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How would you break it to your SO you're into this shit, especially if you fantasize about her being in situations? Do I just keep quiet about it? Couldn't risk her breaking up with me or some shit


It depends on what you want to achieve.

Most likely she will not break up with you because of such thing and it will go pretty well.

Keep in mind that women do not give shit in what situation they are as long as they get attention from the guy they like. all what matters is that you see HER in those situations and not some other girl. If she is not totally frigid ice queen she will get into any of your fantasy and enjoy it. Just make sure she understand that you are not going to cut her throat when she is asleep.

I would recommend talking about that in the situation when she is on the high libido mood. In those situation people do not give a shit about what is happening they will accept anything. On the other hand id she is frigid she may freak out because she is already faking orgasms and she is not willing to get into more weird things

she may also refuse and most likely she will refuse at first but it will not have any bad consequences. very likely she will change her mind withing few days if you presented everything properly with high optimism and enthusiasm telling her how great it is.


I'd say almost never worth it unless you find out she enjoys guro beforehand.


Thanks for the advice! I probably wont mention it then just for the risk


I would sloooowly test out the waters.

Many women I know of have 'taboo-ish' fantasies.
Sometimes they are really into it, carrying
those mindgames along with them all the time,
and sometimes the 'nasty' stuff crosses their
mind, stays for a while and then disappears.
It's like a phase.

That's just what I have experienced from
a few example-women.

Going in too hard on her concerning
that topic, especially stating, that you
imagine HER in those fantasies…
Did it once.
Won't do it again.

Another point would be damage-control.
Imagine, that she would blast your
intimate thoughts out to the public.
Could you stand up to it?
Could she could seriously damage
your social environment by doing so?

It really depends on her as a person,
her character.
But keep in mind, that women can be
very unpredictable sometimes.

A female friend of mine told me within a
casual conversation that her BF is secretly
into watersports… Just so…
they had a little bit of a fight going
on between them, nothing serious.
But that seemed to be enough to 'frame' him
a little bit.
Now I've got to deal with the problem that
whenever they come over to visit,
NOT to piss into his drinks, when I serve them.


Do not go there unless she leads you there.

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