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One of the reasons I like Gurochan so much is opportunity to compare myself to people similar to me in some terms. It's only site I'm genuinely interested in other's posts.

I'm very curious if you have some apparent red flags about you. Something which can suggest you like guro, you'd like to hurt others, you have dissocial personality et cetera. Are you easy to spot creep or maybe just a normal person with cool fetish? Feel free to share!

I'll start. Trust me it's not bragging.
I've been told I'm handsome, very charming and intelligent man. I'm likeable, funny and polite.
Where is the creep factor you may ask?
My arms. They are covered in scars. Even one of my best friends said it looks intimidating (and repulsive ofc).
I think now they are less visable than few years ago but they are still unveiling who the fuck I am.

So, what about you?


I'm openly genocidal.
I'm a very handsome man, and operate under pressure better than most, I think though that's not saying much. When I have energy and am well groomed, I'm an angel to many eyes.

But I'm very hateful. My intentions are to purge the world of cancers, and heal victims. That means hurting and killing bad people.

I'm sure raising The Red Flag is itself a red flag.



It's cool to see veterans coming back.

Aren't you affraid of being just called edgy and ridiculed? People tend to take open hatred as a joke and confessions like this as a flex. Most times (one exception-guy I mentioned above) when I tried to be honest and told someone I'm sociopath people were like "yeah, right, good one".
My point is this may or may not be a red flag.

I wonder if I would be a cancer or a victim in your eyes. Someone between perhaps.



To answer, no, why should fear their judgement? Because they might hurt me more? I simply judge them for their judgements. People who ironically call any counter-culture ideal "edgy" are A) why the world is so full of tyrants and B) void of any self-awareness or critical thought.

And ty! I'm happy to be back!
Since I don't know you well enough to judge, and you don't know me well enough to judge how I'd judge, I guess we'll simply not know.


Just a normal person with abnormal tastes. IRL you'd never know I was a weirdo unless I told you about the things I think about. And I prefer it that way, a lot of people would fear that maybe I can't control myself or something (I can) and think I might try and hurt someone for real (I wont), so best just left unsaid.


No red flags. My scars are on my thighs, where nobody will ever see them. And personality-wise, as I understand it, dissocial personality is a term corresponding to antisocial personality disorder, the disorder encompassing psychopathy and sociopathy. I certainly don't have that. I engage in schadenfreude, without having any particular urges to engage in violence myself.

Rather, I could be described as "covert schizoid" or "high-functioning depression", in that I have symptoms of depression and schizoid personality disorder but I wear a polite, friendly facade in order to appear relatively normal. To the extent that my mask slips or has holes, what any given observer would see through those holes is merely signs of the above mental illnesses– i.e. they would see a dull, joyless, exhausted person. There would be no indication that I spend a good deal of my time imagining fantasy scenarios full of torture and rape.


Perfectly understandable. Even I wouldn't trust fellow guro fan/sociopath/etc.

Scars in general are red flags. I hide mine behing long-sleeves and only handful of people are allowed to see me in t-shirts and stuff.

Hidden red flag is still red flag:).



Even if my scars weren't hidden, the only thing they're a red flag for is depression. Nothing at all to do with guro.



Yes. I was asking about red flags in general. Something suggesting any kind of issues.
Maybe I didn't epxlained it good enough. My English is still … developing. Sorry for any inconveniences.


Thanks for the clarification.


This is also pretty interesting question for me, as I woud love to know some way to identify abnormal people like myself who otherwise hide very well. But did not managed to meet or identify anyone anyone so far.

I think in my case almost nothing suggests that i like guro besides maybe the fact that I am not nonjudgmental in any way so there is no way anyone would creep me out.
If someone confessed to me that she ate her baby I woud just ask how does it taste. and even if someone say something negative about me, my response is "Hmm how interesting why do you think so?" but of course that does not count for situations when those people can do some real harm to me.

Otherwise nothing special. maybe I count as schizoid personality to some extent (but not a disorder just personality ) I guess it is very likely that other schizoid/introverted and also some autistic people will have some similar interests as well. but unfortunately those people rarely go to public so you will not meet them. Probably that loner factor also counts as signal that person may be into guro.

From my little experience and from wast other people say I decided that you should always take jokes seriously. This is the time when people say actual truth. so jokes and reaction to jokes can be the real red flag which can reveal most of the stuff about someones personality.
also you have just listen to what they say and take every quirk seriously especially if it stands out somehow.

Here is one example situation which happened for me as one girls decided to mock me and ironically said that she has very black soul(I wonder if she is not here?) what she later immediately denied and said that it was just a reference to some advertisement song. but later I interrogated her and even if she said that I am disgusting for what i say, she admitted to fantasize about being a boy, she was goth who has no friends and no boyfriend wast finally ended with her admitting that she is delusional and lives in her fantasy. What kinda suggests schizoid personality it woud be pretty nice to have her as girlfriend ;)

Another story from YouTube about one guy who gad a girlfriend who admitted that she sometimes to kill "The Sims" characterless by letting them starve to death.


What a bunch of pussies!
just kidding, just kidding, it's a joke, ok?
I now really feel like a fuckin' weirdo. I killed animals, cut myself, scared others, hurted people who cared about me on purpose, stealed, I destroy things when I'm angry, have no control when I'm drunk, I feel bad when I'm good and I don't really care about people, I just want stuff from them. Too extreme for gurochan, damn boi. Time to move on to YNC #killallniggers #trumporcivilwar.


Without assisted vision, I'm a pretty cheerful person who sometimes takes jokes too far and is really nosy. I'm also an aspiring engineer.
But as for my school (I go to one for people with health conditions - I'm in the psychological health department) and parents… I'm a little more fucked up. I'm an ex-neet and have pretty severe depression that I deal with by joking and studying, which my self worth is tied to. I want to make a significant difference to the world. I have to no matter what. I can't take breaks or else I'll be like everyone else and that's just god awful, isn't it? Because everyone else is lazy - I have to sacrifice my free time and divorce my humanity for the SAKE of humanitys greater good. I am cold when it comes to my political beliefs and believe utility should be top priority.
I know that a lot of this thought process is illogical and over-the-top retardation but it gives me motive to live. I've had a failed suicide attempt before and have stabbed myself too. And I believe the strongest form of love - love that I'll never be able to participate it in due to my mental slave-like conditions - is to want to see all of someone both mentally and physically. Which is where guro goes into play. I want to cut into someones body and cut into their thoughts. thats really pretty and romantic.
i also love to talk. thats irrelevant but i felt like putting that out there.
ill never be able to achieve my dreams realistically but i want to die trying, ideally surrounded by the guts of the ones i love most.


I've fucked up. I should've use past tense with "cut myself". I don't do this for years now, and if someone struggles with selfharm, man, shit's not worth it. You are better than this.

Not exactly agreeing with your political views, but I really like your post. Very pretty and indeed cuts'n'guts part is super romantic.
Remember not giving up on dreams is hard, but it is a value on itself. Something one can be proud of. And who knows, maybe you succed against all odds.



I actually don't have any red flags, and honestly I don't like a lot of the stuff on here. I guess I'm pretty niche when it comes to this fetish. Honestly I'm disgusted by gore and violence irl, and I think there's nothing lower than hurting women.

In fact, I live my life doing good and helping people in need, I've never once thought about acting out any violence here with real people. It's just a unique fetish for me I guess, something that I'm attracted to but not sure why.

I don't feel wrong for liking it, just don't feel like there's any "trigger" that makes me like it either.


Lmao no red flags. Just a thing for me I guess. Cool fantasy maybe?


That's good. That's really good. You are better person than me and that thought fills me with hope for humanity. I myself can't understand violence. Why people are so eager to hurt another being. Untill I get angry…
I'm glad most of this community are decent, normal people. Not like there is something wrong with being a psycho. As long as you don't hurt others you are Jesus in mah book.

Cool fantasy indeed. What's better than a pile of dead meat? Two piles, am I right?


I guess I used to be bullied in primary school. Got a bit violent, but I'm really cool since then. I guess that, the sense of wonder when I browse the meat section of the supermarket, and some obscure anime gave me the way to guro.

… I forgot what people told me what they think of me. Guess I need to ask again. I don't really talk much to anyone and I really want to change that, but situations aren't exactly aligning for some smooth chance of real life talk. Besides, just being an acquaintance work well for me. I don't really care about strangers and what they think, they can have their world their own way.


Stop drunkposting.

It's funny because I've see meat section totally different since guro. I mean I eat meat, but now I see even less difference between humans and animals than before.

Man!! You fucking people are so, fucking frigging intriguing!! Like fuck me, I'm just old bored creep, but there is so many intresting people here. I would love some moar backstory.



Really, if I could, I'd dissect myself and revel in the sensations and all, but that's simply not possible now without disabling/disfiguring myself after, right? So I vow to keep myself alive for when the chance comes, whenever it might be (also for some more reasons, but this is one of them).

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