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Any lucid dreamers out there?
Do you indulge your guro desires in that alternate universe?
Any juicy ones you'd care to share?

For myself, I fucked a crocodile that was eating a woman alive, and run over some cuties with a digger. Probably more, but I can't remember right now.


I've had lucid dreams in the past and never did anything like I fantasize about. Actually, it never even comes to mind in those dreams. Even though I decided beforehand that I would do some of those nasty things in a dream.


Not sure if I understand this term correctly, probably yes, that happens to me sometimes, unfortunately I cannot really remember much of what happened there and it does not last long either because I am about to wake up at that time.

My dreams are typically pretty logical and resemble movies. In fact, if I could remember them, that probably could be pretty decent story. This is probably because I am always interested in good plot and reasoning even if it is fantasy.


Remembering real-life stuff in dreams is tricky. I think it's because parts of the memory system in your brain aren't functioning properly. I have lucid dream 'bucket list', but very often I forget what I'm supposed to do, even when there are direct opportunities and clues in the dream. For instance, I want to play chess against the devil - really I'm curious in a kind of scientific way if that would work. Then I met him in a lucid dream, but I just tried to kill him with a death touch - he wouldn't die! (Imagine my surprise lol.) After I woke up I realized right away that I was supposed to play him at chess. (although, to be fair, I was distracted by chasing cuties too.)

Yeah, the waking up thing can be a real problem! Or a personal one for me is just being stuck in a black void. I'm just floating there, conscious and dreaming, but there is absolutely nothing around me - happens very often and is sooo annoying and dull!

Recently I did have another fairly good one. I'm in some kind of a courtyard and I become lucid, and I have an axe. I go into wooden shed, but there is nothing there. I turn around, and there is a large gateway, with a two women, one sitting on each side. I pick the one nearest me. She's about 40 and somewhat attractive. She lies on the floor (because I want her to) and I chop her a bit with the axe. I remember seeing the flesh over her ribs open up - very realistic. Then I fuck her. TBH is was a pretty dull dream, and with retrospect, I should have probably just gone through the gateway instead of 'forcing' things so much. After all, doors in dreams are there for a reason!

The one with the crocodile is a good example (one of my best)

I'm in a large open town square of some kind, ornate, maybe gothic carved stone buildings are on all sides. In the middle is a grass covered hill, filling most of the square. I'm realise I'm dreaming and decide to fly to the top of the hill to get a good look around. It's a beautiful sunny day. At the top I take a moment to collect myself, and engage more fully with the dream (pro tip - engaging your senses with the dream fully helps to stop it fading). I reach down and feel the grass between my fingers - it feels totally real. I try to remain level headed, If I get over excited I'll wake up. I look down at one building, and look at the amazing carved stonework on the facade. The detail is remarkable. I fly down to that place and go in through the door. Inside, it's packed with people, like a busy train station, but I'm disappointed to find there's no cuties there to take advantage of.

Then I see a green door (In my own dreams, green doors are a kind of trope, and should be entereed). Before I go in, I stop for a moment to decide that there should be something really nice on the other side, but without specifying. I go in and meet the crocodile and the woman. TBH I never knew that fucking a croc could be so much fun lol.

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