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Hello. Reg here.

Please post any feedback you have for gurochan into this new, stickied thread.

Somehow the old thread was deleted. I'm certain it wasn't intentional, so let's just start from scratch.


Is there a way to remove the ability to post blank posts? Its starting to drive me nuts seeing somebody bump a thread with a post that doesn't even have text, let alone an image.



The BASH-BUZZER(TM) is a device, that is connected
to your laptop/PC via bluetooth.

It consists of two components:
The BUZZER and the BASHER.

THE BUZZER is a huge red button you are adviced
to place onto your table right next to your

The BASHER is a huge red 'Button' you are
REQUIRED to put into your poo-poo.

GUROCHAN(TM) will implement a corresponding
Browser PLUG-IN ;) that enables the usage
of the BUZZER and enforces the 'installation'
of the BASHER by all users.

Associated with every post that has been made,
there will be a 'CONNECT' item, clickable
for every user, reading the post being published
by the person responsible.

If the Post is considered 'Bullsh*' every user
is able to 'connect' to the poster.

Once 'connected', Pushing the BUZZER next to
your keyboard will activate the BASHER of the
user you are 'connected' to.

The BASHER will be plugged into the user
ASWELL as into a regular power outlet, which can
easily be found in every house hold.

It's gonna be fun for everyone:

Totally worth it.
Trust me.
[famous last words]


The thread listing at the top of each board seems to have a problem if the window gets too narrow, and in this case "too narrow" is still quite wide. The date in the "Last Reply" column splits onto two lines and then the listing becomes much harder to read as each entry is two lines tall.

It may be possible to dramatically improve the formatting of gurochan with a browser extension rather than hoping the site admins will spend their limited time just to suit our tastes. For example, there is the option of Greasemonkey for Firefix and Tampermonkey for Chrome.


As turns out, we don't need Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey to adjust gurochan to our tastes. That is excessive. A simpler way to adjust the layout is using the extension called "Stylish" that provides an easy way to edit style sheets for any website. Here's a simple style sheet that I created and it seems to be improving my experience.

Perhaps some of these things could be considered for gurochan's built-in style sheets.

/* Expand the thread list to be wider and make it resizable */
.catalogtable {
/* Prevent wrapping in the thread list */
.catataba {
white-space: nowrap;
/* Highlight the current row of the thread list under the mouse */
.catataba tr:hover {
background: #FFFFF0;
/* Limit the width of post bodies for easier reading, adjust to taste */
.body {
/* Prevent spans from wrapping */
form span {
white-space: nowrap;
/* Expand the width of the post entry form */
form table {
/* Right-align the left column and minimize the width */
th:first-child, td:first-child {
/* Expand the width of text and file fields */
form td input[type="text"], td input[type="file"] {



Your proactiveness is both unexpected and welcome. Im at work right now so I dont have the oppurtunity to check how this looks. But once I get home I can, then I can make changes to our dev environment if its pretty ehich can eventually be pushed up to the real guro chan by the head developer.


Yes please. I think this should be a priority, it's getting fucking annoying


Create a hidden service for Tor! I miss the old one.



You can use gurochan comfortably with tor-browser.
What do you need a hidden service for?



For when the regular domain goes down. Sometimes it's just the domain, and you can still access the site using the hidden service



A hidden service is useful;
No doubts about that.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by:
>For when the regular domain goes down.

Usually, when only the domain is affected,
it's due to ISP- or Areal blocking.

In this case, proxying your traffic over
tor (using tor-browser)
or using a regular proxy
or using a VPN should suffice.

If gurochan gets hit by more serious
issues, for example getting kicked out
by the hosting service provider,
then I would recommend going Hidden
entirely and staying hidden.


I'm not sure if this was already tested and

But what about a 'chat-thread'?
Doesn't need to be fancy or realtime.
Just as a place where ppl can casually
have their chit-chat.

No topic-specification.

As soon as a topic hits enough interest,
create a thread exclusively for that
topic and carry the discussion over.

This way, the overall generation of
'dead' threads which might only contain
a question of a single person or so
could potentially be decreased.

Maybe this could even increase engagement
and overall communication between ppl.

Who knows..


I realize this is asking a lot and it would probably never happen, but still it's something I've been wanting pretty hard, so I'll mention it.

It would be amazing if there were a way to show feedback and approval for the things we like, such as a button which would let us register an up-vote or a thumbs-up on high quality posts. We might even be given a way to post comments in praise of posts that we appreciate without that becoming clutter that diminishes the very thread that we are trying to appreciate. So perhaps comments could be folded away by default, and only revealed if you click to see what people's opinions are of a particular post.

That way people could do things like asking for the source of an image, without adding a no-content post to a thread. It would also make it clear that people are encourage to leave comments on gurochan content and thereby perhaps we might get more lively discussion of how great stuff is on this site.

For example, if I enjoy a little story I read in the /rp/ board, I'm not going to post in that thread to gush about how much I love it, because that thread is reserved for continuing the RP that it is designed for. It's not at all clear where I should gush about this, so it seems I'll just keep my enthusiasm to myself. If I could at least have a button to click to record my approval, that would be amazing.


There is also a bit simpler idea to show page view counts if possible. as how many times each picture was clicked. since if someone clicks on your picture or story this is already same as thumbs up.


Perhaps this might be a practical option: We could have a comments board that's like the /dis/ board but it is used for commenting on things posted in other boards. That would be quite awkward to use without a bit of extra support from the site, so it's not quite as easy as just adding an new board. We would want the threads in the comment board to be automatically linked to and from the post they are commenting on. That way people are automatically taken to the correct thread for making comments, and they can always click a link to find the post that is inspiring any comment thread.

In particular, I would put a link to the comments board in the header of each post. If the post already has a comment thread in that board, then the link would take us to that thread and the text of the link would be something like "42 comments". If there is no thread, then the link would take us to the main page of the comments board and automatically setup the new-topic form to comment about the post we came from. In that case the text of the link could be something like "Leave first comment." Naturally for posts in the comment board, the link would take us back to the original post instead of creating a comment upon a comment.

This is probably akin to asking for the moon, but sometimes it feels good to dream big.


I think the light theme should be used for /g/ at least, if the light one is the red one. The grey one is… not very gurochan-like…


Back when it was run on the .ch domain, a lot of people connected to the hidden service who would refuse to connect otherwise (e.g. it was linked on onion sites).


You can do that with e.g. >>>/req/9222 (that example links back to this thread). So that feature already exists.


A like button on an imageboard? You're joking, right?

Sage goes in all fields.


>You can do that with e.g. >>>/req/9222 (that example links back to this thread). So that feature already exists.

It's too bad we don't have an FAQ to explain these fascinating details to people. Are all three of the greater-than signs required? Testing: >>/req/9222

Unfortunately that only gives us half of what we need for a comment thread, and it's the less important half. The more important feature would be a link from the post to the comment thread, or else the comment thread is of dramatically reduced value.

Having said that, it might still be fun to call out something really amazing I find by using this technique to link to it from a /dis/ post, partially to give people another way to find it and to allow me to explain how much I love it and why. Unfortunately doing that would tend to clutter /dis/, especially if multiple people comment on the same post by starting multiple separate topics in /dis/, not realizing that there is already a topic for that post.

>A like button on an imageboard? You're joking, right?

No joke. It is frustrating to not be able to express appreciation for the wonderful things on this site. Perhaps we've been spoiled by having such a feature on so many sites, but that doesn't change the fact that it's very nice to have.


>No joke. It is frustrating to not be able to express appreciation for the wonderful things on this site. Perhaps we've been spoiled by having such a feature on so many sites, but that doesn't change the fact that it's very nice to have.
I think I agree with Onix's idea, a simple view count would be nice enough. Having likes/dislikes sort of goes against the spirit of an anonymous imageboard imo.


A normie game for a guro fan!

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