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Hello. Reg here.

Please post any feedback you have for gurochan into this new, stickied thread.

Somehow the old thread was deleted. I'm certain it wasn't intentional, so let's just start from scratch.
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>I've seen your comments Onix so I know you see women as inferiors in real life.

I also don't wast to contaminate this thread with irrelevant discussion, but since you mentioned me, I have to defend myself and say that I never said that anyone if superior or inferior. Please do not present me as some white supremacist because I am the exact opposite of that.

But if we go back to the idea about *avoiding* that kind of topic I sort of agree. I even agree that mods could delete controversial posts, but only if they do it along with the post that caused such a response, because it does not start from nothing. And once it starts you can not just end it so easily even if you don't want to continue.

On the other hand, if you have a board do discuss politics and philosophy it is hard to avoid controversial issues. You will often end in situations when people disagree on some topic.


I agree with them on this. We don't want to encourage people to blur the line between fantasy and reality. As it is, most people I talk to think guro is just a very weird fetish. The last thing I want is for them to start thinking we're a group of incels.

You can say that we need to respect everyone's opinion. Do we? Really? Who gains from these opinions? If I think Candidate A would make a good leader, and you disagree, that's an opinion with value. Both parties can learn from the other's opinions. Nobody benefits from one person saying "I think [minority] are less human."

Anyone who thinks this would mean all non-SJW speech gets banned is a moron. What do you think the content of this board is….


You do not gain anything from opinions by definition because opinion is by definition subjective like the taste.
Opinions exist just to express them and find people who think the same.

Even claim "Candidate A would make a good leader" can lead to the same result

-"Candidate A would make a good leader"
-"But Candidate A believes that [minority] are less human."
-"Yes I agree with candidate A about that. This is why he is good leader"
-"mommy I am triggered, this user thinks that [minority] are less human, ban him"

and there are many other ways how it can turn bad.


It's kinda funny seeing people talk about every other thing except whats the most important here >:D

There is already a thread for domination and for politics lol.

Lets just keep it to avoiding it here and posting where you want. No one should really have to defend what they want to see here (unless illegal) btw. There might be actual issues with the site and other ideas people may want to see happen here. Just let your creativity flow please.



I'd hardly classify "not tolerating racism/etc" as "politics".


But it is. Its the politics of freedom of speech. I've done some /rp/ and /lit/ stories based on racist characters, would that get me a warning? Where exactly would you draw the line? I'll reiterate my opinion that anything that isn't a clear threat against a specific person or group should be allowed, but in the end its up to the website owner and admins to decide on what is allowed on gurochan, not us.

Regarding your previous post, I don't think anyone "needs" posts that are harsh and discriminatory, but they don't need artwork of women getting gutted like pigs either. I think it would be a bit weird to have rules against politically incorrect speech on an imageboard based on one of the most politically incorrect fetishes in the world.


I mean to say no racism is allowed, however if someone had a particular fetish for (insert type of girl here) they should express it Tastefully. And, I meant politics as the few threads above us were talking about literally candidacy. Don't use racial slurs, epithets or anything too offensive (kinda funny saying on that here), but get your point across of what you want. I'm kinda suprised I would have to explain this one. Make your request but don't be a jackass with it… lol



The line between fantasy and reality. As fantasy, as a story, it's fine. When the speech is not fantasy, like a story or roleplay, but an actual statement about the real world, it blurs the line.

This point has already been articulated really clearly multiple times in this thread.


Sorry if I came across as a bit jumpy, I just get a bit heated when the topic of what is/isn't allowed to be said comes up. I think we have the same viewpoint, but I'm just worried about the potential for abuse.

Not that it matters, since the moderation team on gurochan seems to take a while to getting around to pruning reported posts.


It's an imageboard. Get over it. Next thing you know, the "fag" suffix will be banned. Don't be a newfag.

The previews owners of the site may have been so busy that the site went down from time to time (not that it's much better now with its slow speeds), but at least censorship was NEVER acceptable then.


Why are there users who complain about guro images on this site?
Take a look at this one, for example



I demand some explanations here.


Because your spamming low effort MSpaint shitpost images and edits of Puchim@s characters on /g/. Also because you are blatantly samefagging in threads.


I'm sure that's not the reason. I want to know what did the guy mean by calling the OP Quizno.


Reminder that 4chan attitude should not be allowed here.


I humbly request a way to bypass flood detection. IP verification, a secret password, etc. I already post here less because of it. If nothing else, just don't discard the post, but give me a timer like 4chan has before I can post again, and don't let me post if doing so would discard everything.

Also, a way to collapse/hide certain threads or posts, please. Lets us get to the stuff we want more quickly.


> If nothing else, just don't discard the post, but give me a timer like 4chan has before I can post again.

while this flood protection is just annoying for me as well, but posts are not really discarded. If I get that error I just hit back and submit it again and if necessary once more. You probably also can just hit "refresh" button to resubmit everything.

I think implementing timer is impossible because this flood protection seems to be based on the total posts on the site not on the number of posts coming from one IP so it is totally unpredictable when you will get it


Can one of the mods deal with the guy who's spamming every thread in /g/ with his desire to be decapitated IRL? He's posted in /art/ too.



Yeah, I'll second that request.


Is it possible to add back the option to download files with their original file names? Having to manually rename thousands of files is a pain.

I'm saving html copies of each thread right now just so I don't lose the information but yeah.


Not really feedback but a question: I have an AO3 story I'd like to share with /lit/ but it would be easier to just post a link to it rather than copy-pasting the whole thing into a thread. Is this allowed, or do I just have to paste the whole thing?

Also just a heads up, the feedback link on the front page leads to an old 404'd version of this thread, not this one.


Since mods rarely show up here it is not like anything is forbidden LOL

But if you decide to post a link to external site at least be reasonable and write some synopsis of your story so that we could know what it is about without going there or you can just copy paste it whole if it is not too big.



I second this because it makes organizing stuff so much easier


Having a link to the catalog at the top of each board would be nice.


there is no rule against "racism" on the site.


i tried to post something on this thread but it's not working


It's possible that the file you've tried to post is too big. Try to make it smaller and keep it under 2 MB.


>CP on /g/
Fucking Christ, and here I thought we'd be able to enjoy our degenerate 2d porn in peace. I hope the mods deal with this shit ASAP.


I think there's cp porn in 3DCG, care to remove it so i don't get FBI at home?



Hey so its me again, the one complaining about Loli and all this kid like content on GC.

Well yeah as the previous guys have said above, we got fucking actual CP in 3DCG.

This needs to go.

And fuck all this Loli kids shit man its fucking disgusting. (I know its ironic me saying this here on GC of all places but I don't care, its sick).
Wtf is going on on 3dcg? That section needs to be purged and restarted.

Again, can we please have a Loli section so I and others don't have to stumble on this? Especially if it's a slippery slope to actual fucking CP as evidenced by the situation we have now.


>>10112 The actual cp almost certainly had nothing to do with the loli stuff. There have been a bunch of cp posts all over this site recently. Unfortunately that happens sometimes on anonymous imageboards. It got removed relatively fast every time, I hope the mods keep an eye on that and keep getting rid of it asap.

Separating loli from the rest is not practical for this site, this has been discussed already. It would be great to have a hide function, then everybody could just hide the content they don't want to see, but even more different boards are not a practical option.


I just got an idea that it woud be very great to move reply box to the bottom of the page. because having it in top just makes no sense at all and very annoying when you are trying to post multiple pictures.

You cannot see to what you are replying or what last picture you posted.
I think this also may prevent some people from commenting because they need to scroll up.



Please remove these child porno links



Pretty much all the same post. scumbag posted on different boards.



I think you should use report button for that crap instead of using this thread.


i don't know how to report but i think on 3DCG there's potentially illegal material again



There is a bunch of illegal stuff posted in almost every board right now, all the same, done by the same spammer. The worrying thing is: That happened 9 hours ago, and I reported some of it back then. And nothing happened. We need to have active mods if the site is targeted by stuff like this!


Is there any risk for me as an user of this site when illegal material like CP gets posted?
I know it might sound like a stupid question but CP is a very serious matter and i'm concerned of this recent spam


I'm not aware of any convictions from accidental CP.


I would say not on a board like this that doesn't require registration etc. There HAVE been cases in the past where a porn site was found to contain CP and every registered user was targetted, whether or not they had accessed that specific content (this came out later when many of the cases were thrown out or convictions over-turned on appeal - the reporting at the time was that everyone had been accessing CP). Since there is no registration process for Gurochan and therefore no database of users (the fact we don't all post under each other's names seems to be something of an honour system) it should be pretty safe as long as you don't click on the link itself!


The general principle in the criminal cases is that if you can explain it reasonably and your explanation cannot be proved wrong you win.

Nobody will arrest you just for receiving spam or even clicking on those links
If you are extra paranoid just make sure that you do not save those pictures :) If nothing is found on your computer then no matter what, you cannot get prosecuted.

Although it is pretty ridiculous spam because spammer registered account on the file host and gets money from premium registrations. So it should take no effort for police to identify him.


Look at Operation Ore in the UK - it was started when the police were given a list of people who had, it was said at the time, used a credit card to access child pornography. Many men were aressted but most released with a "caution" which they accepted rather than face potentpal charges - a caution for CP, however, is enough to place you on the SO register in the UK. There was a presumption of guilt since their cards were used. However, it later came out that the site in question was a massive porn-hub style place that, while it DID contain some CP, also contained every other kind of porn under the sun, most of which was perfectly legal. The men on the list had paid to access the site but there was actually no way to tell what content they had looked at. Even in cases where all charges were dropped, lives, careers and reputations were still ruined! This is why people worry.


I noticed the soft ban on Tor exit nodes that was kinda annoying when this new site launched is back. I guess that's in response to the CP spammer, so it's hard to argue with that. But I hope that's just temporary until he has given up.


This is a bit diffrent issue because as you said yourself charges were dropped.
and those men could sue government for damages because of slander.
The main problem for them was not CP but the fact that they paid for plain porn.

This is in fact common threat as some companies threaten to sue you for downloading porn torrents. and although the chance of them winning is slim you probably do not want your interests get public, so many people just pay.

Of course if you are worrying that your porn interests will get public that's a real issue because if some investigation will happen every user will get some visit. and in the typical police strategy the first sentence after Hi, will be "you were downloading CP" as the only way how they convict people is by getting their confession.


"Your IP address is listed in" strikes again and blocks comments.

Please admins, I really appreciate your work, but is really one of the more stupid undiscriminating spam blacklists out there because it routinely blocks Tor exits and you should eliminate it from the blacklists uses.



I second that. does not block Tor exits with reason but out of principle. From their site:

"The collected sources are as follows:…

Scanned TOR exit node proxies"

So if you do not want to ban Tor users on principle ( and I would curious to know the reasons for that) please lose rbl.efnet from your blacklists.



Maybe they don't want people from TOR to spam CP like it happened when the old site was down and you could only access it from an onion link


Don't know if they loosened restrictions, but the CP spam is back.

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