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I've always been curious about if there are any really cool hentai games with no Flash Player or eternal static screens and finally found an online(!) game called Cunt Wars. That's a really cool and interesting game with attractive gameplay but… it's lack of violence. So do you know about any engaging and violent games you could provide as advice? By the way, here is the link on the Cunt Wars:


Looks like spam


No way, I've just used not the best url shortener :/
Also, this is a multi-geo link and the game is kind of different for various locations.

If you're interested, just disable adblock to make the shortened link work and pass the tutorial - you don't even need to register for this.


The issue is that this looks like an advertisement for cuntwars. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, however, please focus on the topic of guro games.

If you want animated high quality guro hentai games, you'll have to browse places like dlsite.

There's also StudioS games, many of which are available here:

They make really well produced violent ryona games, it's some of the best you can find in this genre.


I am not going to just click on every shifty russian website some dude posts on gurochan for a quick fap.


Thanks, Reg!


I mean, even if this is a spam, I must contribute. Demonphobia has a fantastic variety of school girl gore, but the downside is the game was made with poor controls and it's hard to find. But there are death compilations from the game on YouTube if none of you are able to find a working download link.

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