where lolicon is not legal, law enforcement doesn't really care about it that much, certainly not enough to actively hunt for people who are visiting sites with some lolicon. They care about real CP, that's much more problematic. Law enforcement doesn't have the ressources or any reason to actively go after lolicon, as long as no real CP is involved you only get into trouble for it when they find it on an unrelated search or when somebody actually tips them off.


What 3d program do you use?
This certainly isn't the case in Daz3d, unless you are blind or only talking about differences between adults and larger teens characters.


While true, it's easier to say "oh there's scat" and it's unique as it's its own category rather than an auxiliary tag, there's poop or there's not, but the girl could be subjectively aged.


>but the girl could be subjectively aged.
That is true, but in many cases it's extremely clear that the characters are pre-pubescent just from the thumbnail.


Actually, "scat" does not apply to 3d and art boards.
3d is for all kind of 3d and art is for all kinds of drawn pictures.

Well, tell me what age is Nearme Or Cookie or Sadie/Sam characters?

Normal Genesis is pretty much same situation, lolis are just smaller and adults are bigger you can only see their age when they are put side to side or compared with some other reference objects. keep in mind that those characters are not going to be statistic averages. They are on the edge of realism.

For example "Teen Josie 7" character is just as good as adult or preteen. And this is valid for all cure characters who have relatively smooth round faces and big eyes.
This is even a real problem for normal porn there are situations when adult actors are mistaken for CP
Sure you can make character unmistakeably adult but when you try to make a loli character it is a bit harder to make it look as young as you want.
If we have teenager characters they are totally indistinguishable from 18-year-old adults


I think a full-blooded "Teen Josie 7" is pretty firmly in the danger territory when it comes to CP accusations.
The issue is not really the face, as I see it, but that her body is really immature. She honestly looks like a 12-13 year old, not even considering her size.

I've used her some times, but it's always been no more than 30% Josie body (and maybe 30-60% head) on a Victoria7/G3 background. With some tweaks that gives you an appropriate 17-19 yo physique. (Younger wouldn't make sense for me anyway since my characters are generally soldiers/henchwomen/space marines.)


It may look like that by some MILF standards, but if you compare her to 18+ porn stars (especially Japanese), she looks fully grown-up petite girl.

Either way, the fact that you described the most attractive type of character as dangerous territory, is the proof that this separation is not going to work.

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