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This thread should serve the purpose of
discussing/comparing the online
guro-community with other fetish-communities.


During my recent interactions on
this board I have come to the question,
why the guro community is lacking
so much of the cool stuff, that
other fetish-communities like BDSM,
FUR, SWINGER etc. seem to pull off
so effortless.

By cool stuff I mean for example:
Conventions, Meetups, online-hangouts,
high quality sites, Art-stores…
whatever else we might find cool.
My Interactions, especially under
the section /dis/patreon paid works & piracy
and reading through the stuff some folks
post on here partially answer
above mentioned question and also leave
a very bitter tasting impression:

The Impression that all of that leaves is,
(and I REALLY want to be WRONG about that)
that most of the actively engaged Individuals
on this board are just sick, degenerate
Of course there are exceptions!

'Sick' not in terms of what their kink is,
but in terms of their concept of LIFE
BESIDES/BEYOND the kink/fetish.

Reading about ppl who claim that they
fantasize about committing a school-schooting and the ONLY thing that holds
them back from actually doing it
is the fact that they could not
afford a gun/get a gun by law.


Reading about ppl who actually killed
animals and 'got off' doing it…


Arguing with ppl who actively enjoy the
act of ripping off artists who contribute
their works to the community (payd or unpaid), DERIVING PLEASURE FROM STEALING,
pretending there is nothing wrong with that.


I might be totally wrong about the
My observations might be wrong due to the
format of this board, which allows any
shithead to participate, attracting the
low hanging fruit of society.

But as far as I can see it,
the loudest voice in this community
is held by the ones that are lowest in
society in general.
So the reason, why the guro-community
does not 'flourish' like others, it seems
to me that nobody who would be able to
actually get cool stuff done would waste
his/her time to contribute to a
sub-culture which SEEMS to be made up of
degenerate, hostile, parasitical
Is guro as a community doomed to stagnation?

Is the online guro-community unable to
attract talent/skill/commerce/infrastructure?

Is the guro-community unable to HOLD/MAINTAIN
talented/skilled ppl?



Have no complaints about the site staff, they've done a great job of keeping the site clean so far.
I'll echo B.B. in complaining about the users though. It seems like there are only a small handful of people who actually contribute decent posts to the site. The rest seem content to spam threads with requests, constantly bump worthless dead threads with non-posts, and in general act like a bunch of downies and schizos.


>>9175 Conventions, Meetups,

LOL, yeah, that would be funny let's make a convention of serial killers, school shooters, and pirates.

This community is all fine, the only problem for you is that moneymaking is not welcome here. People who come with the intent of advertising are not well received and they do not even bother to stay.

The main benefit of this site is the least restrictive rules and pretty tolerant people with various interests and obscure fetishes. This is what brings everyone together - the inability to fit anywhere else.

If you want guro community for your taste, you can go to dolcettich, dolcettgirls, the dark spot. they all have admins that rule with the iron fist and are pretty favorable for money makers.

Fortunately, we also have this site where the situation is the opposite, where you can actually express yourself and not get banned.

Yes people who fantasize about high school shootings can come here and this will be the only place on earth where they will be treated nicely and maybe this will make them reconsider their intentions.



>This is what brings everyone together - the inability to fit anywhere else.

child abusers,
trolls… the list could go on…

Yes, these people do not fit anywhere else.
For good reason.

Within the boundaries of fantasy & fiction,
everything should be allowed and free.

But if anyone ever crosses that line
and takes his fiction to the RL…
No words for that.

At least you have proven to be somewhat useful:
I didn't know of thedarkspot[dot]com.
thanks for the hint.

I do not envy the site staff for their job.
maintaining a site like this as a dumpster
for the leftover ppl must be a demanding task.

And because
>> '[…]moneymaking is not welcome here.',
I am sure, they have to do it for free,
because nobody feels responsible for gratitude.
Because nobody here cares about them as long
as they PROVIDE.

You must be very proud…
Obviously you are:
>> This community is all fine.

No, it's not.

I hope, that some day, there won't be anyone
left, that is, like your sitestaff, willing
to PROVIDE for YOURS-ALIKE any more.
Maybe then you will realize,
what you deserve:
→ Nothing, Nada, Niente.



Be careful about remaining on topic. It's okay to talk money, but we already have the patreon thread. We don't need two of them.


At present, artists aren't even thanked or conversed over in /art/ very often. It's almost exclusively requests, and some call outs for paid content. All things considered, this bothers me. People who like work aught to be saying how much they like it, talking about how cute cool or hot something is…

It hurts as an artist to find your only comment is "That's hot, would you do my favorite character getting decapitated?" only to find that that person has copy pasted and anonymously and bumped literally 5 or 6 other threads.

Accepting everyone can provide a bastion for outcasts, but at present, we're not a bastion. With Furries, BDSM, there's a feeling like "Oh I've found a place where I can be myself! I can talk to people here about anything and know they know that I have dark fetishes, I can share a community with these people safely. I can find friends, activities, and craftsmanship here."

A good gurochan for me would be one that, while mostly a porn site, those using it as just a porn site can simply lurk and scroll through, happily indulging in everyones efforts while occasionally coming over to the community side to say how much they loved a work and beg the source for more.

I've passed through hundreds of people. People into guro look at the guro community and feel worse about themselves, at present. People who roleplay guro on other websites say to me "I would never interact with other fans of guro. You're cool though, unlike the others." I run servers and awkward, rude people who only ever talk about their own fetish, and constantly shout about it, run every other person out of the server or make them silent. And I mean literally, these people come up to me later and say "XYZ sent me a dick pic" or "ZYW begs me for free artwork all the time."

I think selfish people with loud opinions are running interesting, kind, community focused people out of the site. And they don't come back for the porn, they don't come back at all.

For those people, I want to say… Try to remember that not everyone uses this site the same way you do, or for the same reasons you do. I mean, they do if you act so selfishly that you make it impossible to use the website for other reasons, like making so many requests that you and 3 others can personally flood out artists threads is an example of making the website worse for both artists and people that want to feel a sense of community.

Also remember that while you may feel it's okay for you to personally control the direction of the site with selfish actions because anyone in your position would do the same, that isn't true. All websites have an ecosystem, and solo players are part of that eco system. Allowing other types of people to thrive– perhaps even playing the other roles some times– allows the solo player to thrive to. If artists are happy, more art comes, if community leaders are happy, more people come around to thank artists and to post content.

Lets define the ecosystem, for fun:

Community Leaders: Like me an onix, active and interested in affecting discourse. We're the same type though we differ in opinions about art economic ethics. I run a number of discords, communicate daily with any artist I can find, and consider events guro fans would like.

Heavy users: People who post 113 images in a guro thread for the sake of it

Content creators: They make stuff. They're motivated by the propagation of their work, improving, pride, and gratitude.

Socialites: They are happy community members. They feed all of these groups. Participating in the leaders activities, and thanking the content creators and heavy users for their uploads.

SAUCE PLZ: These guys only ever ask for sources and request their fetish. They odn't say almost anything else except for thanking people who provide them their fetish. I'm making them their own category because this is almost all they do. They come, dump requests on every artist they like en mass, and leave. Sometimes they'll argue or gripe or try to sabotage and artist if they are refused too harshly.

At present, we have NOOOOO socialites. and I don't believe it's because artists ran them all away with intrusive marketing, socialites inherently love supporting the community and its projects. Most of the people into guro that I talk to don't see artists looking to get paid as taking advantage of customers. So I think there are other reasons, like web design up until I changed it a month ago, and lack of leadership.

I'm trying to lead by example more now, but I can't fill every role in the ecosystem by myself, which is how it feels presently.


Huh? I have no intention to talk about money here. But if you say so, I will take extra care not to slip into that ;)

I am just a bit uncomfortable talking in the name of whole "community" and may be wrong on some things but maybe I will be forgiven for that.

Ok, so what is your problem then?
I like this site more than any other.
Ironically this is the rare case when I am NOT fantasizing on how I dismember its admins and moderators and skin them alive.

If you don't like it, choose something else.

I totally don't care if anyone crosses the line. The only issue I am concerned in that case if it may cause problems for site admins. It would be pretty unfortunate if it got closed because of such an event. It is already a miracle that gurochan survived that long.

>>Maybe then you will realize, what you deserve:

I do not deserve anything. If I get something it is because I get lucky not because I deserve it.


Guro community is much smaller than BDSM, furries, or swinging. It's really a tiny subset of S&M.

It's also very fragmented, in part because we keep getting deplatformed. Social networks, web hosts, advertisers, venues don't want to associate with our content. BDSM and furry basically have PR teams to increase their social acceptance. Guro is a much harder sell.

So the English community is spread over many tiny hubs like forums or subreddits or discords that don't connect. A main hub was tumblr, which kicked us out recently. Gurochan feels much less active and diverse than it use to be. I thank the current mod team for resurrecting it, but each shutdown disrupts the community.

Japan actually has cons, meetups, stores, etc. It's a different cultural attitude to sexually violent media where guro comms can take root and not get kicked out.

I also think guro fans can be normal or messed-up/scary, but on average, we're more messed than those with other fetishes. The reason is obvious. What would you expect?


>> 9189

>> I also think guro fans can be normal or messed-up/scary, but on average, we're more messed than those with other fetishes.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting
THAT messed up ppl at all.
Maybe this is due to the fact that
I usually stay within very tight
boundaries, a subset of
individuals sharing the same kinks,
and some distinctive social attributes

And I guess I should just keep my
mouth shut, back off and leave.
>> 9186
I really enjoy your participation. Honestly.
I accept you as a community leader and
I think you are a great example of how
things should/could be.

But I disagree with your claim,
that gurochan isn't a bastion of
outcasts yet.
Just because there are some priests left
in a temple it doesn't mean, that this
very temple hasn't been turned into a
brothel by the masses of hookers the
priests provided shelter out of good will
and kindness.

>> People who roleplay guro on other websites say to me "I would never interact with other fans of guro. You're cool though, unlike the others."

Well, how do you think, these people came
to the conclusion to never interact
with other fans of guro?
Why do they think this way?

And: What other websites?
I am curious, because as mentioned earlier,
I do not have time for web-endeavours that

In what aspects do these other websites
you mentioned differ from GC?
(GC just as an example)
I mean, mentioned websites clearly attract
individuals with higher expectations and
>> 9187

>> I am NOT fantasizing on how I dismember its admins and moderators and skin them alive

You keep convincing me that you are just
plain… dumb. Talking to you makes no sense
because even if you can read what I write,
You seem unable to process that information…
… to put it together.

NOBODY talked about the 'wrong' fantasies.
After all, this is a guro-board…
… maybe the moderators like the idea of
being skinned alive. -Who knows…?

CROSSING THE LINE obviously means:
eg. Killing animals RL, school-schootings RL..
recognize something? → RL!

back to >> 9186

You described yourself AND onix-no-nix-whonix
as community leaders.
While I can clearly see leadership qualities
in YOU…
… Are you really sure that (wh-)onix is
just nothing more than
'the loudest voice of the lowest spectrum'
I described earlier?




I start to lkie this guy ! Was lurking on the Patron thread and really agree with what he said there . Mildly extreme but thought out. This thread brings up some very important topics and im glad this is discussed, bcause in my opinion gurochan has become quite toxic and childish in many many many ways. maybe its better to not just let everyone in and kick out the rotten ones.


LOL. too bad you totally missed my joke. But I will leave you with that without any further explanation. Or you may totally freak out.

Yes, I know what does it mean crossing the line and this is exactly what I meant, saying I don't care. if some school shooter will come here I will not freak out or call him names I will treat him like any normal person.

By the way you are also kinda community leader here since you care about something more than just jerking off on drawn guts and blood. You are trying to push your own propaganda as well.
But it would be useful for you to learn how to respect people with a different opinion than yours as well since you are in the place with the most diverse personalities in the world.

Do not confuse leadership with tyranny because If such discussion happened on another forum its community leader would quickly resolve everything with few bans for those who disagree with their opinion. some other forums like lolicit even have this stated as a rule where nobody is allowed to express any leadership related ideas. This is reserved to admins exclusively. Puny users have to obey and not question it.


B.B., what kind of community are you coming here from?

I wonder if you not expecting this level of "fucked up" people is not because this is a guro site, but because this is *chan imageboard. (The same with the attitude to piracy – what else do you expect from a site with a /p2p/ board?)

On 4chan's /r9k/ you see people expressing even more mentally fucked up thoughts than on Gurochan. These are boards where people can anonymously share provocative thoughts.

People you meet in other communities might not be as messy on average than those here, but the comparison is closer than you think. I was active in BDSM community IRL a bit but I quit because the scene in my area was so welcoming to rapists and abusers. IRL, dangerous people still exist, but are more inclined to hide it.

That may not be so comfy to think about, but it's how I feel.


Being a community leader is a concept defined by the desire to affect discourse, ruling, and exercise some amount of provisionary engagement for the people. It cannbe simplified down best to "the ones who direct the socialites."

Were so small at this point that almost anyone can be a community leader. The fact that I run discords outside of here and try to direct people to more guro sources makes me sort of a quintessential example of one.

Onix is one as well, but its more by the nature of gurochans size. Posting once daily can mean always having thr top slot in a category on the thread list here. If there were 30 more peoppe posting frequently on guro chan that title would depend on hiw he decides to interact with all those people.

On a website like this, 30 or 40 people posting daily would feel so lively.

Anyway, these distinctions arent important down to the granjlar level. Sort of like how when looking at a forest, if you were unsure weather one living thing were a bee or a flower, it wouldnt really change your understanding of the mechanics, the important thing about ecosystems is understanding the bigger picture.

This is all kind of a non sequitur though. This is less pushing thr conversation and more because being an arm chair anthropologist is fun, haha


I think that I need to explain myself a bit
further, because my intentions are
not that clear to the people reading this thread.

I am currently enjoying my holidays,
that's the reason I have time to split
hairs on boards like this one.
Of course this will change.

Despite I am on holidays, I am constantly
churning ideas in my head to create cool

My background is that I approach the
whole guro community from a very 'elite'-ish
Yes, there has formed somewhat of a
'parallel'-community mostly populated by
very well doing ppl, lots of money,
exclusivity, decadency.

I'm talking hidden sites (onion-services,
peer-to-peer networks),
invite-only memberships,
paid memberships (high priced),
pay upfront for 1 year,
crypto-only etc… blah blah blah.

Very isolated.
Money, utilized as a gatekeeper.
Life is good there.


As mentioned above, I am always thinking
about new, cool stuff to pull off to enrich
the community because I want to have nice
things. And I guess, the community may want
that too.
So I am constantly evaluating, searching
for a reason to make it happen.

Of course, life is good among the
'better-earners' ,
but it is also a very limited, isolated
Some ideas/concepts are simply not made for
that environment.
In fact it is very hard to push new ideas
through the old,crusty hierarchies that
have established over the past, that despite
the fact that such small communities are highly
active and engaged and there is plenty of money
it feels old & monotone.

Addressing a broader audience provides
better chances of establishing new, exciting
business-concepts, entertainment and an overall
richer experience of the kinks we hold dear.

How about a 'patreon'-spinoff exclusively
for fetish art, circumventing the problem
that arises by VISA, being involved in the
payment processes and therefore causing
paypal & patreon cracking down on NSFW

Guess what, I've got a working POC of such
a product on THIS SSD. Right now.
Was made last year. Haven't released it.
Most likely never will.

How about high quality fetish-video
maybe camgirls… making some live stuff,
ppl 'voting' for how-to-fictionally kill her
off behind her back without her knowing how
it would happen exactly and then let her
act (improvise) it
out in front of the cam?
Multiple cams maybe?

excited? Want more?
I could go on for days.

Why should I care?
Because this stuff is AWESOME.

Most of this shit isn't even that hard
to get going. It's not that expensive
I could pay it out of my own pocket,
just to 'give it a spin' and see how it
turns out.
The sad thing is, that none of this will ever

Getting this stuff going is easy and depends
on only a few.
Keeping it alive depends on the entire

Albeit money plays a central role in attracting
talent and keeping that talent it is not just
about that only.

I am aware that the majority of this subculture
is just silent and only a few speak up.
The question is, what might linger beneath
the surface of words…

But the ppl watching what is being spoken,
especially on this board, will come to what
conclusion concerning the current state of
mindset, dominating the community?

How am I supposed to 'sell' new ideas/concepts
to the skilled/talented,
How am I supposed to convince the skilled/talented,
that it is worth providing, 'giving it a spin'?

HELL, most of the ladies interested in Guro
are scared of being DOXXED by some
mad motherfucker.
Do you really think, those babes would join
your club?
The point is, that if I or any other talented
bitch cannot be convinced that there is
some ground to build upon
(sanity, respect, responsibility, etc.),
we simply stay away and keep on doing what
we did before. Simple.
I hope, that now you can better understand
what my intentions are and why I am interested
in the current state of the online-guro-community.


In otherwords: no community equals no community products.

Also, about us not being a bastion. I actually agree were closer to a brothel if you want to put it that way, when I said bastion I had been considering it a positive phrase.

Apologies on that. To be clear, if the question is "do we let in everyone, indescriminately" I would say "almost, yes."

There are things we ban here, real life content, requests to be snuffed, etc. Our mod team is fast when the need to delete is clear. But aside from that… we hide little.


Isn't it a bit much to call yourself "elite?" I've returned to the Gurochan community from the guro gallery art community, which can be called "elite" from the price of purchasing the works. But also, anyone can buy a ticket and see an exhibition for the price of a coffee. "Exclusivity" isn't a great thing when the target audience is already so niche.

You may not mean to, but you come off as approaching this community with a mindset of, "I'm elite! I can make you stuff! But you losers are undeserving!" What guro really needs is to rally all in one place again, rather than new tech or anything. Right now it's splintered into all kinds of places like your 'elite' community, my 'gallery art' community, horror fans, 'fandom'…

When you come in saying, "Do guro fans suck? Prove me wrong"… well, you yourself are in a guro fan too, after all. it ruffles feathers. A new platform would be cool, but really what the guro "community" needs right now are social leaders more than startups.


>> 9197

Ah… understood now.
By all means, I do not intend to shoot against
the staff running this site.
I find their doing honorable.

Also I do not want to discredit GC in general.

I think it is 'ugly' but also 'true'
I prefer the ugly truth over the pretty lie.

>> 9198

I apologize, it wasn't my intention to
illustrate myself as elite or superior.
Actually I tried to point out the
Downsides of this different 'sphere'
and to convey the reason why I might
have such different expectations.
Because on the 'other side of the fence'
things look very different.
Admittedly I might have lost touch with
'this side of the fence'.

I do not consider myself elite at all.

And clearly I have the desire to play
on this side, because I think that
just a little bit more down to earth
would provide a much richer, more diverse

Within mentioned elitish-communities,
there are trends developing…. that
I do not like.

I absolutely agree on your point, that
we need a common place, where we can
gather as much potential as possible.
But I want to stress out: POTENTIAL.
I am not sure if the strategy
'let everyone in' does cut it.
If you attract literally everyone,
you also have to deal with everyone.

Maybe you're right, that it is not the time
for startups right now. This might be the point,
that I didn't understand…
… maybe because I lost the touch to it.
I'll think about this.

>> When you come in saying, "Do guro fans suck? Prove me wrong"…

Of course I'm coming in this way ;)
I wanted to be provocative, blunt and brutal.
Just a little bit of salt for the soup I'm cooking.


>My observations might be wrong due to the format of this board, which allows any shithead to participate, attracting the low hanging fruit of society.

Human beings are not fruit. We all have equal value as people and deserve the respect of allowing our ideas to be heard in boards like this one. If some people are considering doing bad things, ostracizing them is more likely to make them worse than better.

>All things considered, this bothers me. People who like work aught to be saying how much they like it, talking about how cute cool or hot something is…

That's an interesting way of looking at it. I'd always supposed that it was bad form to clutter image boards with non-image posts, and so I would deliberately avoid making comments of appreciation that I presumed would be seen as no better than spam.


>> 9200

This was obviously a metaphor.
You should consider that.

>> [we all] deserve the respect of allowing our ideas to be heard in boards like this one.

Everyone should have the right to be heard.
But also everybody should stand up to the
right of others to criticize them.

If people REALLY consider doing bad things in RL,
ostracizing them is the very first thing
I would do to them. -as a starter.
I would even push it further as to hunt
them down like animals, doing to them,
what they consider doing to others.
Creating an environment that comforts
individuals that seriously consider harming
others may also lead to the worse,
because it only confirms their intentions
and obviously malformed worldview.

As you may have noticed… I tend to be
more extreme. I give you another one;
take a bite:

>> We all have equal value[…]

In my opinion, the value of an individual within
a collective is determined by the quantity and
the quality of value this individual provides
to the collective.

(value doesn't have to mean money,
there are a lot of different values to give)


>> We all have equal value[…]

>> >>Disagreed!

Hello lurkers,

We've come to the "value of human life" section of this online debate.

Those who are squeamish are prompted to close their laptops in 3… 2… 1. Good bye, we hope to see you again soon.

Those with a propensity for armchair philosophy, or even real philosophy, are welcomed to join us on stage at this point.

For the rest of you, please put on your "Deal With It" shades (tm)(c)(r) now to protect your eyes from caring too deeply about the inherently spiritual opinion held by conversationalists. All participants are reminded to hide any beliefs you consider sacred for the safety of themselves and others.

Thank you for continuing to be with us, and we wish you a safe journey deeper into the thread.

Do not try this at home. Gurochan (tm) is not responsible for damages either physical or emotional to persons involved in the following debate. Gurochan (tm) does not hold or condone the opinions of those involved in the debate. Please debate safely. Gurochan (tm) retains the right to close or manage the debate given the circumstance occurs in which shit gets too real. Guro Chan as a platform is not responsible for the actions of debators or lurkers. If you feel dizzy, light headed, weak, prolonged exhaustion, or if you encounter intrusive or suicidal thoughts, please put your viewing device into sleep mode and contact your physician immediately.


You should have started with that from the beginning. ;)

But I doubt if your ideas fit gurochan spirit. Since you are speaking about real porn and here one of the rules is that everything has to be either drawn or computer generated.

I personally also totally like real porn and even real life guro stuff but I believe this site admins have different tastes and different opinion ;)
It can be related to some legal issues but maybe Reg will give a better explanation of why.
Either way, least life gore is not that attractive as drawn pictures.

However if you speak about all fictional stuff, where is all that decadence? It is not even illegal.
If those rich people were producing real-life snuff porn then yes, that would be something. You could pay 10000$ for the video of the woman who is being murdered for real (maybe as limited edition which includes her finger or eyeball along with the DVD LOL)
but if it is all just act, that's available everywhere even for free. You can even sell that on patreon and won't get banned. Even children are making such videos and posting on youtube as long as there is no nudity it is fine.

I highly suspect that just like I like getting things for free those your customers like to pay insane money, play secret society and pretend to do decadent things that are considered softcore porn here LOL (unless of course you are hiding something and you are not as innocent as you pretend to be ;)

Speaking about anonymity and security, of course, you never can be sure that you will not get doxed. One of our artists just got doxed like that recently when someone foolishly reposted his work on another site without any evil intent. So those babes should also be careful. And if you will try to make money from all that it will be even worse because people will be on a race on who will leak all that first ;) You need some other methods than a paywall. It may be possible to resort to previously mentioned AI which you laughed off.

There is nothing so bad being said on this board what should scare those rich people. Yes, we are not willing to pay and you won't make any money. Besides that, you will not find more tolerant people anywhere else.
Also, this is not any kind of subculture. Just individual people. Our interests are extremely different as well. Not everyone is interested in killing babes.


>> 9203

>> […] your customers like to pay insane money,

play secret society and
pretend to do decadent things[…]

This is actually hitting the nail.
That's probably 'their' game. U know…
Maybe I should reconsider calling you
dumb next time. My apologies.

I might add to your observation,
that separating themselves, leveraging
money to do so, in the minds of those
ppl enforces some perception of self-esteem.
'We are something better than the others'
→ seems to be the slogan.
'we pay to be better'.
→ maybe because money is the only value they possess

Since I would be insulted,
if someone would call me out that the only
value I could bring to the table was money,
I do not really consider myself as a true
part of that 'sphere'.

And there are some other disturbing
recent 'trends' developing that I do
not like and I do not want to explain
any further.

But I understand that without Dollars,
society as we understand it does not work.
Without the need for cash, things would
be A LOT easier for me. Trust me on that one.

My Ideas do not have to be tightly bound
to real porn, these were just examples.
There are many more different ideas.

Also, my Ideas do not have to be bound to
this board at all. Think outside the box.


At the end… All I want to do is:
Have fun,
Make cool stuff,
get it done.

This is my only drive.

All the things that are neccessary
to achieve above mentioned 'goals',
honestly, they just SUCK.
And if it wasn't for the greater good,
I would HATE wrapping my head around
marketing, money, security, organization,
management, churning numbers, pushing digits
and all that BULLSHIT CRAP
that comes with the necessities 'modern'
life delights us with…

slightly intoxicated…
… I might start getting honest…


>If people REALLY consider doing bad things in RL, ostracizing them is the very first thing I would do to them. -as a starter. I would even push it further as to hunt them down like animals, doing to them, what they consider doing to others.

Certainly we should do whatever it takes to stop people from hurting each other. If that means putting dangerous people in prison, then so be it, but let's not take half measures which only make us feel better without actually protecting anyone.

Sure we say that we'll hunt down the dangerous people, but chances are slim that we'd actually do it. When we say we'll ostracize them for starters, what we probably really mean is that we'll only ostracize them, and the bit about hunting them down is just a fantasy. If ostracizing them is all that we do, then it's far worse than doing nothing. What we've done is left them alone to make their plans with no social distractions and no one to tell them that they shouldn't hurt people.

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