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Like either settimg your arm on fire or daydreaming of being raped and set on fire, diapered and spanked with an enema, hangings, etc.


As far as fantasies go, I sometimes daydream about being eaten alive. Not swallowed whole by some creature, but by a woman who tears the raw flesh from me with her teeth. I guess that qualifies as fucked up.


I'm a lot, lot more of a sick sadist (hit me up ladies for the most painful lesbian sex you'll ever get)

but my most fucked up masochistic fantasy would be to have my eyelids cut off, my mouth stitched together, hands chained to the ceiling, forced to ride a lovely cock and while being thrust into, I get stabbed repeatedly in the belly, bleeding to death as they cum.

That's my only masochistic fantasy.


I don't have specifically masochistic fantasies because I see pain as annoyance only, but I totally don't mind it as a way to get someone attention.
As some girl may try to torture me but I will pay back when I will get free.

In my fantasy I go not have any concept of suffering entirely. it is all more or less like a game someone does something for me I do something in revenge.


File: 1549904672002.jpg (355.32 KB, 680x1079, k.jpg)

I love the idea (maybe I'm IN love with the idea) of being so madly in love with someone and not having them say things like "you're too much" "you're scaring me" "have you taken your meds"(lmao) because they're equally fixated on me as well. I imagine this happening with that kind of person, because I believe the only person that would love or want to be with someone like me (schizophrenic with psychotic traits, ocd, generally a mental shitshow) would have be pretty off themselves

I want them to use a rotary tool to carve their name into me. I want them to carve drawings into me, all over me, pictures, poems, writing, whatever they like. My skin is very pale and (mostly, I've experimented with this fantasy myself) free of scarring so I imagine it'd look lovely. I want them to take me right after theyre done, making me even more of a mess, over and over…

Perhaps I'd pick up some illness along the way, what with all that cutting and carving in a non-sterile environment, and my already frail body would succumb to it and die. I imagine them being so distraught, but so in love, that they decide to preserve me. Have you ever heard of Carl Tanzler? Something like that, except I don't want them to be caught, I want them to live happily and healthily with my corpse for years to come. The thought of them living and loving my taxidermized body for the rest of their days makes my brain buzz.

I'm personally more of a switch than a masochist, so I've thought long on doing that to someone else. A softhearted tomboy/effeminate boy (with long blonde or red hair, I'm a sucker) I can cover in kisses and art, and keep forever


File: 1550427061029.jpg (35.69 KB, 234x331, thumb.jpg)

I have…toppy or neutral guro leanings, but IRL I'm more of a masochist.

I have a genetic disorder that makes me dislocate my joints all the time because my ligaments and tendons are too stretchy. For most people the dislocations start getting more frequent and damaging in early adulthood. I thought maybe I could make the chronic pain more bearable by fetishizing it, so I would do shit like dislocate my thumb and duct tape it to my wrist like pic related and then masturbate while focusing on the pain.

I do sometimes get off to the idea of having someone pull all my joints out and fuck me while my limbs don't function. It's hard to get off to given how it feels though, so I have to imagine having doll joints for it to work.




? if that's a person, I don't know who it is.


similar to Clear Sky's post, although this reflects more my current feelings of misanthropy and hopelessness

something would have happened, or i had become incredibly mentally exhausted (that kind of "emtpy-eyed stare" feeling i get when i dissociate). my partner would be collapsed, laying against a wall, barely conscious as it is, and i would stab them in the neck, caressing them and biting parts out of their neck whilst exclaiming my undying love for them. as they struggle against me i comfort them in their last moments, devouring their neck and gorging myself with their flesh, eating their eyes and face. with almost nothing left of the one i was enthralled with, the adrenalin and hedonistic desire fulfillment wear off, and i blankly weep. guilt overwhelms me, and i collapse next to their corpse, clutching their lifeless body. days pass, i can't move. the body starts to fester and rot. i die silently, next to the one i love.


>days pass, i can't move. the body starts to fester and rot.
Is this good, or bad? If bad, see next question, I guess.

>i die silently, next to the one i love.

Do you have to die in this fantasy to make it morally acceptable, or does it serve some other purpose?



it wasn't really good or bad, it just happened? i don't know how to put it. it didn't feel symbolic of anything when it was still fresh in my memory, although i'm guessing it would have been overwhelming guilt and a loss of a will to live that would have influenced my actions. i was just sharing my thoughts, so i can't exactly say that it's rational or concretely answer your questions.


I fantasize of being castrated and fed to a dragon (knowing it is just fantasy. I like role playing)I also like to be sacrificed via being gutted.


File: 1556276135433.png (346.17 KB, 1000x583, das6mbm-bd07551a-6f55-4723….png)

I fantasize about being decapitated only my head still lives and im at the mercy of others and usually used as a pet or more exclusively a cock sleeve


Hey are you the dullahan on f-list


Im a huge masochist so I have alot
But my main fantasies revolve around being kidnapped and tortured. Me being an innocent cutesy school girl, tied down to a bed while having my leg cut off, watching the whole ordeal while my kidnapper comforts me. Being hung up by neck while fucked. Lots of cutting on my thighs.


Interesting question! I have some masochistic deeds that came from taking my masochistic fantasies a bit too far, and I have some regrets.

I have a slightly larger than average penis and I often fantasize about getting it in trouble, like crushed in a car door and ground up in a meat grinder. Of course I don't really want to lose or damage my penis, or even feel serious pain, but I do feel the urge to play these sorts of games with it, like taking risks and getting it into mild discomfort. For example, I'll stick my erection through a doorway and then pull the door so it swings closed to bash my penis against the door frame. It doesn't really hurt, but I can imagine that it hurts more than it does. I also like to have my pants open and my genitals hanging out while I work with power tools. I'll rest my soft penis on a piece of wood while using a drill on that same piece of wood. I try not to get too close, but the danger is exciting.

Another interesting thing to do is jump on a trampoline and do what's called a "front drop" where you land on your belly and then bounce back up. This can be fun if your penis is pressed against your belly under your clothes and especially if you have an erection. You can push it further by making your erection stick out to form a tent in your pants. I found out the hard way how dangerous this can be, so I don't recommend it. I pushed my erection to stick out too far forward and when I did my front drop I wasn't just imagining my penis being crushed against the trampoline. I ended up with a real penis fracture. How's that for a fucked up masochistic deed?

It wasn't as bad as it could have been, since it was only on the right side, but the pain had me screaming and crying and I went straight to an emergency room. Ever since then my erection has bent slightly to the right and it is about a half-inch shorter over all.


I personally have a contortion fetish and I've always wanted to have a double jointed girlfriend so I could dislocate all her joints and play with her…


What dominates my fantasies is the rape and torture of gorgeous girls. Using them for months or years until their vaginas wear out and then torture them to death extremely painfully. Where I torture their vaginas heavily, most of the time eventually destroying them before they die.

I just want them to suffer for me!

Of course, only in fantasy. Funny enough IRL, I wouldn't even hurt a girl intentionally, not even a bit.

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