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You like guro. Are there things you can't stand? Thing making you feel bad? Are there anything you find disgusting?

Let's start with me. Three fucking thing I hate:
1. Self-harm. My biggest weakness. I can't stand it. I feel literal pain, I cringe, I can't look.
2. Mutations and deformations. Those damn eyeless newborns with fins. Fuck you! Jesus. Stupid fucking prolife shitheads. I would love to see for at least one of you to adopt poor creature like that. There are facilities in my country deep in the woods, where "people" like that are keeped after parents leave them in the hospital.
I've seen many deformated people in my time, and even befriended some, but I still find that disgusting. And it's ad. I'm sorry.
3. Skin diseasess. I know I'm a hipocrite , because I have eczema, had nasty case of staphylococcus (that was hell, no joke) and my cute ex have psoriasis. But dude, this guy, "human tree" was too much for me. I was unable to eat for week after seeing him. I hate this stuff.

That's all. Blue waffles or special rice doesn't mean shit. I don't like smell of rotten meat, but it's meh in comparission to above.

What about you? Oh I bet you faint when you see blood;). Prove me wrong pussey!


Oh I love self harm that is one of my primary interests it look so sexy.

Absolutely nothing.
There is nothing that i woud find seriously disgusting.

But there is one thing which really turns me down - it is real depression and sadness.
I see no problems in any bullying torture or suffering as long as this does not break that person but if the victim loses desire to live that's where it gets ugly.

If someone commits suicide or self mutilates because of some kind of craziness anger stupidity or anything else that fine and sexy, but if that person is under the depression and does it because of some despair well then it is not really enjoyable.

One of the most memorable manga for me is where father is raping his wife with his friends and her little son gets also involved into all that but accidentally she falls on the ground and dies what makes everyone very sad.
or there was anime where one woman est raped but she does not fight back she just tell her rapist that it hurts while being very sad she gets pregnant and later she gets killed by the same rapist.

So if I was nonpunishable in the real life I could do pretty much anything to anyone without any limits but if my victim gets sad well I no longer can hurt it. If she curses me threatens me calls me names that's fine just more motivation to cause more pain.


I don't dig gay shit, but that only means dudes on dudes, a girl fucking a dude with a sword is tight, HELL YEAH I LOVE LESBIANS!!!


Not a whole lot gets to me.

I like self-harm, I've been known to cut myself hundreds of times.

As far as what I find disgusting, two major things. Infections and cockroaches. Other bugs don't bother me, but roaches legit make me cringe.


I can't stand scat, it's fucking gross lmao, plus it ruins dead bodies for a necrophiliac like me, I like them unpooped upon and with clean bowels, please!


Theres a lot of thingss I don't like, but as far as a 'Yuk!" factor, probably just puke. I like piss and scat, but for some reason puke just gets me.

Spit too i guess. Like, seeing a girl wet a dick is fine, but working up a big loogy to spit onto her face or into her mouth is a yuk thing for me too.


yeah I hate scat, it's probably the only thing I don't like, puke is gross but doesn't ruin it for me, and I have live action piss porn in my collection that I haven't watched all the way through cause I always cum..

to some extent my dislike of scat is an self established mental block cause it's like no do not go there, maybe, I don't know

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