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I’ve been submitted to every kind of abuse as a small child, one of my most prominent memories is being threatened that i’d get murdered. I find the things i’ve been through have lead to my odd obsession with guro, irl gore, tragedy, and things similar. Though i’m not sure why, I wanted to know if you guys think the same as well of your abuse leading to seeking out terror. I am not aroused by any sort of guro/gore to be honest, but i cannot stop my curiosity to see what reality, death, is like. Whats your story? what trauma lead to this and how?


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i was beaten and psychically abused as a kid, until about 12/13 years old. besides beating with a belt, ruler or bare hand, with the bonus of often having to wait for the "execution", i also remember having to sleep with my hands tied behind my back. i was brought up by my grandparents, and they probably thought it's the right thing to do, because they were brought up this way. or because they were fucked up in their heads having experienced the war. or maybe because i was a terrible child in pre-school, beating other kids and stealing stuff. whatever the reason was, i'm not sure to what extent that contributed to development of my fetish, or would i be worse had i not been subject to such strict upbringing. i recall finding scenes of violence with sexual tension arousing very early on, pretty much at the same time i started having any sexual feelings at all. and back then there was no internet- but films, tv and European comic books supplied enough material for a young mind to get properly rotten. i don't know the exact moment, but remember that scene from Temple of Doom where it looks like they're going to rip Kate Capshaw's heart from between her tits? although she was not my type. but Claudia Cardinale in Cartouche definitely was, and had a beautiful death scene… it went downhill from there.


very interesting! sorry that all happened to you, some people shouldn’t care for children :/ for me since having been told certain things, i like to look at death because it gives me a sense of what could happen to me. hmm.


idk how it affected my tastes, but it affected my ideals.

I know now that humanity is filled with cancers deserving only of being burned away.


LOL!! THAT COMIC!!! … *saved!*

Sorry OP. I have no idea why I'm into guro. That comic perfectly describes what got it all started for me though, like, perfectly, exactly how it started for me. Thats why I laugehed.

I stumbled on a couple of guro pics in a huge, weird, and very random porn collection online, way back when the web was still small and young. After the initial shock I began to explore guro and immeediately started remember all kinds of guro fantasies I used to have when I was a very little kid where I would get naked with girls my age in a comfy hiding spot then they would allow me to eat them for our mutual enjoyment… and i literally mean eat, like cutting off chucks with a knife and fork, till there was nothing left, but bone. I also used to fantasize about cutting them apart and putting them on display.

The thing is… my childhood was really… "normal"?? and Tame. I recently did a phsyc test to determine how good/bad my childhood was in order to figure out what sort of traumas I might have and treatments and such, but I got a really good score! I can remember so much of my childhood too. No black outs or strange blank spots.

Given how young I was when I first started thinking about guro it's like I was born having guro fantasies.


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I've been abused since childhood as well, but I don't know if it's led to any love of guro. I think my BDSM and other fetish tastes are related because I'm perma-stuck as an insecurely attached little kid who feels deserving of punishment.

what happened: witnessing DV+rape, threats and emotional abuse from my dad, abandonment by my dad (who was my primary caretaker), neglect, emotional abuse, and emotional incest from my mom, bullying and sexual assault from peers, grooming from an adult as a preteen and young teenager, abuse in inpatient psych ward as a teen


No, I'm afraid I had a relatively normal childhood with no significant level of trauma whatsoever. Some part of my brain is just wired to derive sexual gratification from this sort of fantasy.


I dealt with a lot of emotional abuse as a kid but nothing physical. I dunno if that counts. I'm in a similar boat as OP in that I don't really find gore arousing but I still seek it and other traditionally uncomfortable things out. I "like" feeling uncomfortable I guess? Like it's not pleasant but I still…like it. I don't really have a better way to describe it.

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