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Hello. Reg here.

Please post any feedback you have for gurochan into this new, stickied thread.

Somehow the old thread was deleted. I'm certain it wasn't intentional, so let's just start from scratch.


Is there a way to remove the ability to post blank posts? Its starting to drive me nuts seeing somebody bump a thread with a post that doesn't even have text, let alone an image.



The BASH-BUZZER(TM) is a device, that is connected
to your laptop/PC via bluetooth.

It consists of two components:
The BUZZER and the BASHER.

THE BUZZER is a huge red button you are adviced
to place onto your table right next to your

The BASHER is a huge red 'Button' you are
REQUIRED to put into your poo-poo.

GUROCHAN(TM) will implement a corresponding
Browser PLUG-IN ;) that enables the usage
of the BUZZER and enforces the 'installation'
of the BASHER by all users.

Associated with every post that has been made,
there will be a 'CONNECT' item, clickable
for every user, reading the post being published
by the person responsible.

If the Post is considered 'Bullsh*' every user
is able to 'connect' to the poster.

Once 'connected', Pushing the BUZZER next to
your keyboard will activate the BASHER of the
user you are 'connected' to.

The BASHER will be plugged into the user
ASWELL as into a regular power outlet, which can
easily be found in every house hold.

It's gonna be fun for everyone:

Totally worth it.
Trust me.
[famous last words]


The thread listing at the top of each board seems to have a problem if the window gets too narrow, and in this case "too narrow" is still quite wide. The date in the "Last Reply" column splits onto two lines and then the listing becomes much harder to read as each entry is two lines tall.

It may be possible to dramatically improve the formatting of gurochan with a browser extension rather than hoping the site admins will spend their limited time just to suit our tastes. For example, there is the option of Greasemonkey for Firefix and Tampermonkey for Chrome.


As turns out, we don't need Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey to adjust gurochan to our tastes. That is excessive. A simpler way to adjust the layout is using the extension called "Stylish" that provides an easy way to edit style sheets for any website. Here's a simple style sheet that I created and it seems to be improving my experience.

Perhaps some of these things could be considered for gurochan's built-in style sheets.

/* Expand the thread list to be wider and make it resizable */
.catalogtable {
/* Prevent wrapping in the thread list */
.catataba {
white-space: nowrap;
/* Highlight the current row of the thread list under the mouse */
.catataba tr:hover {
background: #FFFFF0;
/* Limit the width of post bodies for easier reading, adjust to taste */
.body {
/* Prevent spans from wrapping */
form span {
white-space: nowrap;
/* Expand the width of the post entry form */
form table {
/* Right-align the left column and minimize the width */
th:first-child, td:first-child {
/* Expand the width of text and file fields */
form td input[type="text"], td input[type="file"] {



Your proactiveness is both unexpected and welcome. Im at work right now so I dont have the oppurtunity to check how this looks. But once I get home I can, then I can make changes to our dev environment if its pretty ehich can eventually be pushed up to the real guro chan by the head developer.


Yes please. I think this should be a priority, it's getting fucking annoying


Create a hidden service for Tor! I miss the old one.



You can use gurochan comfortably with tor-browser.
What do you need a hidden service for?



For when the regular domain goes down. Sometimes it's just the domain, and you can still access the site using the hidden service



A hidden service is useful;
No doubts about that.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by:
>For when the regular domain goes down.

Usually, when only the domain is affected,
it's due to ISP- or Areal blocking.

In this case, proxying your traffic over
tor (using tor-browser)
or using a regular proxy
or using a VPN should suffice.

If gurochan gets hit by more serious
issues, for example getting kicked out
by the hosting service provider,
then I would recommend going Hidden
entirely and staying hidden.


I'm not sure if this was already tested and

But what about a 'chat-thread'?
Doesn't need to be fancy or realtime.
Just as a place where ppl can casually
have their chit-chat.

No topic-specification.

As soon as a topic hits enough interest,
create a thread exclusively for that
topic and carry the discussion over.

This way, the overall generation of
'dead' threads which might only contain
a question of a single person or so
could potentially be decreased.

Maybe this could even increase engagement
and overall communication between ppl.

Who knows..


I realize this is asking a lot and it would probably never happen, but still it's something I've been wanting pretty hard, so I'll mention it.

It would be amazing if there were a way to show feedback and approval for the things we like, such as a button which would let us register an up-vote or a thumbs-up on high quality posts. We might even be given a way to post comments in praise of posts that we appreciate without that becoming clutter that diminishes the very thread that we are trying to appreciate. So perhaps comments could be folded away by default, and only revealed if you click to see what people's opinions are of a particular post.

That way people could do things like asking for the source of an image, without adding a no-content post to a thread. It would also make it clear that people are encourage to leave comments on gurochan content and thereby perhaps we might get more lively discussion of how great stuff is on this site.

For example, if I enjoy a little story I read in the /rp/ board, I'm not going to post in that thread to gush about how much I love it, because that thread is reserved for continuing the RP that it is designed for. It's not at all clear where I should gush about this, so it seems I'll just keep my enthusiasm to myself. If I could at least have a button to click to record my approval, that would be amazing.


There is also a bit simpler idea to show page view counts if possible. as how many times each picture was clicked. since if someone clicks on your picture or story this is already same as thumbs up.


Perhaps this might be a practical option: We could have a comments board that's like the /dis/ board but it is used for commenting on things posted in other boards. That would be quite awkward to use without a bit of extra support from the site, so it's not quite as easy as just adding an new board. We would want the threads in the comment board to be automatically linked to and from the post they are commenting on. That way people are automatically taken to the correct thread for making comments, and they can always click a link to find the post that is inspiring any comment thread.

In particular, I would put a link to the comments board in the header of each post. If the post already has a comment thread in that board, then the link would take us to that thread and the text of the link would be something like "42 comments". If there is no thread, then the link would take us to the main page of the comments board and automatically setup the new-topic form to comment about the post we came from. In that case the text of the link could be something like "Leave first comment." Naturally for posts in the comment board, the link would take us back to the original post instead of creating a comment upon a comment.

This is probably akin to asking for the moon, but sometimes it feels good to dream big.


I think the light theme should be used for /g/ at least, if the light one is the red one. The grey one is… not very gurochan-like…


Back when it was run on the .ch domain, a lot of people connected to the hidden service who would refuse to connect otherwise (e.g. it was linked on onion sites).


You can do that with e.g. >>>/req/9222 (that example links back to this thread). So that feature already exists.


A like button on an imageboard? You're joking, right?

Sage goes in all fields.


>You can do that with e.g. >>>/req/9222 (that example links back to this thread). So that feature already exists.

It's too bad we don't have an FAQ to explain these fascinating details to people. Are all three of the greater-than signs required? Testing: >>/req/9222

Unfortunately that only gives us half of what we need for a comment thread, and it's the less important half. The more important feature would be a link from the post to the comment thread, or else the comment thread is of dramatically reduced value.

Having said that, it might still be fun to call out something really amazing I find by using this technique to link to it from a /dis/ post, partially to give people another way to find it and to allow me to explain how much I love it and why. Unfortunately doing that would tend to clutter /dis/, especially if multiple people comment on the same post by starting multiple separate topics in /dis/, not realizing that there is already a topic for that post.

>A like button on an imageboard? You're joking, right?

No joke. It is frustrating to not be able to express appreciation for the wonderful things on this site. Perhaps we've been spoiled by having such a feature on so many sites, but that doesn't change the fact that it's very nice to have.


>No joke. It is frustrating to not be able to express appreciation for the wonderful things on this site. Perhaps we've been spoiled by having such a feature on so many sites, but that doesn't change the fact that it's very nice to have.
I think I agree with Onix's idea, a simple view count would be nice enough. Having likes/dislikes sort of goes against the spirit of an anonymous imageboard imo.


A normie game for a guro fan!


Mortal Kombat


>>9248 Seconded. If there is a way to prevent posts without content without having to make people sign up for an account I would really appreciate that. But I can see that it might be difficult.

>>9367 I agree very much with Onix. Likes are not necessary but a view count would be nice and motivating.


>Likes are not necessary but a view count would be nice and motivating.

If a view count is motivating, then surely likes would be far more motivating. After all, a view count doesn't really meaning anything. Just because someone looked at a post doesn't mean they appreciated the post in any way. They could just as easily have skimmed past it without paying any attention. A like count would give us a real idea of how many people we're reaching, while a view count would just be a meaningless number.


As someone who occasionally does write in /lit/, I'm motivated primarily by my own desire to write.
Likes/dislikes can be too easily abused by people who don't like the fetishes you, the author, are into. That can be far more damaging than whatever positive feedback can be achieved by likes. If someone wants to leave positive feedback, or criticism, they can write a simple post in the thread. A shitposter is more easily ignored if they have to actively shit out a dumb ass post, whereas actual criticism of the story is more valuable in the form of a well written post in the thread.


I'm not very well versed in software or coding, but it shouldn't be that difficult to include a filter that blocks any "blank" (no image or text) posts. IIRC, 4chan has just that kind of feature.


>If someone wants to leave positive feedback, or criticism, they can write a simple post in the thread.

They can do that, but they have good reason to want to avoid doing it. People go to the /g/ board mostly looking for /g/, and usually not looking to find some /g/ buried under a ton of comments about how great /g/ is. By posting feedback in a thread, we dilute the very content we're trying to give feedback on. When something is really amazing and no one seems to notice, then perhaps it might be worth posting a comment in the thread, but it feels bad to do so. It is bringing the thread back to the top without having contributed anything new to it, and the next person who finds that thread will be forced to scroll past all the comments to get to the good stuff.


>People go to the /g/ board mostly looking for /g/, and usually not looking to find some /g/ buried under a ton of comments about how great /g/ is.
Fair enough, but I was talking about /lit/, not /g/. Most active posters in /g/ are not posting their own content, but art from other artists, so I don't feel like they should get "liked" for doing something that anyone with a PC and access to a search engine can do. The biggest issue with /g/ is the infuriating amount of blank posts being spammed, and people who seem to have the English comprehension of a kindergartner (that's me being generous) posting off topic bullshit.


>I don't feel like they should get "liked" for doing something that anyone with a PC and access to a search engine can do.

Being liked is a very small reward, so it seems rather appropriate to give such a small reward for such a small task. It's nice to know that someone out there appreciates even the little things we do. Plus, if we had likes then all the boards would get them, including ones which are more deserving.

On the other hand, is it really so easy to find guro with a search engine? One of the reasons I love gurochan is that it has stuff I never find anywhere else. Is there a trick to the search keywords that I'm missing?


Well I typically just use pixiv, twitter and a bunch of boorus to find guro art. That, and certain japanese websites, like and Pilot Suit Fetish. I don't know if there's any special trick beyond some basic detective work, using reverse image search, and knowing some japanese terms (which some anons have helpfully compiled on /art/).
All of these sites I came across through lurking on imageboards and my own browsing.


>If a view count is motivating, then surely likes would be far more motivating.

While it may be nice to get likes for your work but Just from my own behavior I suspect that it is not really working because people do not bother with giving likes to you and even if they do it is entirely random process.
On my pixiv page my pictures get more 30% bookmarks than likes

Also we should count not just thumbnail views, but how many times full picture was "downloaded" as logically if you like that picture you will click on the thumbnail to enlarge it and give it more of your attention, and it you are not interested you will ignore it.

If you want view/like ratio, it may be good idea to show separate view counts for both thumbnails and full sized pictures.
as each picture woud have stat saying something
1000/200 Views

I am not against "like" button but I doubt that it will work here without user registering or everyone will be able to click it as many times as they desire and it will be pretty hard to prevent people from pushing it 20 times in a row.
But maybe this is not so bad just more motivation ;)


>I am not against "like" button but I doubt that it will work here without user registering or everyone will be able to click it as many times as they desire and it will be pretty hard to prevent people from pushing it 20 times in a row.

Certainly we wouldn't want registration, but we can just think of the "like" button as being a substitute for posting a reply that says "I like this". There's nothing stopping people from posting such a reply 20 times in a row right now. The like button would just let them do it without messing up the thread, so it would be a purely positive way to make your satisfaction known.


So about likes or view counts: From my own behavior and from what i have seen on other sites, i'm pretty sure most people don't bother to "like" a post they actually like. For me it's pretty random, usually i don't bother to click the button, then very rarely i do and there will be tons of posts i didn't "like" that i actually liked far more. View counts are more honest in that regard, especially if they count the people who actually downloaded the picture, it just wouldn't work with text posts. And of course it's easy to manipulate a like count without registering. It's still easy to manipulate view counts in absolute numbers, but i expect the absolute numbers on that to be much higher - on other sites there are usually up to 100 views for every "like". I think view counts would overall be more motivating for artists than like buttons, likes could instead be pretty demotivating when nobody bothers to "like" something.

The best idea would probably be a view count for every thread for every time someone clicked on the thread and then a seperate view count for every picture for every time that picture was downloaded.


In that case problem can be solved by renaming like button to "thank you" button like on some other forums. It will be more logical than like because if you did not received any thanks it does not mean nobody liked your work ;)

But of course I have nothing against like button either if admins are willing to implement it.
Of course like/thanks is only way that can somewhat work on stories
but also it is better just to write plain comment there as you are not in danger of contaminating thread anyway.

finally all that gave me another idea for another functionality:
if you start your post with
(as if you are posting reply )
it is left collapsed by default until you press "expand posts" button
that way there will be no danger of contaminating threads with various irrelevant discussions and other stuff.
but of course this way gurochan from simple image board is going to turn into super advanced platform and I wonder if people want that.


Please add a stickied thread to /g/ explaining how to use common reverse image searching tools.


File: 1560194645161.png (12.7 KB, 846x168, Screenshot_2019-06-10 lit….png)

Could you add a minimal width to the first column of the thread list table?
I have a rather small screen, and on /lit/ this column auto-shrinks to the point that the date gets a line break, which doubles the height of ALL rows, and the div containing the table is already quite small as it is.


>on /lit/ this column auto-shrinks to the point that the date gets a line break, which doubles the height of ALL rows,

You can fix this yourself using a browser plugin called Stylish which lets you modify the CSS for any website and do all sorts of wonderful things to your web experience. The problem you're talking about was hugely annoying until I found Stylish. I posted some of the CSS modifications I'm using earlier in this thread, but here's the one you really want:

.catataba {
white-space: nowrap;

Put that into Stylish for and from then on it will be impossible for the thread list table to break its lines. You can also use Stylish to change the size of the table so you can see more than 5 threads at a time, and make it dynamically resizable by clicking and dragging.

I also love using this to limit the width of the text in a post to make them easier to read without having to scan your eyes all the way across the screen.

.body {

That makes all posts 6 inches wide, but obviously you will want to adjust it to your taste.


Just gonna reiterate my desire to see an end to these irritating blankposts. It bugs me, and a lot of other users to no end to see a thread being bumped by some jackass contributing fuck all in terms of images or writing.


Guys, do you think you could have a look at the search function.

For instance, I wanted to find works by Tsade on /lit/ , so I search


And get "search query to broad" error.

That's nuts! How the hell am I supposed to find an authors work?



So what's happened to the formatting?

Now, when I post in italics using '' as before, I get invisible (spoiler?) text. Is this a glitch? I really don't want to have to re-post 55k words of my story (And if I do, I guess it'll be on another site).

Yes I'm pissed. Thankyou and love you all.


Well it seems to be fine now. Either you guys did the fastest fix ever, or it was a glitch at my end. And I still love you all.


Hi all,
I’m something of a free range archivist, I go around and make backups of sites I consider either high-risk, or, at very least, of cultural significance.
While it’s easy enough just to run a scrape of the site with wget, and it’d probably be easy to get a regular imageboard archiver working with this site, I always prefer working directly with the sites operators if at all possible, which, at times, can allow for easier restoration of the site at a future date, should anything fail catastrophically, along with minimising any unnecessary overutilisation of the sites resources.
If any of the administrators would be interested in working with me on this, I’d much appreciate it.
(Even if you think things are pretty much going well, sometimes it’s valuable to have someone not part of the sites main team who has a copy of the site. As an example, I asked the operators of about running a site backup, they assured me everything was fine, and that the guy running the site was stable and doing a fantastic job. Two weeks later, servers were wiped. Go figure.)
If you guys have frequent public backups somewhere that I couldn’t find, then I guess all is cool, but the best I can find is dumps from a previous incarnation of this site.

tl;dr: if you want the IP address of a server you can run a weekly rsync to, “Just In Case™”, I’d be happy to assist.


Is the site slow for anybody else?


Yep, from my experience its been super slow to load for months now.


This might sound like me being a winey bitch, but can we maybe have a Loli section?

If seeing kids in that way gets some of you going then thats fine, but its a big no for me. I feel like there Is alot more of it on here these days.


A header on the main menu of where to get site updates in the future if it goes down again or has performance issues. I don't like having to rely on google to try and find the newest version of Gurochan when Google tries hard to hide all the search results.



being able to have the old function to hide threads would be nice for this reason


That's been discussed before. A loli section would reduce both the loli and non-loli content. I post both loli and non-loli, and if I was required to go to one board or the other, then you would see a lot less non-loli content because I'd only post on one board.



I don't see how that would make sense. Also having a loli/shota section might make people who would rather not see that stuff use the site more (especially since we still cannot collapse threads), so I agree with >>9695


Getting the following error when trying to post:

"Failed to resize image! Details: gm convert: iCCP: CRC error (/tmp/php6x9OIX)."

Tried from computer and phone.
Not seeing anywhere that specifies a required image size, or I would resize it myself. Tried it at 80% scale too.


SFW mode, please? (unless it's already implemented, and I'm too stupid to use it)

(by "please" I mean I'm very, very greatful for all the IRL work you've done! And thank you!)


Well if it's SFW, then I would say it doesn't belong on this site. I mean, SFW mode would just block everything. The clue's in the name "Guro" TBH. It's basically all about sexualized violence. I don't know what part of that would be acceptable at your workplace!



Old Gurochan had SFW mode. It made pictures blurry (can't be bothered to remember correct term in English), so peeps could browse Gurochan in public, with their loved ones, in work or wherever without getting any unwanted attention.

/dis/ was even more of a safe space, because you couldn't post images there. On this version however even here you can add pics. I don't believe I'm only person wanting dat sneaky mod implemented, or rather reimplemented.

In other words it's an useful feature about "blocking everything", not complaints about content here, you dummy-dum.


I would say that even having gurochan name in your browser address line or even with browser minimized on the screen is already not SFW ;)


I doubt 40-50 yo parents/busy workmates/my "I knowe engalich buddies know what guro means.

Also do people really are against o p t i o n to have SFW mode on? Climate changes, please rek us fastah.


What's up with those "blank" posts across the site? No text, no picture, but some of them have the name of a contributing author.
Are those posts hidden, or is is just a way to bump thread?


I have no clue, all I know is that I find them incredibly irritating.


I have a theory, that some people are trying to use the "reply" function to search the board. Not sure why that would be though, I don't remember it happening in the past. But very often I see an author's name, or a type of kink or a subject written in those fields.

I wonder if it's related to how the screen presents itself on certain devices? Or are there just more inept people visiting the site now?


Warn people for bigoted speech. Just set the tone a little more. If you have any mods who feel comfortable doing that, and who won't kill the vibe or act stuffy.

There's not much bigotry here, but there's some, and when it shows up it's jarring. We need to keep the line clear between fantasy and reality. We do not advocate real violence here. Bigotry <i>inherently</i> advocates real violence. Violence is what happens to inferiors, who by nature of being inferior deserve fewer rights. When you think women are inferiors… not much but the law prevents you from hurting them.

On a fucked up forum like gurochan, bans and mutes for speech might put a chill in the air, so maybe reserve them for bad social behavior (which is different from bad speech) – reserve the bans and mutes for really disruptive, high-volume, abusive posters. You gotta be willing <i>in theory</i> to mute or ban for speech, so your warnings carry weight, but don't actually do it unless it's an extreme situation.

That's my suggestion. Warn people sometimes for bigoted speech to keep the line clear between fantasy and reality. No one is inferior on gurochan except in fantasy.


I really nailed those <i>italics</i> there didn't I?

If this doesn't work I'll look eat my sock


>>Violence is what happens to inferiors, who by nature of being inferior deserve fewer rights.

Can't tell if this anon is trolling or sincerely incapable of empathy.


>We do not advocate real violence here.
Agreed, which is why gurochan has a blanket ban on photography and doxxing of real people.
>Bigotry <i>inherently</i> advocates real violence.
"Anonymous" (well aware that they aren't truly anonymous) imageboards as a concept are where people should be allowed to express themselves freely within the boundaries of the law. Warning or banning people for being rude/racist isn't conducive to that.
The mods should only act when someone is posting shit that is nearly/clearly crossing boundaries.


Looks like we are getting invasion of hypersensitive snowflakes.

You have very low chances to change opinion of people if you behave exactly as they say in that bigoted speech.


The way I interpreted it, anon was talking about the PoV of someone who sees other human beings as "inferiors" and wasn't expressing how they themselves feel.


I'll clarify. I'm saying bigotry (treating some group as inferior) leads to violence, which is one reason why bigotry is bad.

Also it's bad because it's wrong, huge swaths of people aren't inferior to other huge swaths of people

Any time and place in human history you wanna look, "inferior" has meant violence. That's all I'm saying.


>Anonymous imageboards as a concept are where people should be allowed to express themselves freely

That's right in general, anon, I agree. Gurochan, though, is 99% porn of women being tortured to death, women as cattle, women as objects, etc. On a board like this, saying women are cattle in real life, or inferior, or less human, or variants of that idea, blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Gurochan does have a few basic social mores it sticks to, and one of them is to not blur that line.

Anyone reading this comment who thinks women are inferior is not gonna care, or find me persuasive. My reasoning assumes that most of us care about women and do not think women are inferior. Or are women, lots of gurochanners are women.


…I'm not saying mods ought to start muting or banning anyone, or posting warnings more than once in a blue moon (and any warnings ought to be in casual language). But we ought to include in a sticky somewhere that "dehumanizing any real-life group of people is blurring the line, so don't do it nerds," and remind people who do it a lot to not do it a lot.


Going off-topic a little now but I want to respond (this is probably my last comment in the thread)

Is it hypersensitive to, for example, say that wage theft is bad, and online speech encouraging wage theft is bad? Of course not. But if you are an employer who exploits his workers, and who thinks working class people are lazy and dumb and deserve to be exploited, you might roll your eyes and say such speech is oversensitive, and workers should stop complaining – because you do not respect the group of interest (workers) or agree with the message (wage theft is bad).

Replace the working class with women, and abusive employers with misogynists. I've seen your comments Onix so I know you see women as inferiors in real life. Of course you consider speech against misogyny "hypersensitive." You do not respect the group of interest (women) or agree with the message (women shouldn't be treated like inferiors).

"The US healthcare system is amoral and causes thousands of unnecessary deaths" ← is this hypersensitive speech? Of course not. This is valid expression of one's moral view on a topic that affects the wellbeing of millions of people. There are billions of women, and violence against women is widespread, because the view that women are inferior is widespread. It's ok to express one's moral view on this topic.

Anyway, while misogyny is bad and I wish it stopped, my point is only that saying women are inferior or subhuman in real life, on an imageboard dedicated to drawn fantasy violence against women, blurs the line between fantasy and reality. You can still think it, just don't say it over and over again on this board.

Alright, this is my last comment in the thread. Back to guro.


(I'm leaving the thread only because gurochan probably shouldn't become a place for political debate. I've already said everything I want to say so unless I'm here to debate, and I'm not, that's the end of it for me)


>I've seen your comments Onix so I know you see women as inferiors in real life.

I also don't wast to contaminate this thread with irrelevant discussion, but since you mentioned me, I have to defend myself and say that I never said that anyone if superior or inferior. Please do not present me as some white supremacist because I am the exact opposite of that.

But if we go back to the idea about *avoiding* that kind of topic I sort of agree. I even agree that mods could delete controversial posts, but only if they do it along with the post that caused such a response, because it does not start from nothing. And once it starts you can not just end it so easily even if you don't want to continue.

On the other hand, if you have a board do discuss politics and philosophy it is hard to avoid controversial issues. You will often end in situations when people disagree on some topic.


I agree with them on this. We don't want to encourage people to blur the line between fantasy and reality. As it is, most people I talk to think guro is just a very weird fetish. The last thing I want is for them to start thinking we're a group of incels.

You can say that we need to respect everyone's opinion. Do we? Really? Who gains from these opinions? If I think Candidate A would make a good leader, and you disagree, that's an opinion with value. Both parties can learn from the other's opinions. Nobody benefits from one person saying "I think [minority] are less human."

Anyone who thinks this would mean all non-SJW speech gets banned is a moron. What do you think the content of this board is….


You do not gain anything from opinions by definition because opinion is by definition subjective like the taste.
Opinions exist just to express them and find people who think the same.

Even claim "Candidate A would make a good leader" can lead to the same result

-"Candidate A would make a good leader"
-"But Candidate A believes that [minority] are less human."
-"Yes I agree with candidate A about that. This is why he is good leader"
-"mommy I am triggered, this user thinks that [minority] are less human, ban him"

and there are many other ways how it can turn bad.


It's kinda funny seeing people talk about every other thing except whats the most important here >:D

There is already a thread for domination and for politics lol.

Lets just keep it to avoiding it here and posting where you want. No one should really have to defend what they want to see here (unless illegal) btw. There might be actual issues with the site and other ideas people may want to see happen here. Just let your creativity flow please.



I'd hardly classify "not tolerating racism/etc" as "politics".


But it is. Its the politics of freedom of speech. I've done some /rp/ and /lit/ stories based on racist characters, would that get me a warning? Where exactly would you draw the line? I'll reiterate my opinion that anything that isn't a clear threat against a specific person or group should be allowed, but in the end its up to the website owner and admins to decide on what is allowed on gurochan, not us.

Regarding your previous post, I don't think anyone "needs" posts that are harsh and discriminatory, but they don't need artwork of women getting gutted like pigs either. I think it would be a bit weird to have rules against politically incorrect speech on an imageboard based on one of the most politically incorrect fetishes in the world.


I mean to say no racism is allowed, however if someone had a particular fetish for (insert type of girl here) they should express it Tastefully. And, I meant politics as the few threads above us were talking about literally candidacy. Don't use racial slurs, epithets or anything too offensive (kinda funny saying on that here), but get your point across of what you want. I'm kinda suprised I would have to explain this one. Make your request but don't be a jackass with it… lol



The line between fantasy and reality. As fantasy, as a story, it's fine. When the speech is not fantasy, like a story or roleplay, but an actual statement about the real world, it blurs the line.

This point has already been articulated really clearly multiple times in this thread.


Sorry if I came across as a bit jumpy, I just get a bit heated when the topic of what is/isn't allowed to be said comes up. I think we have the same viewpoint, but I'm just worried about the potential for abuse.

Not that it matters, since the moderation team on gurochan seems to take a while to getting around to pruning reported posts.


It's an imageboard. Get over it. Next thing you know, the "fag" suffix will be banned. Don't be a newfag.

The previews owners of the site may have been so busy that the site went down from time to time (not that it's much better now with its slow speeds), but at least censorship was NEVER acceptable then.


Why are there users who complain about guro images on this site?
Take a look at this one, for example



I demand some explanations here.


Because your spamming low effort MSpaint shitpost images and edits of Puchim@s characters on /g/. Also because you are blatantly samefagging in threads.


I'm sure that's not the reason. I want to know what did the guy mean by calling the OP Quizno.


Reminder that 4chan attitude should not be allowed here.


I humbly request a way to bypass flood detection. IP verification, a secret password, etc. I already post here less because of it. If nothing else, just don't discard the post, but give me a timer like 4chan has before I can post again, and don't let me post if doing so would discard everything.

Also, a way to collapse/hide certain threads or posts, please. Lets us get to the stuff we want more quickly.


> If nothing else, just don't discard the post, but give me a timer like 4chan has before I can post again.

while this flood protection is just annoying for me as well, but posts are not really discarded. If I get that error I just hit back and submit it again and if necessary once more. You probably also can just hit "refresh" button to resubmit everything.

I think implementing timer is impossible because this flood protection seems to be based on the total posts on the site not on the number of posts coming from one IP so it is totally unpredictable when you will get it


Can one of the mods deal with the guy who's spamming every thread in /g/ with his desire to be decapitated IRL? He's posted in /art/ too.



Yeah, I'll second that request.


Is it possible to add back the option to download files with their original file names? Having to manually rename thousands of files is a pain.

I'm saving html copies of each thread right now just so I don't lose the information but yeah.


Not really feedback but a question: I have an AO3 story I'd like to share with /lit/ but it would be easier to just post a link to it rather than copy-pasting the whole thing into a thread. Is this allowed, or do I just have to paste the whole thing?

Also just a heads up, the feedback link on the front page leads to an old 404'd version of this thread, not this one.


Since mods rarely show up here it is not like anything is forbidden LOL

But if you decide to post a link to external site at least be reasonable and write some synopsis of your story so that we could know what it is about without going there or you can just copy paste it whole if it is not too big.



I second this because it makes organizing stuff so much easier


Having a link to the catalog at the top of each board would be nice.


there is no rule against "racism" on the site.


i tried to post something on this thread but it's not working


It's possible that the file you've tried to post is too big. Try to make it smaller and keep it under 2 MB.


>CP on /g/
Fucking Christ, and here I thought we'd be able to enjoy our degenerate 2d porn in peace. I hope the mods deal with this shit ASAP.


I think there's cp porn in 3DCG, care to remove it so i don't get FBI at home?



Hey so its me again, the one complaining about Loli and all this kid like content on GC.

Well yeah as the previous guys have said above, we got fucking actual CP in 3DCG.

This needs to go.

And fuck all this Loli kids shit man its fucking disgusting. (I know its ironic me saying this here on GC of all places but I don't care, its sick).
Wtf is going on on 3dcg? That section needs to be purged and restarted.

Again, can we please have a Loli section so I and others don't have to stumble on this? Especially if it's a slippery slope to actual fucking CP as evidenced by the situation we have now.


>>10112 The actual cp almost certainly had nothing to do with the loli stuff. There have been a bunch of cp posts all over this site recently. Unfortunately that happens sometimes on anonymous imageboards. It got removed relatively fast every time, I hope the mods keep an eye on that and keep getting rid of it asap.

Separating loli from the rest is not practical for this site, this has been discussed already. It would be great to have a hide function, then everybody could just hide the content they don't want to see, but even more different boards are not a practical option.


I just got an idea that it woud be very great to move reply box to the bottom of the page. because having it in top just makes no sense at all and very annoying when you are trying to post multiple pictures.

You cannot see to what you are replying or what last picture you posted.
I think this also may prevent some people from commenting because they need to scroll up.



Please remove these child porno links



Pretty much all the same post. scumbag posted on different boards.



I think you should use report button for that crap instead of using this thread.


i don't know how to report but i think on 3DCG there's potentially illegal material again



There is a bunch of illegal stuff posted in almost every board right now, all the same, done by the same spammer. The worrying thing is: That happened 9 hours ago, and I reported some of it back then. And nothing happened. We need to have active mods if the site is targeted by stuff like this!


Is there any risk for me as an user of this site when illegal material like CP gets posted?
I know it might sound like a stupid question but CP is a very serious matter and i'm concerned of this recent spam


I'm not aware of any convictions from accidental CP.


I would say not on a board like this that doesn't require registration etc. There HAVE been cases in the past where a porn site was found to contain CP and every registered user was targetted, whether or not they had accessed that specific content (this came out later when many of the cases were thrown out or convictions over-turned on appeal - the reporting at the time was that everyone had been accessing CP). Since there is no registration process for Gurochan and therefore no database of users (the fact we don't all post under each other's names seems to be something of an honour system) it should be pretty safe as long as you don't click on the link itself!


The general principle in the criminal cases is that if you can explain it reasonably and your explanation cannot be proved wrong you win.

Nobody will arrest you just for receiving spam or even clicking on those links
If you are extra paranoid just make sure that you do not save those pictures :) If nothing is found on your computer then no matter what, you cannot get prosecuted.

Although it is pretty ridiculous spam because spammer registered account on the file host and gets money from premium registrations. So it should take no effort for police to identify him.


Look at Operation Ore in the UK - it was started when the police were given a list of people who had, it was said at the time, used a credit card to access child pornography. Many men were aressted but most released with a "caution" which they accepted rather than face potentpal charges - a caution for CP, however, is enough to place you on the SO register in the UK. There was a presumption of guilt since their cards were used. However, it later came out that the site in question was a massive porn-hub style place that, while it DID contain some CP, also contained every other kind of porn under the sun, most of which was perfectly legal. The men on the list had paid to access the site but there was actually no way to tell what content they had looked at. Even in cases where all charges were dropped, lives, careers and reputations were still ruined! This is why people worry.


I noticed the soft ban on Tor exit nodes that was kinda annoying when this new site launched is back. I guess that's in response to the CP spammer, so it's hard to argue with that. But I hope that's just temporary until he has given up.


This is a bit diffrent issue because as you said yourself charges were dropped.
and those men could sue government for damages because of slander.
The main problem for them was not CP but the fact that they paid for plain porn.

This is in fact common threat as some companies threaten to sue you for downloading porn torrents. and although the chance of them winning is slim you probably do not want your interests get public, so many people just pay.

Of course if you are worrying that your porn interests will get public that's a real issue because if some investigation will happen every user will get some visit. and in the typical police strategy the first sentence after Hi, will be "you were downloading CP" as the only way how they convict people is by getting their confession.


"Your IP address is listed in" strikes again and blocks comments.

Please admins, I really appreciate your work, but is really one of the more stupid undiscriminating spam blacklists out there because it routinely blocks Tor exits and you should eliminate it from the blacklists uses.



I second that. does not block Tor exits with reason but out of principle. From their site:

"The collected sources are as follows:…

Scanned TOR exit node proxies"

So if you do not want to ban Tor users on principle ( and I would curious to know the reasons for that) please lose rbl.efnet from your blacklists.



Maybe they don't want people from TOR to spam CP like it happened when the old site was down and you could only access it from an onion link


Don't know if they loosened restrictions, but the CP spam is back.


You know what might help with this sick faggot posting rape and CP is a system that detects and stops multiple posts of the same image file site wide. That won't help with the link spam or him just slightly modifying the image per post, but every little bit helps, right?


I'm not sure that would help, I think he used different images every time. The IP blacklist doesn't seem to help, and it's still active - I'm only posting on this site through Tor, and it's really annoying.
The biggest problem is how long the spam stays up. You can't completely prevent spam like that, but you have to get rid of it in a reasonable amount of time.
Sometimes the mods react very fast, but sometimes it stays up for half a day, and that's pretty long.

One possible idea: An automated system where posts that get reported will automatically be hidden to the public and held for review by a moderator. The mods then can either decide to delete them or approve them. There might be some false positives, but as long as nobody abuses the system this could work to get rid of CP as fast as possible, and what gets wrongfully reported would get visible again once a mod approves the post - if that takes half a day it should be less problematic than CP staying up half a day. To prevent abuse there could be some threshold so you would need maybe 3 reports from different IPs for a post to get hidden, I don't know what numbers would work.


It is possible to construct some automated system for spam removal but I think site admin will not bother with such a super-advanced technology

the way simpler solution is just to give moderator powers to more users and this will take care of spam.
Or maybe even give the right to everyone to delete any thread 1 day after it was posted if it has no replies from other IP addresses somewhat similar to >>10189 idea.

hiding and restoring posts is pretty pointless idea because poster can just repost it instead of waiting few days until moderators will decide to check it.

Also if someone is willing to fight this spam seriously I would recommend reporting those files to the file hosts where they are uploaded. what will invalidate everything so that spammer will get more harm from his spam here than benefit.


Spam is back btw


Thankfully, the mods were quicker on the ball this time. It seems like the spam has been cleaned up.


It's back again
Is there any way to rangeban?


This, I'd love it if the mods could find a permanent solution for this shit.


Is TOR completely blocked now?

People who only post from TOR are probably not here to complain, or not willing to post their complaints, so I'll complain for them.

A site like gurochan, with the kind of content we have here, needs to allow TOR. For fuck's sake man. Personally, I'm fine with writing comments here from a regular browser, but I wouldn't be comfortable posting any pictures or stories without TOR.


My country virtually has no cyber laws, but It can't be that worse in your places/I've heard about the UK maddness, but seriosly if the site is in a safe place it can't be taken down so cp and rape spam shouldn't be a problem, in fact it could even be allowed depending on the laws where the server is located.Tor should be allowed for people with problematic cyber laws in their country and spam should not be so feared! If you don't have a proxy or feel it's not safe you should not click it.It's usualy just a scam anyways, the real cp and rape stuff is easy to find on the tor networks so no one should bother with the spam here!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Back yet again



You must be the stalker from a 4chan general called /aceg/



Any bans on the spammer will just hit any Tor user. And that's a bad idea, there are artists on this site who are only posting through Tor (for example Drabok, who is not only my favorite artist on this site but also probably the most active artist in the 3D section).

As others have pointed out, we should get rid of this Tor blacklist again. It clearly didn't work against the spammer, he can deal with the inconvenience of having to try a few times, while it's really annoying for a bunch of other people.

On top of that, it has become clear he isn't actually linking to CP in his spam posts, but instead they are all just scams. That's still not great, but much less of a problem than people distributing CP on this site. I think if people keep pointing that out in all of his threads as long as they aren't deleted yet, that might be enough to get him to stop eventually.


And it's back again


And again


We could have an account-only based solution for posting.

Like most solutions, email verification with password authentication, but with a twist. Should your email address be compromised, you will get a table upon first registration that you must keep to authorize a password reset and/or an email address change. You will then be challenged on a minimum of 3 positions in the table.

One could easily block all ip-addresses from posting except when a login token was found.

The login feature could even run alongside the normal board if that is too difficult to change and be implemented with NodeJS and MongoDB or SQLite.



Spammers would just use burner emails to register…


Speaking of spammers it's back again


1. Ability to attach multiple pictures in one post

2. Sharing pics without mention the source is forbidden

apply this already plz at least in /g


God, these fucking blank posts being spammed in every thread are so incredibly annoying.


Check out these two:

First one is really bad and has author and follower harassment. Been dealing with it for quite some time now with trolls ruining artist works.

Wipe comments and or Banhammer?
Let the people decide :D




I think there is simpler solution to to get rid of the current spam:

Simply ban all url redirector services as well as all premium file hosts used by spammers.


It seems like the admins have really amped up the flood detection filter, I haven't been able to post a single image for the past two days.




On the flip side, it seems to have stopped that spammer faggot for now.


Stopping the spammer is nice, but if flood detection makes the site unusable for people who are trying to post content, that's not a solution. It's bad enough that many Tor exit nodes are still blocked.


Delete the troll comments as well



Anyone else able to upload? I keep getting error code 7 Failed to write to disk.


Anyone else able to upload? I keep getting error code 7 Failed to write to disk.


Anyone else having posting issues today? :-/


Anyone else having trouble posting today?


So why was this site dead for almost two days?


Can't post images anymore, accessing certain boards just brings me to a blank page, there are still rule breaking posts I've reported that have not been deleted up for weeks, and not a single update or fix has been implemented from the suggestions in this thread.
This site is dead.


Seems like you can post images again, but the request board is still dead. Still, it seems like someone is fixing this place.


Delete the "Anyone else here despise women?" thread. Blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Kid literally says he wishes all women would disappear from the world.

It's an open and shut case. Delete the shitty thread and maybe ban the kid from posting while you're at it. Someone who writes with his voice has been posting sincere "we should get rid of all women" shit like this for a while now and it's polluting the site. This is not a community that wants guro to happen in real life to real women.


>>10645 cont'd

fuck, even 4chan's /b/ bans people for content violations, there's no reason we can't. Get that kid off this site.


Get rid of the hating women thread


I want people to see that he was argued against.
I want to revisit it and be reminded of better people.



Or we could just sticky an emphatic, coarsely worded statement against sexism and misogyny.


I agree - prove that he does not reflect the views of most active users of this site!


FFS he's back again!


I think the fake CP spam and the troll in the 3D section are the same person. The timing is suspicious with both showing up shortly one after the other, and not for the first time, and then the troll uses a modified version of the spammers pic too. I don't know what to do about it though, banning doesn't seem to work and everything that has been done so far just makes the site harder to use for everybody else while it doesn't seem to bother him at all.


he'll get bored eventually, we'll just have to sit through it and ask mods to delete all weird things he posts until then. The worst thing we can give him is the attention he seeks so furiously, so we just have to chill and stop responding.


The pedofag is back. F and art


i get "flood detected- post discarded" when i try to post single picture


Can the mods deal with the schizo spamming porkly's thread over on /art/ with nonsensical gibberish?


I have also noticed this and reported it.


please handle.



Why can't I post an image without a comment?


Some umm…. Are there any moderators on this site at all?


The website spammers are back in request forums.



In the previous Drawthread in /fur/, Icarus started making a flame war with everyone.


Yeah….that's a big no there buddy…nice try tho


Minor suggestion, if anyone has access to the site code still, and the filter can be applied separately to normal within-thread posts:

Disallow new threads without a title.

There's enough other reasons a post may get blocked, and that needs to be one for a thread starter. There's a remarkable number of them scattered around at the moment (certain boards seem to attract more than others for some reason), they're hard to click on especially from the headline list, and impossible to keep track of which one is which so if you're curious you end up opening all kinds of things you don't really want to. Sometimes repeatedly. Plus of course how do you even refer to them for mod reporting? Even if they only have to be a single letter… (may want to have a unicode filter to prevent various different types of spaces or modifiers being used in place of a visible, reasonably sized character of course. Or just demand a minimum of two to four letters…)



Hi, Cenobite. Read this >>10869


File: 1581108302469.png (2.1 MB, 828x1792, 161FD5A2-08CE-4BB0-8B8A-6E….png)


File: 1581108668228.png (1.48 MB, 828x1792, 00B835A0-F0B2-4C61-B0FC-2D….png)


File: 1581108813173.png (876.61 KB, 828x1792, D222F27E-132C-442B-859D-9B….png)


Ah yes, thank you for proving my point anonymous


All I see is where I commented one time and immediately got got blindsided by extremely hostile members 乁 ˘ o ˘ ㄏ

I recommend action be taken


You’re welcome, the next time you post in a drawthread, please submit your request, if not draw one instead of posting spam. ;3


I would also like to see one example of me posting "spam" UwU have fun hunting


Already did, wanna try again? ;3


Hey guess what…posting a comment and replies isnt posting spam… I'll give you one more shot at trying to find it…

… Also, I think posting screencaps of The big Lebowski and pulp fiction would be considered spam spammy mc spammerton


I would give another example like was that one time in an edit thread where you immediately replied back,”There’s too many shitty headless edits and they suck” right after someone telling people to post their own edits instead of complaining about it, but it since have been taken down by the mods at the time of this post. Also, judging by your art you submitted in that other thread, it makes me wonder haven’t you drawn any requests instead of commenting back. You were such a talented artist that could’ve done so much more contributing and delivering requests but you chose not to, why is that?


Because I'm not an artist and I've never claimed to be, hit my fa up if you have never been there you might like it


Maybe I should, thanks. Say, what’s your FA page?


I'm Icarus Aresane on there, green and yellow lizard


Actually I see that aswell, it seems to be targetted and deliberate. You think these may be individuals trying to harm the site (because they don't like it)? It seems kinda destructive to do these things, maybe it might be trolls starting fights to overwhelm moderators whom already have things they have to worry about irl with juggling this site, despite not enstating new mods(ironic, but there are those individuals with their own objectives who would ban things or people they disagreed with so they would thoroughly have to bee vetted anyway).

The absolute best way to combat them is ignore them and bring the objective back to content. If you remind the people and artist there's new content on the way or something that helps keep their comments irrelevant, as much and as many times that they try, they will disappear. We're dealing with individuals whom want attention, probably because they lacked it or believe they lack some particular form of love or so. They can go about this better, like creating *good* content themselves, but they lack the ability, courage and know how to. Any sort of attention you give them is "good" attention to them. Rob them of that jewel. It works like a charm. After, they get really desperate and start doing really offensive and vulgar things for attention. Once they dont get it, once that phase is full done with, you've weathered the storm and they just go. Its no more fun.

This is the gray rock method.

As for the individual threads, I believe the mods will allow your harrassment to keep occuring. I do find it quite ironic that if you post another artist work, they will likely remove it and it will cause up more of a stur than the artist being harrassed in there own thread (along with their fans) and most of that threads content reverting to insults and none or slim of the artists' own postings/content. I can understand that there is this lag because some of them feel as though it should be almost completely unchecked and free (which I also completely agree with because I like seeing people opinions and having a free open space for expression, but when the entire thread is filling with troll material and the artist themself can barely post or just post for back and forth squables, it leaves a tarnishment on them. It makes it significantly unlikely that their next post, if they make one at all, will be content.

I think that freedom already comes with a predetermined point, nothing that would "have" to be taken down should be put up, but it at a certain point goes beyond that. Some artist and fans of the artist are being harrassed and feel more pressure not to post or to post to fight which isn't right. I believe something should be done about these postings, and it would also really help if the artist themselves said something, as it is known mods will atleast listen to them for content removal. If they don't however, you may have a better chance restarting your thread (which you shouldn't have to do, I know and agree) which will give a fresh start as they have already deep rooted themselves in your current threads. When you do restart, post everything you originally had, and make sure its a strong start and grow it a bit more with newer content. If you see a troll ignore them. They will likely stay to your old thread, especially because they don't know you've begun a new one. Allow your former thread to go under and try to use an altered name for you're new thread to know they won't return. It is bad but finding ways around people is sometimes required.

Sorry that you all have to deal with this. The mod's may not fully know or may also be dealing with their own personal issues. I will try to make some of these issues better for you all my brothern. I appreciate you all.

*PS I read the comments on that thread too as asked, its bad and I generally never would go to scat/fur so I never noticed. Thank you for bring that to my attention. The only one worse that that one would be the one I personally listed. every day that thread has atleast 20 new troll or insult post (no hyperbole its probably way more) the entire thread if you read you would stop reading because its so much and if you look at the time stamps can consist and clump under one day. I don't see the actual point or purpose taking it out on others or wasting the time creating them in so much bulk. There's nothing wrong with trying to find other ways of outlet that aren't malicious in nature.




I'll start by telling everyone, they should take a bit of their time reading this, as a mod, I agree of your ways of dealing with trolls/spam.

Lately, i've become aware that the harrasment and gratuitous insults are being a real problem on this platform that may harm people's will to visit it again, so I'll tell the higher ups about it, see if we could add some other rule for it or how we should act upon them.

Also i'd want to keep something clear now: someone replying to your response, is not spamming, it's a conversation, so stop reporting him, it's useless. If you don't want him to talk, don't keep the conversation alive. If then, he keeps posting by himself, then maybe, depending on the context, i might do something about it. Thank you.

Please enjoy the site and it's content, have a nice day.


PS. I might do something about the real images of 90's movies since it's against our rules.


Thanks for your response, it really does help a lot knowing there's someone actively trying to keep this site alive and in a good state, even with all of its issues.




By all means make your own spam threads but quite posing as other people and messing up their stories!


New no name in discussion needs to be deleted.


As a matter of fact, I think they may have targeted every thread. All having no names, please remove.



have directly reported already (I think I got all, may have missed one?) before seeing this post. Let's start the clock and use it to figure out the mod(s) sleep schedule :p


Can I ask why posts asking to discuss my ban keep getting deleted?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)



Bottom here:

This one's been busy lol…



File: 1581528989984.png (138.56 KB, 1360x748, Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at ….png)

I don't think I've ever wished for someone to get hit by a fucking bus more than this nigger, jesus christ.


FFS so it's not just me then? Who else have they got into trouble?


please contact us at if you were incorrectly banned.


>poor baby
more like you at home lmaoooo



Is it possible to transfer a thread from one board to another?


Spam is back


Y'all got pedo spam on g board>>9307


Is it possible to help out Ayaswan with the whole situation he's going through on his pixiv? I think he may be having a hard time recovering certain works he had on pixiv, which he said in the explanation he had on his Twitter.

Would their be some friends of his or Patrons who could send him his old works in private messages or so? Gotta say I don't like white knights trying to dictate what should and should not be posted. I hate seeing him going through this and love that he's making a backup.

Thanks to all my brothern who do reach out to him though. Give him my kind regards. :)



Ooh and there maybe some on here if he needs.



There is said to be some glitching in lit. It does look a bit odd, please check.



BTW, Ayaswan has his material back and is up and running again. Thanks to all those who helped or tried to. :)



Everything good? There's been no discussion or request for days…



Considering that there is only 10 guys visiting this site and most of them are lurkers, a few days without any new post should be expected.


I would like to see that posts display replies so one can see who got replied to and how many.



So it seems the spammer has found a new VPN service, and I doubt he'll make the same mistake as last time.
I assume the mods forwarded his IP address to the authorities, along with a record of his activity on this site?


Delete nameless thread in 3DCG plx.



Another in G with no name also needs to be deleted.



What are you doing flooding the thread with this instead of just reporting the faggot?


Is there a way to stop the flood on /g/?


Spammer hit all threads again with nameless, please delete.



I am plagued by "flood detected" messages when I am trying to post. I try to come every once in a while to bump some threads I am interested in, but it usually doesn't work to post anymore. What triggers this message? It is certainly not the timing since it can be weeks since I last posted.

In addition to the main message, there is a code debug error on the top of the page:

#0 error() called at [/var/www/gc/inc/filters.php:148] #1 Filter->action() called at [/var/www/gc/inc/filters.php:244] #2 do_filters() called at [/var/www/gc/post.php:846}
An error has occured.
Flood detected; Post discarded.


I believe they've made it so any post that does not have text, or is not quoting a previous post is filtered.


That seems to work, thanks. Why though, seems like a strange decision on an imageboard.


I think it might have to do with people bumping posts without writing anything whatsoever, not sure though


Delete thread labeled "xxx" on G.



Now there's 2 posts of CP under general, the 1st ones been up fot several days now.


Its under each thread again, please delete.



There is another labelled under xxx in g besides the ones with no name. I think this is a deliberate attack of people trying to have the site taken down or so. Not quite sure but thats my best bet.



There needs to be a shorter reaction time to these posts. This time they are up for more than a day. I'm sure the reason this site keeps getting targeted with this shit is because it takes so long until it gets taken down. And that's precisely what can get the site into trouble.
If you need more mods just ask. I'm sure some of us would help.


Exactly, and if not mods, at least some janitors who can delete posts.


Nameless in G please delete.



When exactly does this site purge threads? A drowning topic from 2014 purged even though it was active a few months ago while topics whose latest post is 2018 is still there.

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