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How the next American Civil War goes.

(*Theocrats* vs *Right-Wing Libertarians*) Vs (*Liberaltarians* vs *Socially Conservative but Economically Liberal Urban Churches* Vs *Social Justice Warriors*) and then race wars and philosophical world views like (spirituality vs militant atheism) vs (Catholics vs Protestant) can add in so many more layers.
And drones and biowarfare will be the primary weapons, with hacking and 3D printers.

That's aside power rivals at the heights of governance. When the Federal government just collapses and so many departments go their own ways.


The next US civil war will not be that cut and dried for allies and enemies. The wars within the wars as a concept is accurate even if I disagree with the groupings. All politics is local as the saying goes and war is just a continuation of politics with the niceties stripped away. We might already be in a cold war version of a civil war with riots being the closest thing to battlefields we will see. Once the civil war goes hot and actual combat ramps up the first battles will be fought within the military itself. I cannot imagine any unit larger than 100 people (1/2 of a typical "company" level unit) being ideologically homogeneous enough to function. If the SHTF so hard and sudden that the military is actually needed to quell a riot or rebellion it will be too late. Even if there isn't open mutiny and sedition taking place there will be enough sympathisers to stealthily sabotage whichever side is dominant enough rendering that unit useless.


I think there will be no civil war for several reasons.

1 libertarians are nothing else that cult of loonies worshiping god of capitalism who have no clue how things work in real life.

2 Social justice warriors are usually plain mentally damaged people who are not even suitable for any job which does not rely on ability to cream hysterically.

So even if libertarians/conservatives could easily take power they will collapse very quickly because their system is nonfunctional we see this situation with Trump he made attempt to revive capitalism but no use everything is going down.

In this situation there is no point for war, there will be no winners.

what we will really see is class war as rich will be fighting with poor.
since middle class is being quickly destroyed society will polarize into very rich and very poor.
so it is just matter of time when someone will organize and say hey why we "allow those fat thieves to walk free on our land lets kill them and take their property" and everything will be same as in the soviet Russia where rich people will be just murdered in most horrible ways.

Situation will turn into something that resemble Mexico with multiple mafia gangs fighting people getting abducted for ransom. And government being unable to do anything.


Far simpler than I anticipate, but perhaps you're not inaccurate. I agree with the general premise of what you say, but I think even retards can buy 3D printers and build explosives


3d printers are not that useful they are crap.
Producing explosives is kind of science way beyond some retard level skill. And not that much use unless you want to do some mass destruction.

However there are some interesting and very cheap chemical weapons that are totally never used for any reason even if all components be found in the dumpster or purchased for relatively reasonable price. effectiveness should be something close to nerve agents except that slow acting.

probably it woud be even possible to genetically engineer some bio weapon at home but again way too much work and no real benefit. testing will be one of the biggest problems as you have no clue what it will do.

I have a concept of most powerful biological weapon as this woud be genetically engineered bacteria which produces drug like heroin. So when you get infected you will feel so good that you will not even bother to get cured LOL
That woud be an illness which kills you with pleasure. Maybe that could work for some guro story as well.


The issue with 3D printers is that the vast majority of ones affordable to the average Joe Blow can only print ABS plastic, which is not capable of standing up to the pressures that smokeless powder ammunition will induce. this is why most 3D printed "firearms" are just AR-15 lower receivers since those just hold the pressure bearing components, which are still made out of traditional materials.
There are 3D printers capable of printing metal components, but those are for large scale manufacturers, and are way out of the reach of most normal people.

Far more cheaper and effective firearms can be constructed using 40 dollars worth of supplies from a Home Depot.

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