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This is where I work on updates to gurochan. As you can see I've given it a lot of it's old design back.

It has old data for posts, I'm trying to find out if its comfortable and pretty. And if unique new errors occur while browsing.

Tell me if you like it more or less than the current site, and give feedback if you can.


Looks good! No complaints about that at all. Looking forward to it being implemented.


I do have one suggestion tho, it would be good if the 'catalog' button
was available near the top of each forum instead of buried by the page numbers at the bottom. I was using the new site for a while before I noticed it.


Agreed with you there.


A couple of things for now:
- a button to minimize threads like in the old gurochan would be greatly appreciated

- don't bring me back to the main board when posting something in a thread, but leave me there



Sure thing.

When you say minimize threads, do you mean the thread selection table at the top? Or the individual threads on a boards page? I can likely do both though the latters a little tougher.

Anyway, as for posting, good catch. That will be the next thing j try to fix, after the harshness of flood detection.


You make good points, I keep trying to post in 'new topic' by mistake because I've been dumped back to the main board. And the layout of the new topic/ new reply look identical so it's easy not to notice. Maybe the layouts could be changed a bit or colours used to differentiate them.


I mean the latter I think. In the old gurochan there was a [+] to the side of every thread that you could click to minimize it and only show the title.

But also minimizing the table could be useful.


Some of the old data from the original backup that was put on this site is still missing from the version of the data you have there. Do you still have the original backup?


An FAQ/Rules page would be nice. I'm assuming the rules for this gurochan are the same as the previous incarnation, but it would be good for new users to know what not to do.


Nice, but where's the logo?


Right now, I want to finish updating it before I make more changes.


At some point these changes will push to the main gurochan website, then I'll start hunting for bugs along side making further, aesthetic edits like placing the logo around.

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