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What are the chances if you go to some shithole African country(Like Nigeria), that u could just like fuck dead bodies and not get caught


Chances are pretty high just as high as chances that you will be eaten yourself by local cannibals or burner on the stake like a witch or demon.

In those shithole countries you can do anything you want but other people also can do anything they want. So if you go alone anywhere and you look like you have something valuable you will be murdered almost immediately.
Besides that do you want to fuck black bodies infected with HIV anyway?


nigga you can do that here.


Malnourished, disease ridden, probably ugly blacks. Why? Get higher standards. Work at a morgue if you're that desperate for the real thing.


I mean but like, assuming you got that far, what are the odds that you could get away with it?

Like say if you go to some shithole village at night and just grab a woman pull her in the bushes


Is it that easy to have sex with dead people if you work in a morgue?


What service could I use to find local morticians who are offering the service.


Even if somebody here could help you, there's no good reason for them to do so here. Think a little.


I'm pretty sure they'll zero in on the weirdo foreigner who suddenly showed up one day with zero affiliation to any NGO, church, or corporation when female villagers start going missing.
That is if you even manage to just "grab a woman and pull her into the bushes" without anyone noticing. It isn't the 80's anymore, most Africans have access to cellphones.


There is nobody to catch you and no prison where you can get and nobody cares about any crime anyway so getting away is non issue.
The bigger problem is how do you get there without dying yourself.
Also in those villages women do not walk around at night alone. Keep in mind that it is shithole country not some Japan so things are very diffrent.


Id think the monetary compensation would be fine.


I was thinking about flying out to to Nigeria for a sex-trip this year. I love huge titties and there's a lot of busty women in this African countries.

I was thinking of maybe taking 3k with me, and just binging on escorts.


If you can fly three it is not a shithole country ;)


You mean like a blue ant in a colony of red ants trying to walk casually back home after a red ant just went missing?

No, no I dont think you can do that.


OP here, Im dark-skinned myself, so I don't think I will stand out among the locals. Nigerians look just like the people from my island


joining the military to do that is probably easier and cheaper


You could just ask to be stationed there?

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