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It's been years since I've payed any attention to Touhou, but I guess you could say I had an interest in it at one point. What do you think about the recent commercialization of the "franchise"? I know Touhou's not technically one, but with all of the recent Nintendo games where ZUN presumably gets a cut, it feels that way. Doujins are one thing, but this is a major, international company. They did something last year and now they're doing a mario kart style thing with bascially n64 res graphics. I'm not kidding.
What's worse is there's also a dumbed-down rpg mobile game being made.
A couple of years ago I think there was an issue with dlc exclusive to the ps3 version of 15 or something, but that's not this bad.

Has ZUN sold out, or is this not actually an issue?


I don't think Zun ever said Touhou games HAD to stay PC exclusive.
Hell, does Zun even get a cut of the money from these? Its not like the studios need to pay a licensing fee to him, considering its a wholly fan driven series.


>does Zun even get a cut of the money from these?
I've heard someone say ZUN definitely gets money from steam and console games. doujin circles can do whatever they want, but ZUN would have to be an idiot not to want money from a large company using his ip. doujn circles basically do all of the work for him while he works on his own series, but he has a hand in saying what gets published. This is all just what I heard, but if it's true, some of the responsibility for this lies on ZUN.


I think this skydrift thing looks great, its hilarious! I dont care what larger companies do with Zuns IP as long as everyone else retains their freedom


Well, as long as the fans still get to make doujins and other fanworks without any restrictions, I don't really care. ZUN needs to eat too.


As long as everyone can play Touhou and it's not restrictive by any means, I'm game.

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