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I've been known for clinging to dead, desolated forums. I've been known for ressurecting them with my top-nocth quality threads. I won't let my favorite place on the web to die.

Purge is real ladies and gentlemen. During this one day in a year you can do whatever. Law doesn't bound your action. Better than Christmas, Hanuka, Ramadan or whatever if you ask me.

What would you do? Be honest. Life is not a movie. Saving the world from our global capitalistic overlords or ending human trafficing circles aren't valid options. (although you are free to try. hell, maybe I'd even join you)

I'd wait till the last hours, and then do some revenge stuff. Probably I'd kill other purgers I'd met (if they wouldn't end me). Rape and torture female ones (torturing males is gay, dude, wtf). I'd try to stay true to my moral compass and not to kill poor innocent bystanders/homeless/etc. I'd kill every dog barking on me.


My neighborhood is basically a fortress with a river that split and joined, surrounding the whole neighborhood, so I'd be pretty happy to just hold up and practice archery.


I was thinking about that kind or stuff as well like having some revenge on this stupid society which I hate. But when you see that your enemies are fighting and destroying each other that is pretty interesting to watch. In that situation there is a hope that instead of destruction i have a chance to do something constructive. In that situation All my concern is not to attract anyone's attention so that I do not get killed myself.

I would just walk around through the ruins looking for survivors and see who of them can become my friends and whom are better dead. The best revenge is to live well. there is nothing more satisfying than meeting your enemy who is totally ruined and you just enjoy their suffering.

In that situation I would mostly focus not on my enemies but on competitors trying to eliminate then by any means possible. all dominant men with any leadership capabilities would go down in mysterious ways without any motive or reason unless they share my goals and motivation.

If the world is physically going to end in few days or one day and everyone is gonna die anyway i think I will not get a chance to do anything much because there will be already lots of people trying to have fun and not much will be left for me to do.

In that situation all i can do is probably try to approach some random women and have sex with them if they refuse, well then they will be good guro material, maybe destroy something blow up some gas station do any kind of random stuff. in that situation I think the main limit is that I will not have much of opportunity to do anything anyway roads are most likely going to be blocked all people will hide and stay in groups so that not much can be done to them. so i guess I will only be able to spend all that time exploring the surroundings until eventually everything will end


You do remember I see you as a villain? Heheh, I was kind of drunk. This post however confirms my revelations. Blaiming society is just deflecting.
I don't understand why such a smart person is looking for the enemy in the wrong places. But smart or not, your choices are still making you a bad guy.

I understand revenge on 1000 bad guys like in a videogame, but on the whole society?
Where is fairness in that?

BTW: World is probably going to end in 20 years… But it's another topic.

BTW2: Last part of your post is just silly. I mean now, at this moment blowing up the gas station would be shit, but at the Purge it's really all you got? Remember Fightclub?

BTW3: You remind me of someone very close to me… Do I know you?


Oh god you made me to write so big reply :)

Yeah, how ironic, I am most evil of all even If I do not even want to hurt anyone LOL but actually you are right ;) for some other reasons.

But you still don't get that society is not people it is the system made of their moral value laws beliefs goals and other stuff, like that. This is what I hate, not people, people are just biomass which makes all that system work. What I want is that system to be destroyed in terms that people change their beliefs and goals. So that they change their idea of of good and evil.
as one example why do people think that sex is wrong? would it be nice if we changed that belief and everyone had sex with everyone all the time? of how about abolishing capitalism and private property? How about idea that parents stop helicoptering their children?
Or what about ancient Ink society which is pretty much guro heaven because people are willingly getting sacrifices and their hearts eaten?
or Dolcett society where women are totally willing to be cooked alive?

And this is not just about what people do in real life. This is about what they want it to be as the direction where we are going. If you as

When the end of the world happens people start thinking that all their life was wrong they they had wrong beliefs and wrong goals and this is when changes can actually happen. when people are on their death bed they sometimes also reconsider their life and understand that it was all wrong but it is too late.

And yes I can only do as silly thing as that. And I do not even want anything more just simply ripping away clothes from random women on the street or throwing shit at them would be just as much fun. This is pretty much just plain teasing. All I want is just same as pie fight in movies.

It woud be very interesting to meet that person who is close to you ;)

Your idea of revenge is also directed to the wrong target why do you think that all blame is on capitalist overlords human traffickers and other bullies? how do you think those people turned out into what they are? Isn't this the product of our society? which is by your opinion totally innocent ;) also consider what woud you do without all of those evil people Whom you would hate who woud give you motivation to live? So don't think that you are any way better, you want those evil people to exist you want to have someone to hate and take revenge. without those bad people you woud be nothing. Imagine if you are superhero and there are no villains everything is just great love and peace only. Whom you will be in that perfect world. Nobody needs you nobody cares about you.

How about you tell me your variant of this same fantasy as if exactly same happen in the perfect world.
Everything is going to end in few days but there are no other purgers there are no villains. All people you meet around are just normal innocent people. Not even any dog is barking at you. And you can do anything you can kill anyone destroy anything all world is at your mercy.

How are you going to take your revenge then?


Same as my current political ambitions: cure humanity of its cancer.

Find teachers who relish making kids miserable, burn churches to the ground, assassinate child molestors and just gun down political bases if I have enough allies.


I am a simple man. I would turn my hot neighbor and her daughter into a cum covered pile of body parts


Realistically, I'd stay home, especially if there was news footage of the Purge that I could watch. I'd sit there with my phone and my machete waiting for someone to try breaking in.


Yeah that guy! I'd try to kill him.


realistically? get laid. not rape (look at me, and the very idea is ridiculous) just a hooker.

no murder, but there's one or two people who might get kneecapped. bullies from years ago who have it coming


Let's be honest, any major institution (government, churches, etc) and company will have made sure to protect themselves to the hilt with the army and/or mercenaries/militias, who for that night will have no bars placed on their bloodlust. So, attempting to do anything against them is a non-starter no matter how large a rioting mob you can get together, because they'll just break out the assault rifles, RPGs, chaingun-and-hellfire equipped helicopters, proximity mines etc and cut you all to bloody ribbons within a matter of seconds. Including the NRA nuts, if you're in a country where heavy weaponry is easily available to the general public.

The real losers in any such situation will be the little guys - small business and low rent private residences that happen to get in the way of the mob. See any real world city centre riot for an example, though in this case you're not quite as safe from your fellow mobsters as in a typical riot because you haven't got quite the usual same us-vs-the-man unity of purpose and are at risk of being attacked by any other random member of the crowd should you let your guard slip for a single second. Unless you're already a gangbanger you probably wouldn't survive being part of it.

Really, anyone on this forum is probably at a distinct disadvantage.

I'm in a rather secure location myself, as my apartment is the last one on the hall on the top floor, in a low rise building (thus no fire escapes, internal roof access, elevators or balconies - the only way in or out is the main stairwell) made of hard-to-burn materials. It's therefore extremely easy to defend (rig up some metal shutters for the windows and front door, perhaps work with neighbours to organise fitting them to every apartment in the small block for mutual protection, and then go full Tower Defence on the stairwell and the outdoor approach to it… South African anti-carjacker flammenwerfers, razor wire, high voltage electrification, smoke machines, flashbang style strobes and sirens, and cctv plus fire suppression systems of course… maybe some passive periscopes, battery powered lighting and systems actuated without electricity in case the power gets cut), and up an obscure side street just the right distance from the nearest main strips that it would likely be ignored both by those looking to smash the shit out of downtown and those who prefer to fuck up the suburbs or hunt isolated residences in the countryside.

Perhaps just hole up by myself hermit style with some strong coffee, home-made morningstar and a machete or short spear, in my kevlar-webbing and polystyrene joint protector motorbike gear (what's good for protecting you from falling off at 70+ mph is also fairly good as melee armour), including the helmet and gloves, and settle in for the tensest game of FNAF or SCPCB ever…

Or maybe allow a select few intimately trusted family and/or friends to huddle there with me, though there'd have to be some additional, agreed-on mutual protection measures to provide some assurance against any one of us going rogue (including myself of course, though we could probably trust the under-10s…), though I don't know how you'd easily do that in a ~2000sqft flat. Maybe each person or small mutually trustworthy group (parent(s) + child(ren) for example) could have a room each, with armour and strong, two-way mechanical-timer locks on each door and a pre-inspection to check for kill-traps.

Or just armour the fuck out of the flat and garage, lock the car away, take my compact 2-man tent and some makeshift weapons and perimeter defences, get on the bike and get the fuck out of town, using its greater offroad abilities to reach somewhere random and defendable to camp out that's several hour's on-foot travel from any population centre, and preferably any hard surfaced road. Start point is almost dead centre of a pretty major conurbation, but with a few hours head start before the clock starts, a 20-litre (or even jus t 1 or 2x 5-litre) jerrycan of fuel and some google maps research in the weeks leading up to the purge, there's plenty of suitable pieces of trackless wilderness that I'm familiar with and could reach with reasonable ease, especially with the aid of an easily handled offroad capable powered vehicle, with countless rocky outcrops that could keep a person hidden from any overlook or other distant observer whilst still giving them the ability to see anyone else approaching. Sure, the tyre tracks may be a giveaway, but following those, at night, either on foot or another bike would be quite a challenge. Especially if I took a random, repeatedly overlapping ride around the area first, maybe a day or two earlier to avoid making too much obvious noise.

(I've got no illusions about my own combative abilities, even if I had any desire to take advantage of the lack of rules - which, tbh, I don't, at least not in terms of any kind of reasonably soft target that wouldn't easily repel any attack - it's pretty obvious that trying to follow it through would be a rapid one-way ticket to An Hero-dom)


Honestly, I wouldn't do a whole lot. I live in a poor neighborhood in the middle of nowhere, so there's nothing for me to really loot. Most likely, I'd have to defend my house from all the damn crackheads around here.

Under the circumstances in which the purge is real, I'd build a cinder-block wall around my property and top it with razor wire. During purge night, I'd stay locked in my home with my family and my guns. Any invaders would be shot on sight. Realistically, that's about it.

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