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How about we talk about videogames which fulfill our fetishes? I'll start from obvious choices and try to remember more obscure stuff.

1. Postal 2. This is the main choice of every guro enthusiast. Lots of cute busty chicks, complex dismemberment system, many weapons and torture methods. Nude patches are easy to find if you want it. If you haven't played it yet, you'll have the best gaming guro experience ever. Steam version is absolutely the best, workshop has a lot of levels and mods and there is a few great expansions: Apocalypse Weekend, Paradise Lost, Happy Night, Eternal Damnation, A Very Postal Christmas and a trashy Corkscrew Rules. You can even play it in coop.


2. Mortal Kombat. Another obvious choice, every game has female fighters and gruesome fatalities. AFAIK, you can mod MK9 to slow time and change the camera angles. The only disappointment is that the every fatality is scripted and when you saw it once, you saw it all.


3. Bloodrayne 2. Must have for every one of us. The whole game is about sexy vampire in a latex suite who violently kills her enemies and drinks their blood. There is a lot of female enemies, dismembering, different finishing moves and stage-based fatalities such as working buzzsaws, fans or a spears to impale.


4. Fallout 3/New Vegas/4

As our friend Shadman said, the gore in this game is almost pornographic. Slow motion showing dismembering limbs, exploding heads, grenades sending bodies to fly, lots of female enemies, cannibalism and more. And this is the open world Bethesda game, so there is thousands of mods you can install, and this mods has almost everything you wished for. New Vegas also has very interesting story and quests. And you can play as the bad guy in all of this games.


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Also, same with the Skyrim/Oblivion and mods.

5. You probably never heard about it - Soldier of Fortune 2 with the "Real Fortune Babes" mod. Gore in this game is pretty complex - you can even destroy a few head bones and left the others. Not mentioning shooting the limbs off with the overpowered shotgun or M-60. Different weapons do different visual damage, you can even shoot the window to cut your enemies with broken glass. There is a lot of agony animations. And this mod changes every enemy in the game to female.

Also, this game is a pretty generic military shooter, but the unique gore system itself may keep you going through the main story, randomly generated missions and various map mods.


File: 1561423163388.png (1.25 MB, 1280x1024, HitmanContracts 2019-02-17….png)

6. Obvious Hitman series.

A sandbox levels with a limitless ways to kill anyone. Stealth, fibre wire, crowling and hiding bodies, gun blazing through the scared crowd or making the traps - this game makes you feel like a serial killer. Lots of females, spectacular animations, bullet holes, wound animations and so on. New Hitman series is probably the best, Blood Money is a classic, Contracts is the most gothic and edgy one, and the Silent Assasin is almost impossible to stealth through, but pretty fun to play through with occasional gun blazing. First Hitman is a buggy mess and I don't recommend it, though I had my fun in it.


File: 1561423661215.jpg (935.88 KB, 1400x1080, 64571497_p0.jpg)

7. Honey Select

This is a tool which allows you to create a scene of your dreams. The main game is the highly detailed porn game with the opportunity to create the girl you want and have a sex with her. The Studio NEO is the 3D editor which allows you to pose the characters, items, effects, lighting and every other deatail you think about. Of course there is a lot of different mods with the torture devices, blood, dismemberment and every other fetish you can think of. You can see the examples in various /3dcg/ threads.


8. Carmageddon

The main fun in the game is to run over pedestrians on your car on a large sanbox levels with a different bonuses and weapons. First game in the series is sprite-based, but pretty fun though. Carmageddon 2 has great physics system, ragdolls and dismemberment (pedestrians may even live without some body parts). Carmageddon: Reincarnation and Carmageddon: Max Damage are the most recent and graphically advanced games, but pretty depending on your PC.


9. Unreal Tournament 99/2004/3

Fast arena shooter with female enemies, gore and variative gameplay. Its very satisfying to kill in this game, with the diverse weapon arsenal, gameplay modes and mutators. 99 has the "Nali weapons" and a "Butcher" mods to increase the goryness. UT 2004 has the "Ballistic Weapons" mod with the overhauled gore system and a new weapons.


10. Tomb Raider/Resident Evil series

People are saying the rebooted Tomb Raider series was made by guro lovers. There is a lot of gruesome ways Lara can die in this game. The same goes with the Resident Evil 6. You can watch examples on Youtube or play it yourself, maybe with the nude mod.

I didn't play the old TR/RE games much, but I'm sure there is some gory moments too.


Other notable examples:

This games:

Torture Game 3

Yandere Simulator

Manhunt 1-2/The Punisher - lots of gore with the male enemies

GTA, especially V with the dismemberment mod

Max Payne 3 with the female enemies mod - I don't know where to find it now though, there was a thread on Undertow website.

House of Velez 1-2/VHS slasher games from Puppet Combo

Happy Wheels/Guts and Glory - cheesy arcade racing games in which your character may be dismembered by countless user-made traps and obstacles

Garry's Mod/Source Filmmaker - You can see great EVMC's and Pestilence's works in /3dcg/ or play Garry's Mod - this is the universal sandbox to create eveything. There was a dismembering mod, which allows you to dismemeber any model with the fountain of blood and a ragdoll torture map. SFM is the very user-friendly and advanced tool to create the movie you want, but very dependning on your free time, PC specs and disk space.

Monolith's Blood - the name speaks for itself. Atmospheric and satanic gory shooter. Fresh Supply on Steam is the fastest method to run it on modern rigs. Painkiller: Black Edition is fine too.

Grezzo Duo - a shizophrenic and gory Doom 2 mod. You should see the gameplay on YouTube - it's worth it. The sequel is almost done.
Also, Brutal Doom

Darkest Dungeon with some erotic mods - if you want to play as the team of constantly hurt and suffering girls. New X-COMS are kinda similar in this way

Party Hard 1-2 - it's not a good game, but maybe you'll like it


Afro Samurai had some moments.


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I appreciate the effort you put into this post OP. I haven't downloaded any nude mods for Postal 2, but now I might considering you recommended it.

I've been playing H-Doom lately, a sex themed mod for the Ultimate Doom. While most of the violence has been replaced with sex scenes, it still should have some appeal to anyone with a love for guro and the Doom franchise.

Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor are pretty good gore games, and can presumably be given sex appeal with the right mods, however I can't name any in particular off of the top of my head. Hotline Miami 1 and 2 are extremely fun and violent, and I would highly recommend both if you can stomach the retro graphics. Mother Russia Bleeds is made by the same developers as Hotline Miami, and is another fun violent retro game, although I've only played it for a few hours.


File: 1562847477923.jpg (14.09 KB, 300x168, download1.jpg)

Just wanted to mention that myself but you did it first.

however they made a nice guro cartoon


RDR2 has a pretty satisfying gore system.


But does it have sloots or strip clubs?


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Forgot to mention this, but Demonophobia is another great one. Haven't played it, but I've read walkthroughs for the the game online. It's explicitly a game for fans of guro, so I would highly recommend checking it out.


No stripclubs but there are plenty of prostitutes.


hunting games.


while eat blocks of monoglutamic acids
or a cheap knockoff of blue cheese mozarella


File: 1572965755520.png (151.22 KB, 1280x1024, blud0012.png)

Do you guys know a really old game called Blood? Its about a satanic cult which took over the world. The cultists are raping, torturing and killing everyone, desecrating churches and creating monsters. And our protagonist is the most cruel of them all, though he was betrayed by evil god and seeks revenge.

So we are going through the morbid levels killing the cultists and watching the consequences of their actions - for example, they are eating human meat in the restaurants (woman breasts and ass), sawing them in half in a sawmill, drowning them or burying them alive, hanging, dismemembering or decapitating them, commiting unhuman experiments in their temples, run them over by a train and so on. And our protagonist is clearly a sadist, who kills innocent people and eats their still beating hearts, maniacally laughs while blowing people with the explosives.

There is nothing sexual in the game and the visuals are very outdated, but the atmosphere and the gameplay brings the fun. And the overall theme of the game and it's protagonist may be relatable to you - its basically about Gurochan members took over the world and fulfililing their darkest fantasies, lol.

You can easily play it with the Fresh Supply version available on Steam. And don't try it on difficulty harder then Lightly Broiled - it becomes pretty unfair.


how is no one mentioning skyrim with funnybizness slal pack, you can necrofuck every model you can find and it's awesome (there are both realistic and anime-ish models)



Getting a new computer soon, will definitely try out this mod when I install skyrim, thanks for the suggestion! :D

Would anybody else recommend this mod? Wanna know what sort of experiences people have had with it (preferably in graphic detail, heh)


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vivisector has some sick gore


File: 1577975816052.jpg (137.29 KB, 800x1142, 204250-splatterhouse-xbox-….jpg)

Surprised you guys forgot about "Splatterhouse".


File: 1577975987700.jpg (93.7 KB, 600x600, 37690-Thrill_Kill_[U]-1.jpg)

And, "Thrill Kill".


PS1 3D graphics were a bit weak but it's not a bad game. There were quite a lot of fighting games with fatalities in the 90s because of MK. Most of them are not very good but have some half decent ryona.


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