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What are them and why?


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I love Zern.
I like his style and love his themes. Dofantasy in general is the shit, torture drawings are good, and I've not found Crossed for free anywhere but I think I'd like it.

My favorite picture ever is of an angel and 3 kittens, but here's what I more generally look at:


I've always loved The Desert Rose by Kisirian, even though I know nothing of Japanese.

It has great action and surprises, and I can only imagine that it's much better if you can understand what people are saying and why all these people are dying.


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I love Kisirian too, in fact the only manga I paid for was one of his. Called Sailors vs. Machine, or something. It was in HTML format, with separate dialog, so you can use google translate with it (in Chrome at least) and get an idea what's going on.


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Because of the gratuitous splatter of cuties. But my favourite is still Harasaki 01.


Guys! Links would be lovely!
Just type XX where the tt is in https


Takatou Rui's works are usually pretty good with the gore.

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