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Just curious. I've been into gore since I was 11 because I was struggling with abuse and it made me feel something that other things couldn't.


There are multiple threads like the already.

While I was facing something that can be classified as abuse in my childhood from other children and I had fantasies of horrible revenge and i still have those fantasies of revenge, nothing of that is related to guro in any way because guro is supposed to be erotic and not just hateful.

The reason why i like guro is because it is one of many things I like and i usually prefer happy guro where characters do not suffer or if they suffer they are not emotionally crushed.


I got bored of the normal hentai and wanted something more exciting and extreme. From there, I tried drawing slight toture until it turned into guro.


Drama drives intensity. When a story or an image is filled with strong feelings, it can similarly invoke strong feelings in the audience.

It's hard to imagine stronger feelings than those felt when a person is chopped in half, or has pieces exploded. Imagine it. It's nightmarish. These are among the worst things that could ever happen in real life, and so they are the best things to happen in art, the most intense, the best drivers of feeling in the audience.

All the good reasons why we wish these things would never happen in real life are exactly the reasons why they make good art. By comparison, ordinary art is often tedious.


I was always interested and fascinated by gore and ryona, long before I even hit puberty or understood the concept of sexual desire.

I had a pretty normal upbringing so for me it probably "just is" with the way the brain is wired or something. I don't think its a hereditary thing.


I wish i knew.
I can't think of anything that made me get into it or why i like it as much as i like.


i fap to whatever i find hot. from vanilla and scat to irl gore and lolis(and shotas too)


I more of a freakshow kind of guy. So when I was a kid I had a neighbor that was basically limbless. That had a deep deep impact on me.


What got me into it?

Well, I’m a misanthrope, and to me, guro helps me relieve myself. I am proud to say I despise humanity, but I wouldn’t hurt anyone in real life.


Funny, I'm quite the opposite, I love humanity and intend to kill billions.


Video games. Mortal Kombat, Unreal Tournament, Bloodrayne 2, Postal 2.


Difficult to say really, but I think it was mostly the 'escalation effect' of seeking out more and more extreme porn as time goes on. Then again, I have always had a bit of a fascination with gore, death, etc (in games and films), so probably that steered me in this direction.

I've never been through any kind of abuse or depression. I don't have violent thoughts and I have no desire to hurt or kill people in real life. Nor do I have any hatred for people, women, or humanity as a whole. In fact, I'd say that I'm pretty personable in general. For me, it's purely fantasy. But so long as it remains fantasy, I'm happy to enjoy the most extreme, horrific stuff.


No idea really. I looked at (real) gore on the net as a kid, but never sexually and pretty much always with disgust and horror. Hell, I remember coming across a link to gurochan when browsing /b/ back in 2009 and making a thread about how "how can you guys be into this sick filth" lol.

I guess I just got desensitized to violence over time, my latent sadism combined with growing misanthropy helped too. But mostly, it was just a gradual expansion of fetishes, combined with some entry level "kawaii guro" stuff that was just cute as heck that made blood and guts look beautiful. Then again, guro isn't my main fetish or anything. Just a side thing I like to indulge in every now and then.

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