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Let's say you are destined to take a bullet in your pussy. How would you like it to happen?


Idk what you mean with 'destined'? But if you mean like how I'd wanna get shot in the pussy, then I guess something like this (obviously I really don't wanna get shot at all, but for the purposes of this fantasy):
So maybe a killer is holding me at gunpoint or maybe I'm being executed or something (though I'm a good girl so idk why, maybe I was framed). ANyways I'd like my killer to fuck me before and shoot his load all in my pussy, or if it's a girl she eats me out. After that he (or she, I guess) fucks me with the gun and shoves the barrel *deep* into my pussy, maybe all the way to my womb. Then when I least expect it he pulls the trigger maybe just once, maybe he empties the whole magazine into me. And either way if I'm not dead after a few minutes I hope he at least finishes me of with a bullet right between the eyes instead of letting me slowly bleed out.
I guess after that I don't mind if he uses my body a bit more or just throws it in the trash, not like I can complain (cuase I'm dead xP)
So yea, I guess this is how I'd like it to happen. (And hmm, that was a pretty hot thought, thanks for that inspiration <3)


Blaze of Glory! If it has to happen, go down fighting all the way. I want a gun in both hands, bullets flying everywhere. I want to take out at least a dozen people who are trying to kill me, including the woman who organized this whole nightmare.

All her henchmen are dead and I'm breathing hard from all the running and killing I've been doing, but it's time to face her one-on-one to end it all. I kick down the door and shoot her in the gut, but she does a quick-draw at the same moment and hits me in the pussy. She falls to the ground holding her belly, and I stay standing with blood running down my legs.

Before she dies, I put a half-dozen bullets into her pussy, then I get some quick medical attention to make sure I survive my injury. Perfect.

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