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She wrote about her nudity and how she was positioned and how she thought she was going to die and I have such hate for the tyrants and enablers that did this… I'm haunted by ghosts that aren't mine to exorcise.

Maybe she's evil too. Maybe we're all fucked. I just hurt for her, I wish I could undo that, and I don't know a thing about her, when it happened or what she believes in or where she lives… just that out there is a girl who was so awfully humiliated and physically pained by someone she was trained to adore.


This happens to me too. For example month ago I read about forced prostitution in Nepal. About that poor girl hanged from the wall, beaten, burned, skinned, tortured for days? Weeks? In darkness. She was described as a red stain. She is dead now. Another nameless, worthless body.
And I was here all that time. I wish I could've done something. Save her. But is it compassion, or I'm just jealous it wasn't me, who fucked her up?

I read much more shits like that over the years. Even if I feel bad for wrong reasons I still mourn.

Believing that "who saves one live seves whole humanity" was helpful. Until I fucked up and lost that one person I've tried to save. Haha I was her monster, now I'm just a monster. Suits me better I guess.

About that girl you mentioned, can you locate her? Maybe you still can do something. Soothe her pain.
Be there for her.
She is not evil. And you seem like a pretty decent guy. Maybe there is still a way.


I've seen some videos of shit like this. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do for them unless you are in the right place at the right time. Some people are sadly damned to a tortured life and/or death due to pure circumstance, often beyond their control. Don't beat yourself up over it.


For forced prostitution rings or whatever it's fine to feel that way.

If you're talking about someone you know in a free society, I'd suggest to you that you should consider the culpability shared. There are plenty of ways to avoid danger in our society, and if you take on the risk of so much as going outside, you accept that certain bad things may happen to you.

If you go home with a stranger, or without protection, or without notifying a friend, you accept that certain bad things may happen to you.

Now they don't deserve it, but shit dude, stop thinking about them and their trauma. Start thinking about the fact that tomorrow when you go outside, you could just as easily get mugged.

The solution has never been to make the world safer, not by imagination or action. It's to prepare yourself, to be strong, so that if the situation does call upon you, you're ready to act. Any therapist worth their salt will tell you this much.


That's some harsh truth there, all right.

But it's not always risky behaviours. People are being tricked. Some bastards work on victims for weeks to gain their trust. Sometimes you are forced into situations where you have no control.

And we can't expect for every girl and kid to train hard martial arts or carrying a weapon of some sort.

What I'm saying is you are right but it's never black and white and also we should symphathize with victims nevertheless. Even if they kinda put shit on their own head. Like that young girl who I read was beaten to death in forest with a hammer, because she owned 1000$ for pot to some shitstains. They didn't even raped her. Just bashed her head in like she was worthless meatbag. Shitstains went to bbq after that.
So, sort of her fault, but feeling nothing about stuff like that isn't right. To be honest I don't even mean compassion for that girl, but at least condemnation for those motherfuckers.

Your post quasi states "she deserved to be raped because of how she was dressed" and think about yourself. Kinda radical.


She wasn't even 10. She was just a small child, just a baby. She couldn't have done anything to overcome that.


Everybody should be armed for this reason. If you can, get a concealed carry license. For those living in nations where such basic rights are denied, consider pepper spray or improvised weaponry, and practice practice practice with them. In the end, its on YOU to protect yourself, certainly not the govt.


Kids don't shoot eachother in schools here, thank you very much.
jk, kind off.
But seriously I don't think it would work without tight and supervised gun flow, so it wouldn't end up on the streets like in US. Now I can be affraid of punch in the face, and not of being shot 6 times for equivalent of 10 bucks, or because cops are paranoid and trigger happy.
Also I don't think all countries are ready for free access to guns. You got decades and decades of experiences with weapons, but here people would lost their shit, believe me.
Don't get me wrong I support access to guns, but there are many concerns. It's very complex issue.

Although pepper spray and stuff like that are always a good idea.

It IS on government. You took so many responsibilities off the gov and now you are surprised it spends your money on weird shit. You are surprised both parties are disconnected from you.
There is no money for health care, wellfares, social issues. First/second economy in the world my ass.
Your gov basically tells you every man for himself but it isn't how it should work.
Come on.


Yeah this wasn't meant for politics but I'll say I hate the damned when we do and damned when we don't nature of our gov. They pretend they're here for our own good then say personal responsibility when we ask for help with things beyond our control.

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