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On this web site, I see mostly women getting mutilated. And the manga recommendations I see for guro is mostly female mutilation.

But on other sites it feels that there is a huge community of (mostly) women into male mutilation.

Let's discuss: what's you gender and do you like seeing victims of your sex, or opposite sex? What's the gender breakdown of the fans you have interacted with and their interests?

All the people I have met outside the internet who enjoy guro are women who prefer male victims. But of course, it's not quite as taboo for a woman to say she enjoys that, versus the inverse…


I would like to find out what is that secret site where women have any interest in male mutilation. It must be on another planet LOL
According to my experience women have no interest in men at all besides when men give them attention. Women usually seem to be very flexible on what they like as long as it provides them attention, so they do not really care if you kiss them rape them or execute them as long as they are in the center of attention.

Exceptions happen from time to time but that's super rare. (and there is a suspicion that those women are "transgender" LOL)

I don't know how you are supposed to make people reveal their perversions in the real life so I never met anyone who is interested in guro or even plain bdsm. But speaking about people whom I know online, pretty much all are men, some seem to pretend to be women. People who are into male mutilation are also mostly men too.

I myself like both male and female guro. But I prefer feminine/young looking guys.


I'm a woman (as in, an XX woman), and I prefer an even mix, even though I'm same-sex attracted in the real world.

All the creators and fans of my and others' work that I associate with are biologically female and usually prefer either sex with a leaning towards male or sexually ambiguous characters.

We tend to keep to our own and usually don't cross paths with the male part of the guro "community". I believe our attraction to guro is very different at its core, most likely due to women being socialized differently from men, so I see no issue in this voluntary segregation.
I'm sure you can look at guro art made by men and guro art made by women and see what I mean

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