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Anyone else here like BL games? Lots of good violent ones lately…! Here's my recs if you're looking:

Nie no Machi – MC is spirited away from his boring life to the land of the dead (think zombies). He is trapped in a ryokan with a group of attractive men with their own reasons for staying, and needs to work together to survive. Main stories pretty conventional, bad ends are the hardest I've ever seen in BL – multiple snuff ends, amputation, wound fucking, the works. Img I attach is pretty light as the contents go.

Pigeon Blood – MC from a rich family returns to his ancestral home in the mountains to grieve his dead brother. He lets in a group of strangers to stay the night because their car broke down. They rape him repeatedly. And then, strange creatures and mutliated animals start turning up the manor. Main plot with lots of sadistic rape and non sexual gore, multiple snuff/necrophilia bad ends, cannibalism.

Some Die As the Result of an Over-Elaborate Prank – HS boys dared to explore an abandoned building, raped and tortured by the inhabitants. Short/budget game, sadistic rape, not much physical torture but the torture is good.

Any other recommends? are you excited for "SLOW DAMAGE"? Let's chat!

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