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I smoked crack once, and could instantly see why people get addicted. It's truly a devil's fate, such power, a mystical thing. This intangible godly concept with very real power but itself cannot be touched.

And I've had a dilemma. I have alternating reasons to spam the horrors of the world being portrayed.
To vindictively make uncomfortable those who have put me down but also to enlighten those who would want to know if it were an option.
But I fail my ideals in my wants.


Id like to think I handle power great. I keep in mind the metrics for my performance are how people feel, what they use of mine, and what they tell me about how im doing.

When co workers become obstacles and targets become enemies, I think thats when people go wrong. I guess everyones a little susceptible to that.


Brings me joy that it's you to comment!
Your assessment is accurate, you're classy and I'll cease my praise lest you think I'm trying to win a date.


There is nothing to handle. Power is simply when you can show your true self instead of pretending to be someone else. No more of passive aggressive behavior or any kind of manipulations or lies

True power is when you do not give a shit what people think about your power and status because you already know you have that regardless of what is their opinion.

Another thing is if that is not real power but just delegated power that is given to you by other people where you may look as if you have it but in reality your power is nothing but responsibility and it comes with the loss of freedom.

I would not handle that kind of power well because I love freedom and I do what i want not what I am supposed to do.

p.s. absolute power means that you are no longer capable of hate. If you hate something or want to destroy something it is sign of weakness.


Onix you throw my moral quandaries for even more loops. No responsibility, no hate. I like it.


I've never had absolute power, so I wouldn't know. Seems like it would just be a vehicle to stroke my ego. If I handle it admirably, I have something to feel good about.



I'll not go into the philosophy on it because I'm a little busy, I have to do something else right now…

But I feel it's important to say I'm earth shatteringly flattered, and also, stahp

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