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It has never been easier to make a video game than it is today. With Twine and Ren'py, you don't need to learn anything more than extremely basic, almost WYSIWYG code to make a visual novel-style game, and you don't even need to learn that much to make games in RPG Maker.

So why not make our own?

I'm unilaterally declaring March to be the month for the GREAT GURO GAME CHALLENGE. By the 31st of the month, anyone who takes part will be challenged to make a short guro game (using any framework, any tools, with any subtheme as long as it's guro). Use this thread to keep up with things.

Naturally, as the OP of this thread, I'll be completing this challenge as well. I'll be making a text adventure (unsure of platform for the moment, but I'm kicking a few around) where the character is trapped in a city after effectively a zombie apocalypse, where the undead develop unspeakable sexual appetites instead of hunger, and you'll have to avoid being fucked to death. There'll be dozens of ways to lose, and one way to win… well, in theory, though that'll probably end up being yet another way to lose. I'm a sucker for games where every ending is a bad ending. ;)

Post your ideas and updates here! March isn't here yet, but let's get a drop on things!


I Also have some plans to make a guro "game" or more like interactive story with 3d pictures and it is already in progress to some extent, but everything is going pretty slow. There is no chance to finish it before Brexit LOL

I wonder what kind of game you are trying to make? When making games most of the work is to create pictures and other graphic stuff.



You can go the Dwarf Fortress route and abandon graphics entirely in favor of writing. But there's lots and lots and writing to do then. It's gonna be difficult to procure quality artwork in one month by yourself, and descriptions are easier, but more laborious, to do.


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Speaking about guro games without graphic, this there is one puzzle game like that.
You solve puzzles to get bad end If you do nothing you get good end. same idea is followed in the game "The path" where you just go straight to get good end

So I guess this game could also follow same pattern as if zombie apocalypse happens You are told to go to the station to evacuate, and if you follow instructions you just escape effortlessly, but doing anything else leads to bad end.

Anyway, you need at least some graphic interface something like RPG maker so that you could navigate the world without using text commands.


Text adventures are wonderful like that. I mean, granted, I could go the route that Girl Crush did and just use edited pictures from Witch Trainer ( ) but I'm going to just go the straight-text route like early versions of Corruption of Champions.

Nah. I'm thinking the flow will be more like "you missed the evac train, now how do you get out of the city?" And no matter which route you try to take, they all lead to failure, rape, and death.


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Games that rely more on writing or assets than gameplay are exceptions, so engines can work well in this context. Giving people a time limit though is just asking for mediocre entries, especially from people who haven't developed anything before. Making a festival type thing at the end of the year where people can share what they've spent a lot of time making would be better than a "challenge".
>no matter which route you take
Kind of defeats the purpose of playing a game. A suicide ending could be considered the best one.

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