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Is it realistic that someone who is shot in the torso with a bullet could bleed from their mouth? If so, what specifically could cause that?


Lung, windpipe, or stomach damage, to my knowledge.


I think if lungs get damaged you will start coughing blood but not for long because lungs have to be under vacuum in the chest cavity, if air gets in lungs will collapse

since that collapse is not instant and breeding may be pretty severe m there may be quite a lot of blood coming from the mouth i guess.


Ok lungs make sense.

What about in the abdomen? I'm working on a story where a girl is shot in the stomach. Would the blood rise up from her stomach to her mouth, or is that unrealistic?


Thats really unrealistic LOL
If she gets hit in the stomatch maybe you could say that she got sick and started vomiting blood? At least that could be somewhat possible but not likelly to happen. Blood will just not rise all by itself.


I was thinking it would be possible if her stomach filled up with blood. I guess the trauma of being shot could make her throw up, and if there's nothing else in her stomach, it's essentially the same as having blood rise to her mouth?

I feel like you often see in media where a gut shot person has blood at their mouth and it's supposed to indicate "this wound is serious"


Fiction is not very realistic so anything can happen.

But the biggest problem I see here is that even in the fictional setting it should take some time to fill stomach with blood so it cannot happen instantly after getting shot, you need at least a minute or more. but at least death is not going to happen that quick as if one get hit in the lungs. there will be quite a lot of suffering


Very true. To make it at least a little more realistic let's say she wouldn't throw up any blood until a few minutes later. Is it realistic for someone to survive that long with that kind of wound? Or would they bleed out quicker?


I think that if bullet does not hit any important arteries It is totally possible to survive for relatively long time
arteries are right in the center of the body and relatively small so if bullet hits somewhere slightly on the left side to hit stomach, it should not cause instant death
few minutes is pretty reasonable time for most wounds soldiers even survived being shot in the heart sometimes

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