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Verisimilitude is a big word for a fun time. Few people want guro to happen in real life, but sometimes it probably does happen. We can make guro more realistic by imagining situations that might be plausible in real life.

Obviously it would be too easy to just imagine a crazy serial killer. Such killers surely exist, but using one takes away all the challenge and creativity. It is better to suppose that no one is deliberately engineering the guro situation, and see how we can plausibly explain the guro situation still happening.

For example, a car runs off the road and crashes into a tree. The tree breaks and some branches smash through the windshield to stab the people in the front seats. There's no end to the realistic possibilities for branches randomly stabbing people.


>> 9226

I'm not sure, how much gore you want to be

So my first try would be:
Imagine a situation, where two people
deliberately play out some grotesque
While playing, the situation turns

Maybe someone 'looses it' or by accident.
Possible scenarios could be gunplay,
dangerous toys.

Personally, I am not that much into
accidental scenarios, because it takes
away the aspect of sadism.

It may need some evil actor to introduce
sadism and the bad situation.

Maybe the evil actor could be made more

Second try:

Imagine a situation, where a happy couple
walking along in the dark park.
The beauty and the cuck.
Suddenly: Robbery.
Of course little cuck is armed, pulls
gun to dominate.
But little cuck is too weak, gets disarmed.
Gun now in posession of robber.
From there on you can go as far as you may

For example:
Let the robber be black. → interracial
Let the robber fuck the beauty in front
of the cuck → cuckcoldry.
Kill beauty in front of cucks eyes,
let cuck live and let him have the 'leftovers'.
Many scenarios can go from there on.

Point is, that the situation is still more
realistic than a serial killer and
the destructive evil (weapon) is introduced
with good intentions, which turn out badly.


third try:
The situation creates the perpetrator by
sudden opportunism.
The situation offers the bad actor the
opportunity to create some grotesque.
Therefore, the bad guy can be displayed
in a realistic manner, and the situation
'forms' the bad guy while being intimate with
the victim.

A suuuper cutsie scene, boy and gurl romantically
walking along the trailways, deeply in love,
making out… love is in the air.

Slowly a train arises on the horizon…

MUUUUHAHAHA, better be quick, boi and then
let's roll it, babe, no need to be shy when just
seconds are left.


fourth try:
Lets turn the action axis.

Let the victim proactively seek out the killer.
NOT in the intention to be snuffed/guffed but
out of curiousity or some unexplainable,
weird attraction/sensation.

Display crime/murder/brutality conducted
by the killer. Let the victim see it.

Then let the victim be drawn towards the
scene of crime… juuuust to take a peek.

And then let the perpetrator do its thing.

not opportunism, but neccessity is the
key here.


fifth try:

Introduce a limited perspective: A spectator,
limited to his/her own point of view.

describe, depict what the spectator might
see/feel about what he/she sees.
Let the spectator be the only source of
truth and his/her reactions 'comment'
the situation that lays in front of him/her.

Point is, since the spectators knowledge
is that narrow and limited regarding the
entire spectacle, that it doesn't matter
if the perpetrator is a serial killer, or the
husband beating up his wife.

Actions by the bad actor do not need to
by justified at that point.



Do you write or do you draw?


>Do you write or do you draw?

I write. I recently did Space Goo, Superhero Rivalry, and a while ago I did a arena combat series called PWBA which has long since expired from gurochan.

Drawing is an amazing skill, but it can never pull the audience in like a story can.


A serial killer breaks into my gf's house while I'm sleeping over, kills her, then leaves her slowly cooling corpse for me to finally use properly


Such kind of situations do not really count as guro because guro must have some erotic context.

Sure we can use non guro content as guro but in that care we repurpose it. There is no reason why you cant jerk off on 9/11 victims, school shootings or traffic accidents. but it is not as good as events that are already in the sexual context of some sort.

as for example if a couple is having sex in the car and then tree falls on them so that the branch skewers them both while that guy cums inher pussy, will be way more erotic than if same couple is driving on the highway and gets into traffic accident. But if the traffic accident when girl is trying to show her tits to the guy then it counts as guro.

So to create guro situation you should first set some kind of erotic mood and then something can happen


Good points! There is also the classic oral sex in the back seat of a car, then a sudden traffic accident causes her to bite off his penis. That seems like plenty of erotic context.

Another idea would be swimming naked in the wilderness and having sex when some sort of animal attacks, like alligators, piranha, or even candiru.

Fantasy play turning bad is quite interesting. For example, a couple might enjoy knife play with their sex, until the boy accidentally really stabs his girlfriend in her pussy. In the resulting pain and rage, she might chop off his penis or do all sorts of horrible things.

Or the roles might be reversed with her accidentally cutting off his penis and him taking revenge. It's hard to decide which would be better.


>>Fantasy play turning bad is quite interesting. For example, a couple might enjoy knife play with their sex, until the boy accidentally really stabs his girlfriend in her pussy.

In that case if he is doing webcam show or something he may forget to take special stunt knife and use real one LOL
Of course he will be very pleased by the good acting skills of his girlfriend.


>> 9232

> Drawing is an amazing skill, but it can never pull the audience in like a story can.

That's blunt statement.
Personally, coming from a drawing background,
I prefer the visual storytelling.
But I have seen lots of ppl that share your
opinion and prefer words over shades.

Both, Writing and drawing(eg. comic) are
entirely different worlds when it comes to
communicating a story.

While on one hand, visual storytelling
relies heavily on gesture,composition and
showing to convey the information the audience
literal storytelling seems to be more about
describing in the most elegant way.
In an erotic context, I think writing is
waaaay harder than drawing to get right.

Quite a while ago, I actually tried writing
myself. I was naive enough to believe, that
similar concepts I apply to my comics would
hold true for writing. HAH, NOPE!

Half way through my little writing-experiment
took a step back and realized how terribly
stupid everything I typed sounded.
I really have no clue about writing.
RESPECT for the ppl who can pull this off.


I think hust getting away from a situation in which a killer murders, or giving the killer valid reason is enough. Thats really difficult.

I enjoy RP but Ive never once liked a character I played. A character that gies about killing someone innocent is really hard to give any kind of depth. You cant play them as the tortured soul or anything like that, once someone kills a baby theyre impossible to relate to. Id love to get some crrative ideas for sexual sadist characters or situations out of this. Heres a few that I thought of that were almost decent.


Insect enamoured geneticist:
This character loves two things. The large insecr creatures he has engineered and the small, youthful girls he uses as vessels for their brood. One victim at a time, he lets his creatures use any womb he can capture as warm holding places for their eggs. Mouths are tough because if you lay eggs there, they cant eat. Other organs are hard because accidentally cutting off an artery can cause a heart attack and make it pointless. You want the nest to survive long enough for the eggs to grow and hatch, and a womb is already designed for hosting a growing life, so it can be used atleast a few times before internal bleeding makes a nest useless.

Another character
Black mage white mage. This simple character studies healing magic, both physical and emotional healing, by taking cute, weak creatures and characters and subjecting them to various tortures to be healed and returned to the wild… well hes supposed to return them to the wild, but hes been training a ressurection spell… he can always mske it faster, more restorative, less painful… the fact that hes having a lot of fun has nothing to do with it!

Hes created a breed of zombies called "wrong ressurects." They seem to happen when someone has been ressurected to many times, working bodies without souls. Its interesting to see what behaviors remain– well trained soldiers can still follow commands and use weapons, i wonder what he could train someone to do before taking their soul? Not that he would for any reason except research.

Hmmmm one more, short one:
Light eater
Light is purity, good will, charitibility, chasteness, and love. It turns out, light is a tangible magic resource that you can reap from things by making them suffer. The better a person someone is, the more light they have to give. You can keep torturing someone until they either lose hope or become cruel. In the situation that someone remains optimistic, hopeful, and looks on the brightside, you can reap incredible amounts of light from their suffering but eventually they will break and either die or go insane. They wont produce light any more after that.

So, in all these concepts its still kinda hard to get rape to happen, but its much more on the table.


>> 9243

HAHA… NICE! Enjoyed your ideas very much.
The last one could be converted into some
Harry potter scene. Remember the soul-eaters.
Similar concept.
While in the movies, the soul-eaters
suck the soul out of the mouth of their
victims… lets suck them somewhere else.
Just for the lols.
Could turn into comedy/Satire.

While your ideas are very cool,
you have to admit, that they're not very
realistic ;)

The most realistic context I could interpret
into that would be some psychic disorder/
About The predatory actor:

I prefer, not to explain the intentions of
the bad boys too much.
Explaining what the motivation behind some
killer might be, takes away the unknown,
the 'magic' of that evil.
The less we humans know about 'something'
the more we fear it.

Think about horror-movies:
The purpose of those movies is to be scary.
Watch closely and notice, that in those
movies, the Killer isn't really explained
that much. The spectator does not get any
valuable insight in the inner workings of
This is what keeps the 'magic' up and the
victims scared. -also the audience.

Psycho-thrillers work different.
Here, the bad actor is explained in depth.
Almost everything he does and will do is laid
out in front of the audience.
To create the thrill, there has to be another
pressureous factor:
→ Ticking Clock, Good Vs Bad in a race against time.

→ Uncertainty about the 'WHO' the next
victim might be with hints given that one
of the main-actors on the good side might
bite the dust through the bad actor.

→ Plot-twist: 'WHAT IS IN THE BOX?!'
[Brad Pitt in Se7en]


I tried something different.
You mentioned, that you do not like the
character you're playing.
I assume, that you play the bad boy.

Try not to display him/her from the
first-person (I,me), but from the third
(he, she, it). You may even omit the pronoun.

instead: 'he pulls out knife…'
try: 'pulls out knife…'

You get the idea.

Try not to explain the inner state of that
character, his feelings.
Focus only on the actions, that character takes.

Displaying emotion as a bad-actor could easily
be seen as a weakness, if not done right.
These are just my own opinions/thoughts.
maybe you find it useful.


Oh how embarassing, you're right. I completely forgot the prompt and wrote about interesting fantasty killers! Oh well. Maybe Ill come back to this concept again.


>Id love to get some creative ideas for sexual sadist characters or situations out of this.

Here's an idea. A young woman has fun walking along a wooden fence, balanced on the top. Suddenly she loses her footing and falls, smashing her pussy and impaling herself on splinters. She manages to crawl for help, but she leaves chunks of herself behind on the fence and even with repeated surgery she's permanently ruined.

Her injury and the associated mental torment leave her unable to enjoy any sort of normal sex, but instead she likes to track down women who make her angry, like bullies and women who feign love to leach money, and whatever. She finds women who she thinks deserve punishment for whatever reason, and finds her sexual relief by destroying their genitals.

She enjoys touching the genitals that fate denied her and seeing the pleasure on her victim's faces, and then bringing justice to the world by making bad people suffer the way she suffered.


Since people are already speaking about magic which pretty far from reality why do you need to stick to the accident related guro?

There are way more possibilities.

various insanity related situations:

Yandere girl who decides to commit mutual suicide together with her love.
Or feeding pieces of herself to the boy and later eating him.

Strange beliefs that make people mutilate or kill other people and themselves.

drugs or viruses that alter brain functions. (Actually happens in real life pretty often.)

Complete surrealism where nothing makes sense at all:

overexaggerated executions and punishments maybe for getting F at school or because of some game bet.

casual mutilations and deaths with messed up motivations and responses.

story based surrealism is advantageous because you can conveniently forget what happened before. while picture based surrelism is great because it is hard to explain totall nonsese in form of text.


Seeing as genocide happens and we're on the edge of technological singularities, I could easily imagine the near and far future being filled with Hellish things that would be like magic or fantasy realms for all we could tell.

But even without quantum technologies leading to time travel and resurrection, you could use medical technology to keep someone alive indefinitely.

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