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MK11 is a major disappointment.

The fatalities suck. Too fast and gimmiky. The characters barely react to them. Not enough suffering.

The female charaters are not sexy. Boring costumes, boring bodies.

The series peaked with MK9. Sexy babes getting slowly ripped apart.


Also the slow motion at the end ruins it too. And the fatalities are not victim oriented, they are winner oriented. In a considerable amount of them, we see the winner end of the motion, not victim. So what's the point?

Mortal Kombat is getting more more political correct.



Fuck you this is awesome




Dude neither of the videos you posted were anywhere near as awesome.
I'll concede that the Kintaro's fatality is awesome. The one I linked is cooler.


The girls in MK11 look about 12, flat chested and boyish bodies.

MK9 was the pinacle. Only way it could have been better would be adding some Battle Slave kinda rape.



That’s because SJWs threw a fit about the women being unrealistic and yet they still want the women in MK to be respected as the ladies of MK get killed.

In all honesty, it’s sad Boon of all people catered to these Cucks.


"Well, it made a little more sense to have them dressed, especially if they’re going to be in combat. I don’t know how many people wear a bikini to a fight." - Ed Boon

50-60 something Johnny Cage - shirtless
young Johnny Cage - shirtless
Jax - shirtless
Kano - shirtless
Geras - shirtless
Baraka - shirtless variant
Kollector - shirtless (backpack not a shirt)
Kabal('s burnt ass) - shirtless variant
Erron Black - shirtless (or damn near)
Lui Kang - shirtless
Shoa Khan - shirtless and pantsless (cloth)
Kotal Khan - shirtless and pantsless (cloth)

hell, even Scorpion and Subzero show off more skin than most the female outfits. And, to talk about practicality they gave cassie some super suit that doesn't even fit well with her character. And, every female is generally in a robe except for two which is the Cetrion (nature girl) and De-vorah (insect). They even changed Scarlet to unrecognizable and her character derives her powers from having peoples blood spill on her…

To be more blunt, if that was the step they decided to take, so be it, but don't say bullshit like the quote above and then turn around and do the exact opposite when it comes to the male characters. Hold up both portions equal and abide by your word. I'm just waiting to see mileena. If they didn't do her right, I'm not even going to buy the game…


Pretty soon all female characters in western games will be dressed up in hijabs. What the fuck is wrong with these people? And what the fuck is wrong with the MK devs to pander to a crowd who up until recently never gave a shit about the franchise?


Funny thing is, they still don't care about the franchise and will probably chalk this up as a "victory". They won't play the game because they are generally snowflakes who don't like it becuase of it's "content". The dedicated players like us (me personally playing every, and I mean every) MK game that come out loved its freeness and attitude on creative content. This is kinda like the beginning of the end, especially if this continues. Since when has Mortal fucking Kombat cared about political correctness. they are literally the reason for the rating system today and survived like two decades off its fanbase, even with Tobias leaving…



Tobias shouldn't have leave. Ed Boon is ruining Mortal Kombat



I'll concede the girls should all have sexy outfits, yes.

It will probably be made into DLC because greed, but as is, they aren't sexy and they should be.
I still doubt this is a fair one to pin on SJW's, though I hate them, this isn't something that I see them winning.

They want your money and know you'll pay more for sexy girls. This one isn't the femnazis, it's the wallets.
Yes, the argument on practicality is retarded when they have literal divine armor.

But the title of this thread is wrong. It's a fast paced action game where you torture each other to death. Those videos linked against each other speak for themselves.


Meh, I see that aswell, but they provided the opening for it. They also will remain silent for the male outfits which are more "inappropiate" for combat and some that look more like "bikinis". They will also remain silent for Cassie's "special moves" and accept them gleefully within the ignorant or blantant bliss of their hypocracy.

It never would have been an issue if they used the same outfits for everyone and said nothing. They used the same ones for the same male characters that have been the same in damn near every MK game and then randomly decided to robe every female from head to toe. That doesn't just sound like pocketbook raiding (though I agree, I see them doing that in the future which I somewhat expected but haven't seen yet). they was deliberately planned and had to have come from somewhere.



Shaolin Monks was pretty damn good too. Super sexy and curvy girls and some decent fatalities. There was a video of Lui Kang doing fatalities on Kitana but I lost it, it was one of the best MK videos ever…


They want it to be take seriously for e-sports, so are toning it down.



They can defend this by saying no one gets sexually aroused by looking the naked upper bodies of male fighters(maybe except homosexual people) but many people gets sexually aroused by looking naked parts of sexy female fighters so that makes them a meta. Seriously I didn't see any fan admiring Liu Kang's body.

But on the other hand, seeing no problem in showing awesome muscles of male fighters but when it comes to showing awesome curves and skins of female fighters, saying it is not appropriate is hypocrisy, that's true, you are right about that.

Personally I don't have much problem with covered up girls, I liked most of their clothing design and nude mods probably will appear anyways. But I didn't like how fatalities are(I'm No.9443 btw).

They are really too bad. We don't see victim much, the whole slow motion thing makes it really bad. Both in fatalities and brutalities the victims don't look like dead after they die(especially in beheadings) they look like they are doing some silly cross-eyed impersonations(No offence cross-eyed friends).


Well, for MK9 the "nakedness" might be true, but for the other games its generally the stomachs of the females and legs exposed so very similar.

I also don't like most of the fatalities. They are a bit stupid and underthought for the corresponding characters except maybe Scorpion (hellportal split), subzero (both but axe one is better), and my favorite Kotal Khan (Candy Skull).


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