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I used to be a gurochan regular many, many years ago.

I was always amazed at how unusually intelligent and surprisingly empathic other /g/ users were - especially when talking about other people's 'dark' fantasies. So here goes.

I've been mostly an estranged brother to my half-siblings for well over a decade. I couldn't bring myself to like their mother or recognize her and my father as a couple, neither have I ever connected to them (my half-siblings) in a brotherly way.

The last couple times I saw her I could only notice how different she had become, how she's grown up. Something in me did feel a bit off, but I didn't pay much attention to it.

Yesterday, on Xmas Eve, however, something snapped. Suddenly, I had a burning desire for her to notice me as a man and waited for opportunities so I could stealthily stare at her without her or my relatives noticing. I even dreamt something related to her.

(Relevant information: I also have a 'full-sister' who I would be totally grossed out by the slightest suggestion of thinking of her as a woman. I have no fetishes with incest.)

But I feel like in just a few hours I lost the ability to look at my half-sister as a relative at all and I can't help but seeing her as a very attractive girl. It escalated quickly to the point where I began to wonder if she already shaves her girl parts…

Now to make matters worse, I don't think I'm feeling as guilty as I should about all this, but my common sense screams that this definitely not okay and I should do something about it.

So what, now?! How the fuck can I repel this? How can I go back to seeing her as my little half-sister with whom I have little to no attachment? I don't want to feed this feeling and I actually WANT to feel remorse, but there's an animal lurking within me, coveting every inch of her body, eager to learn what her moans sound like, craving for the delicacy of her skin.

My boner drools as I write this. Once I fap to the thought of her naked body (and I probably will) I'm afraid it will be past the point of no return.

Thank you for whoever had the patience to read all this. I hope I can at least feel shame once I'm done pleasing myself.


I do not see any problem here sex with half sister is nothing special you can even officially marry her
If you are both of the similar age and she is cooperative you can have some fun with her.
If you are both underage then great you have no responsibility for what you do, enjoy your freedom. you can have sex with anyone you want nobody can punish you for that.
If not well then there is no difference from any other girl next door. All you will get to do is to fap on her picture.
Just join army of the unfortunate guys who get into various celebrities or other girls whom they will never have

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