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What music are you into? It's generic, cliched question, I know, but nobody asked it yet, so yeah, here it goes.
Also I need new music, and who could help me better, than people of culture like you guys and gals?

For a record I'm into 90' rock/metal whatsoever, alternative rock, but currently I listen to HLM 1/2 OST constantly.

Remember to post names of favorite artists. I WILL check them all out.

btw I wish /dis got more attention…


The subreddit might be better for chat, Bob makes a chat thread every week.

As for music, I'm into Muse… What else? Obsidian Shell is nice for the edgy mood when I feel like screaming. Recently going through game soundtracks, Deltarune and Rimworld are quite relaxing. Bill Wurtz?

I'm not really exploring much, kinda hated Spotify's shuffle play.


I'm into Synthwave. New retro wave.


Listening to some Townes van Zandt right now.


redit is some bullshit.

Anyway, geno cultshit, smallz one, fuck there's more than I can possibly list. Country, rap, and metal, I've got bands for you. You want horrorcore?


As of now, in order of number of tracks in my playlist: Muse, Infected Mushroom, Caparezza (italian rap/rock) Archive + others


I don't like Reddit. People there are annoying in general. And those rules, farming upvotes, bigotery. Totally not my thing.
Yeah, Muse is pretty good. Very authentic and emotional. I can appreciate that.
Please don't feel offended, but as a guitarist Obsidian Shell is just too cheesy for me. But thank you nevertheless! It's still better than Nightwish.

Yes! Hotline Miami is all about synth wave! Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, MOON. Man, please tell me more. It's hard to find really good artists in that genre. I also recently picked up witch wave. It's kind of similar with aggresive synths. I really like this kind of electronic music.

Country? I was about to say pass, but I said I will check out everything, and … it's actually good music. Thank you. You can check out Walking Dead OST. I think I can call it post-country. Very nice!

You've said it, mate. Smallz One - Seldom Ever Seen - rapping goths, that's new to me:). (She stoled Papa Rouch's melody btw). I've checked out horrorcore and it's the same thing for me as with industrial like NIN and Ministry - I like the aesthics and the vibes, but it isn't my thing. It's good music though.

CAPAREZZA I have no fucking idea what's he talking about, but it's goddamn good shit:). Thanks!

Disclaimer: Keep 'em coming, but also don't be offended if I didn't liked something. I'm just a person with my own shitty taste and my own opinions. If I don't like your band it doesn't mean shit. What do I know, I like tracer song.


Haha, to be honest, sometimes he makes references and word plays convoluted enough that aren't even caught by italian people. That's probably my favorite song, in which he's impersonating Filippo Argenti, a neighbor of Dante Alighieri who was put by him in Hell due to his violent methods, in a dissing track against the poet. Even the title is a double entendre, as argenti Vive means literally "Argenti (Filippo) Lives" but "argento vivo" also means quicksilver (mercury)


Oh God, too many layers;). Although I like how he does his own thing instead of copying others.
Let me repay you with similar recommendation (language barrier). I freaking love old school polish punk and new wave rock. I mean who the fuck knows what they are singing about, but Dezerter, Myslovitz, Kult, Kazik Staszewski, Strachy Na Lachy and similar are awesome. They really deserve more attention.


Not industrial nor rap? >>8535

I found some black metal and it got removed from youtube now I have no idea how to find it!

If not industrial nor horrorcore, what genre?

Also I like Perturborwhatever their name I found some songs on youtube and liked the beat, felt like war and porn.



I actually like the tracer song too, but not the meme part.

The guro subreddit is where we gather if we lose the site. You can just not subscribe to the mainstream channels, the guro subreddit and other porn subs is pretty decent in behavior. How did you even find the new site?

Check out Just Shapes And Beats OST.


War and porn… That's the greatest description of music or anything I've ever heard in my life.

I can't answer you. I like emotions. Like "quick and pointless" QOTHE. Genre doesn't matter. If I feel artist is authentic, I will like it. There is even xxx song, which I like and is actually good. I am/was a musician. And made some aggressive music. So bands like, I don't know, Meshuggah and genres like metal-core, dubstep-metal don't amaze me on their's own.


It's catchy as hell and that girl does cool face expressions, right? Same goes for "hit and miss".

Yes, I've seen on Reddit (like 20 mins after lounch) just by an accident. Didn't commented straight away though for various reasons.
Shapes And Beat is kind of crude because it's emulating old school's game music, so it's limiting itself but despite that, it's pretty good. I'm listening to it right now. Thank you.
PS: It's even better later on. Good recommendation!

But it's too much about OP.
Post whatever you like. This thread has A LOT of good music. I'm so glad I've created it.

Oh, and if you are an artist, feel free to promote your shit.

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