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Just wondering, does anyone else here have guro kinks with a racial element? Personally, I'm turned on by black girls being snuffed (esp.beheaded) and from there I've come to incorporate themes of racism and genocide into my fantasies.


Not particularly, but I guess I see the appeal of fantasizing about snuffing those not of your race.


Yes, actually. But my fantasies involve me being snuffed. I sometimes fantasize about being disemboweled and humiliated by brown/dark-skinned tribal women, usually in a duel-to-the-death scenario. The idea of being out-skilled or overpowered in a fight by the physically weaker gender really turns me on.


Wouldn't say it's a preference but it's nice to see the rare guro of characters who aren't of east Asian or European descent (or fantasy world equivalent) when it shows up.


No, I dont like any other races than white, Because it just does not work in black and white art at all. and even in real life and 3d black characters look like black blobs with pink pussies and white teeth.

But if it is a young girl and she is not coal black I totally like that as kind of variety maybe I will even add that to my own work someday.

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