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Let's say you're a supervillain in the DCAU, and you want to rid the world of all those super powered women. What would the best way to get rid of them all be?


Why the hell I would want to get rid of women? they are pretty harmless since they are only women after all. Whom I will be torturing then? I rather get rid of all men to have all women for myself.

Anyways There are not that many women in DC universe. so probably if i wanted to get rid of them i can just do it one by one if i play really dirty, i just reveal her real identities to the public and ruin their lives that way.


Maybe don’t be a damn incel, OP. Who hurt you so much to where you want to kill all women and act like said incels? Smh.

Shit like this is EXACTLY why we have incels existing besides dating sites.


Incell villain LOL

A person who is incapable to have sex with women but is capable to exterminate them LOL

the benefit of being a villain is that you do not need to ask for permission or buy flowers. You just take whichever woman you want and do what you want.
Women also kinda like that kind of behavior too. ;)


Don't get your panties so in a twist, anon. This is a guro site. Assuming the op is an incel because he wants to talk about killing women is just so small-minded.
Hack batman's computer and copy his ideas.





Pick one, considering this OP constantly asks users of femicide ideas and then wonders why nobody responds. JFL.


I have no clue what you're talking about.
Why do you write like this is facebook, faggot?


Ok first of all I h8 everyone that I h8 now that I too threw my politities at the polilites.

By the very nature of how chaotic a superhero forms, simlly killing them isn't enought. I have to assure that they cannot be replaced by more, by others.

So something likebwhat Dark Seid has or is would be needed, at minimum.


The OP doesn’t even seem like it’s talking about all women as much as it is talking about Wonder Woman and the other superhero girls, you creep.

It’s hysterical how we’re on a site all about fetishizing killing and torturing women but the second you fetishize killing 50 women as opposed to just killing 5 then you’re automatically an incel or something. See a therapist.

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