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Has anybody else here heard of the SAFE network project? It seems very promising in concept. The basic idea is that the network will be fully automated and use spare resources from users' computers. All data is enycrypted and distrubted in such a way that makes everything undeletable and all communication impossible to track. I don't have the technical know-how to tell whether it's legitiamte.


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Thank you for sharing.


Sounds similar to the TOR browser.


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Similar, in usage, but the technology involved is different. This distributes all information, so rather than just masking activity and the source of data, it automatically makes that information impossible to find. This by consequence makes information impossible to delete once uploaded. It's a little bit like blockchain. If you want more of the specifics, the forum has plenty of threads explaining it.


Seems like a reinvention of Freenet.


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People have compared them on the forum before. Although the intent is similar, the technology is different. Part of the plan is letting people develop applications to filter out whatever they want so it'll appeal to the masses.

>Freenet provide no guarantee that data is not lost and always has been extremely slow.

>Freenet had a very small scope of capabilities, and none of the major pulls SAFE is ramping up to deliver.

>Freenet, as I remember it, was just a small box you’d have to buy and install, in hopes of connecting to other tinkerers and create a little network for fun. SAFE is running a whole new fully-featured replacement internet


Freenet requires no special hardware to run. It's just free software that provides access to a relatively small darknet.


I'm pretty sure they were referring to how to actually contribute to the network


if it is impossible to delete how do you deal with spam or else, entire network will be 99.99% of "make your penis bigger" adds.


You can filter whatever you want, but I guess that is an issue.


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Looked at the forum, and this is what the general consensus was.
>The whole purpose of SAFE is so that you can never be told that you cant store something, publish something, say something. Ever. EVER. Your self entitled war on “coercion,” “wasted time,” “spam,” and commercials goes against everything this project was started for.



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