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Hello. Reg here.

Please post any feedback you have for gurochan into this new, stickied thread.

Somehow the old thread was deleted. I'm certain it wasn't intentional, so let's just start from scratch.
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he'll get bored eventually, we'll just have to sit through it and ask mods to delete all weird things he posts until then. The worst thing we can give him is the attention he seeks so furiously, so we just have to chill and stop responding.


The pedofag is back. F and art


i get "flood detected- post discarded" when i try to post single picture


Can the mods deal with the schizo spamming porkly's thread over on /art/ with nonsensical gibberish?


I have also noticed this and reported it.


please handle.



Why can't I post an image without a comment?


Some umm…. Are there any moderators on this site at all?


The website spammers are back in request forums.



In the previous Drawthread in /fur/, Icarus started making a flame war with everyone.


Yeah….that's a big no there buddy…nice try tho


Minor suggestion, if anyone has access to the site code still, and the filter can be applied separately to normal within-thread posts:

Disallow new threads without a title.

There's enough other reasons a post may get blocked, and that needs to be one for a thread starter. There's a remarkable number of them scattered around at the moment (certain boards seem to attract more than others for some reason), they're hard to click on especially from the headline list, and impossible to keep track of which one is which so if you're curious you end up opening all kinds of things you don't really want to. Sometimes repeatedly. Plus of course how do you even refer to them for mod reporting? Even if they only have to be a single letter… (may want to have a unicode filter to prevent various different types of spaces or modifiers being used in place of a visible, reasonably sized character of course. Or just demand a minimum of two to four letters…)



Hi, Cenobite. Read this >>10869


File: 1581108302469.png (2.1 MB, 828x1792, 161FD5A2-08CE-4BB0-8B8A-6E….png)


File: 1581108668228.png (1.48 MB, 828x1792, 00B835A0-F0B2-4C61-B0FC-2D….png)


File: 1581108813173.png (876.61 KB, 828x1792, D222F27E-132C-442B-859D-9B….png)


Ah yes, thank you for proving my point anonymous


All I see is where I commented one time and immediately got got blindsided by extremely hostile members 乁 ˘ o ˘ ㄏ

I recommend action be taken


You’re welcome, the next time you post in a drawthread, please submit your request, if not draw one instead of posting spam. ;3


I would also like to see one example of me posting "spam" UwU have fun hunting


Already did, wanna try again? ;3


Hey guess what…posting a comment and replies isnt posting spam… I'll give you one more shot at trying to find it…

… Also, I think posting screencaps of The big Lebowski and pulp fiction would be considered spam spammy mc spammerton


I would give another example like was that one time in an edit thread where you immediately replied back,”There’s too many shitty headless edits and they suck” right after someone telling people to post their own edits instead of complaining about it, but it since have been taken down by the mods at the time of this post. Also, judging by your art you submitted in that other thread, it makes me wonder haven’t you drawn any requests instead of commenting back. You were such a talented artist that could’ve done so much more contributing and delivering requests but you chose not to, why is that?


Because I'm not an artist and I've never claimed to be, hit my fa up if you have never been there you might like it


Maybe I should, thanks. Say, what’s your FA page?


I'm Icarus Aresane on there, green and yellow lizard


Actually I see that aswell, it seems to be targetted and deliberate. You think these may be individuals trying to harm the site (because they don't like it)? It seems kinda destructive to do these things, maybe it might be trolls starting fights to overwhelm moderators whom already have things they have to worry about irl with juggling this site, despite not enstating new mods(ironic, but there are those individuals with their own objectives who would ban things or people they disagreed with so they would thoroughly have to bee vetted anyway).

The absolute best way to combat them is ignore them and bring the objective back to content. If you remind the people and artist there's new content on the way or something that helps keep their comments irrelevant, as much and as many times that they try, they will disappear. We're dealing with individuals whom want attention, probably because they lacked it or believe they lack some particular form of love or so. They can go about this better, like creating *good* content themselves, but they lack the ability, courage and know how to. Any sort of attention you give them is "good" attention to them. Rob them of that jewel. It works like a charm. After, they get really desperate and start doing really offensive and vulgar things for attention. Once they dont get it, once that phase is full done with, you've weathered the storm and they just go. Its no more fun.

This is the gray rock method.

As for the individual threads, I believe the mods will allow your harrassment to keep occuring. I do find it quite ironic that if you post another artist work, they will likely remove it and it will cause up more of a stur than the artist being harrassed in there own thread (along with their fans) and most of that threads content reverting to insults and none or slim of the artists' own postings/content. I can understand that there is this lag because some of them feel as though it should be almost completely unchecked and free (which I also completely agree with because I like seeing people opinions and having a free open space for expression, but when the entire thread is filling with troll material and the artist themself can barely post or just post for back and forth squables, it leaves a tarnishment on them. It makes it significantly unlikely that their next post, if they make one at all, will be content.

I think that freedom already comes with a predetermined point, nothing that would "have" to be taken down should be put up, but it at a certain point goes beyond that. Some artist and fans of the artist are being harrassed and feel more pressure not to post or to post to fight which isn't right. I believe something should be done about these postings, and it would also really help if the artist themselves said something, as it is known mods will atleast listen to them for content removal. If they don't however, you may have a better chance restarting your thread (which you shouldn't have to do, I know and agree) which will give a fresh start as they have already deep rooted themselves in your current threads. When you do restart, post everything you originally had, and make sure its a strong start and grow it a bit more with newer content. If you see a troll ignore them. They will likely stay to your old thread, especially because they don't know you've begun a new one. Allow your former thread to go under and try to use an altered name for you're new thread to know they won't return. It is bad but finding ways around people is sometimes required.

Sorry that you all have to deal with this. The mod's may not fully know or may also be dealing with their own personal issues. I will try to make some of these issues better for you all my brothern. I appreciate you all.

*PS I read the comments on that thread too as asked, its bad and I generally never would go to scat/fur so I never noticed. Thank you for bring that to my attention. The only one worse that that one would be the one I personally listed. every day that thread has atleast 20 new troll or insult post (no hyperbole its probably way more) the entire thread if you read you would stop reading because its so much and if you look at the time stamps can consist and clump under one day. I don't see the actual point or purpose taking it out on others or wasting the time creating them in so much bulk. There's nothing wrong with trying to find other ways of outlet that aren't malicious in nature.




I'll start by telling everyone, they should take a bit of their time reading this, as a mod, I agree of your ways of dealing with trolls/spam.

Lately, i've become aware that the harrasment and gratuitous insults are being a real problem on this platform that may harm people's will to visit it again, so I'll tell the higher ups about it, see if we could add some other rule for it or how we should act upon them.

Also i'd want to keep something clear now: someone replying to your response, is not spamming, it's a conversation, so stop reporting him, it's useless. If you don't want him to talk, don't keep the conversation alive. If then, he keeps posting by himself, then maybe, depending on the context, i might do something about it. Thank you.

Please enjoy the site and it's content, have a nice day.


PS. I might do something about the real images of 90's movies since it's against our rules.


Thanks for your response, it really does help a lot knowing there's someone actively trying to keep this site alive and in a good state, even with all of its issues.




By all means make your own spam threads but quite posing as other people and messing up their stories!


New no name in discussion needs to be deleted.


As a matter of fact, I think they may have targeted every thread. All having no names, please remove.



have directly reported already (I think I got all, may have missed one?) before seeing this post. Let's start the clock and use it to figure out the mod(s) sleep schedule :p


Can I ask why posts asking to discuss my ban keep getting deleted?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)



Bottom here:

This one's been busy lol…



File: 1581528989984.png (138.56 KB, 1360x748, Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at ….png)

I don't think I've ever wished for someone to get hit by a fucking bus more than this nigger, jesus christ.


FFS so it's not just me then? Who else have they got into trouble?


please contact us at if you were incorrectly banned.


>poor baby
more like you at home lmaoooo



Is it possible to transfer a thread from one board to another?


Spam is back


Y'all got pedo spam on g board>>9307


Is it possible to help out Ayaswan with the whole situation he's going through on his pixiv? I think he may be having a hard time recovering certain works he had on pixiv, which he said in the explanation he had on his Twitter.

Would their be some friends of his or Patrons who could send him his old works in private messages or so? Gotta say I don't like white knights trying to dictate what should and should not be posted. I hate seeing him going through this and love that he's making a backup.

Thanks to all my brothern who do reach out to him though. Give him my kind regards. :)



Ooh and there maybe some on here if he needs.



There is said to be some glitching in lit. It does look a bit odd, please check.



BTW, Ayaswan has his material back and is up and running again. Thanks to all those who helped or tried to. :)


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