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Hi there,
Which program do you like to use when making 3d CGI guro? I've seen many people using other programs, from SFM to Honey Select. I'd like to know which one do you prefer and why. Maybe even share some tips? :)


Making decent guro is pretty hard in comparison to plain normal stuff so SFM or Honey Select is not that good

The best choice for pictures is Daz3D + ZBrush + Photoshop (or something similar for texture editing)
Daz3d has lots of content. Most of it can be found for free.
Photorealistic rendering will require Nvidia card with 8Gb or more memory. (but you can use 3delight as well with slightly less realistic results.)

You can try Clip Studio if you would like to try drawing 2d pictures in modern way. Clip studio is also useful as better photoshop replacement, which you can use to add text and special effect to your pictures

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