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Genocide has a long history. Not just extinction before humans, but people intentionally slaughtering and ending entire lineages.

I've never heard of a genocide I agree with that happened, but I hope for a certain genocide that I've told of before.

So many are simply awful. They rape, steal, insult, etc. And no, I don't mean the hungry kids or whatever. Some might think me a hypocrite for stealing from shops but there are thosr who steal from individuals, causing loss to someone, even from their loyal friends. Some try to throw your worst trauma in your face and put you down for being affected by it.

Cancers, all of them. Evil biomasses of sensory perception reaching out to hurt and ruin lives for their own base pleasures. Like venomous roaches that can drive and maybe learn philosophy, it will never be so simple as skin color or the sort.

I'll probably wipe out 90% of humanity if I get a chance, but I'm curious who others might include that I wouldn't and who other genocidal haters would spare that I'm after.


Are you soft in the head or somthing? How would you even pick these people out? I'm not even sure who you're referring to as I don't know any thieves and nobody has thrown traumas in my face before criticizing me for being affected. Given a couple of generations and nothing would be different from before anyway. Also, even if most people are awful by my definition, they're still useful to me collectively.


Soft in the head? Now that's a new one.

But if no one has ever stolen from you, let alone thrown awful experiences at you, you're very lucky.


Some bad stuff has happened to me and there's people who i'd like to see dead, but I don't have any desire to murder people who haven't done anything to me regardless of their personality. Feeling that intensely about strangers seems a little childish and self-centered to me. I'm not telling you this to be insulting.


Well most of the U.S. had a boner bombing babies and praying to Jesus to help them do it, but their official reason is "freedom" so it doesn't count as Christian terrorism even though it was clearly Christians with a desire to genocide Muslims. But they'll point cameras at Muslims crying over their dead babies and praying to Allah and say it's Islamic terrorism. They'll ignore Christian terrorism across the globe, from the Lord's Resistance Army in Africa to Lesbian Torture Camps in Brazil, and even when it's finally noticed, they make every excuse to deny their own role and continue hating them for superficial differences.
Do I need to know soneone's favorite color to judge them for this obvious hypocrisy and unprovoked violence?


File: 1550713424924.jpg (68.74 KB, 518x725, E8EF5C78-AFAE-45DC-AD44-CB….jpg)

Most people are unaware of all that, and even the ones are hardly think about it all the time. Go up to any random person and they probably wont know what you're talking about. They certainly had no direct role to play in it. Basing your view of other people on what you hear in the news will spoil your mind. To be frank, I couldn't less about people I don't personally know, especially foreigners. I'm totally indifferent, and so are most people even if they wont admit it. Is that worth being killed for? That's your own opinion, but I don't think it is.

I don't think people should be punished for anything that's just going through their head or they realistically can't and/or have no personal reason to try to stop.


Fair enough but I think a lot of people the world is better off without


Nice pic tho


Well said.


Take your pills.


hey if you become the new hitler spare me ok? :P


Drink cyanide.

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