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It doesn't matter if it's got so much visceral gore like a slasher pic, cute characters meeting unfortunate ends like Corpse Party, or if it's just something that, by no fault of your own, makes you think things you shouldn't about the characters involved. Everything counts here, so tell me what shows get you thinking about guro and why.

Danganronpa and Doki Doki Literature Club seem to have started little guro communities of their own and I never knew why, If someones into them I'd love to hear what a person with a guro kink thinks of those titles, do they tug your kink, and how hard?

Corpse Party is kind of an easy one for me, Fate Stay Zero also had some really really dark scenes in it… But I really prefer shows that have bright colors and cheery atmospheres even though the characters are fighting to save the world or in grave danger, the idea of the writers just letting things go off the rails, allowing the characters to meet horrible fates is really really fun. Even some American cartoons can provide a really great, innocent setting for me to become relaxed in and then when the story goes dark, threatens lives, kills characters, thinking of these candy colored characters meeting bad ends is all the more heart breaking and shocking, and that's part of the fun.

Anyway, share your own!

Basically, what shows make you think about guro?


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Speaking about shows with no gore scenes "Happy Sugar Life" anime deserves guro title most of all.
It includes almost all kinds of insanities and perversions almost nobody is sane there.
this anime can be educational psychiatric material. I would recommend it for exactly that reason to get a better understanding of human psychology.
Also, it could be a perfect illustration of the meaning of "hell"

At least for me, there are no characters to whom I could relate myself, this why it makes it more enjoyable. No need to worry if someone dies they all deserve that LOL

Another western guro show is Superjail!
Which is almost non stop gore and guts flying all around if only all those ugly guys were drawn as cute girls:)

and finally, one very unexpected show is "Futurama" which is actually that perfect word of guro utopia.


Some of those classic ryona shows like Agent Aika and Najica Blitz Tactics.

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