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How should I find women into playing dead? My SO doesn't like necro play, and she's been with another guy that gives her what she needs. I want to experience sex that I would actually enjoy. Please help.


Allow me to ask two questions first:

Has your SO been with another guy,
during your relationship with her?

What is it she 'needs'?


What an irony, most often normal guys complain that their SOs are always playing dead and here you managed to find a girl who is not into dead fish style sex LOL

But I think you can just look for any random woman and tell her not to bother with faking orgasms ;) many if not most women will be supper happy with you as they do not even need to move.

the only issue here is how you frame all that because women may run away screaming if you mention necro sex. So you can present it in some milder terms like you woud like woman to be unresponsive or say that you want her to pretend to sleep and only in the end mention something that she should "play dead".


If you want to proactively look for women
which MIGHT be LIKELY leaned towards
consider the following:
Do not talk about FIGHT CLUB ;)

Don't try this in your immediate
social environment.
Look in other cities.

You don't have any friends that
share your kink?
Leave them at home,
go alone.

Look for alternative ppl. and the
places/events they visit.

Alternative might be:
Goth, Emo, Medival, Metal.

Visit these places/events.
Try not to blend in perfectly or to
imitate the style in tryhard-mode.
Be natural, be new, stick out.
This will on one hand draw attention,
on the other, it WILL open conversations.
Be authentic.

Ppl will ask you why you are interested
in the scene.
Reply by stating that the dark ambient
matches your fantasies.
From there on: SWIM.

LATE 20's to LATE 30's:
It's a difficult zone.
The Women that are into this exist.
But you may not recognize them and
they do not attend 'scene' events
on a regular basis.

Internet will be your friend and
your foe at the same time.

Those women might surf, look and dream,
but meeting up with a guy into necro…
I BEG YOU: Please tell me, where that
eden place is. I'm really into MILF.

You see something of that age-group,
attending a scene-event?
GRAB IT. Might be the only chance.
Even if you're not into her
specifically, she might know others
of her demografic who tick the same.
INBETWEEN LATE 30's and 60's

I have no experiences, sorry.
ABOVE 60's:

Get a shovel, start digging.
you know where.



My SO has been with another guy during my relationship with her. Basically, I take too long to cum and my cum smells nasty. Also I don't tell her to dress up, play with her in public, or dominate her. She hates playing dead. The new guy cums fast, and his cum smells good. he's also better at domination and foreplay.


That's a good idea. If I lowered my standards, so I could sleep with a woman. Thanks :)


Great advice, thanks much :)


jesus buddy, if she's cheating on you, dump her ass.
have some goddamn pride.


This. Come on, Mike. How is taking longer to cum a bad thing? Why does the smell of your semen matter?

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