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hello, fellow guro fans. Some of you may know that Tumblr is going to completely ban adult content after Dec 17th, which obviously will include guro.
I have a guro Tumblr blog which I am actually rather proud of, and that I'm sure many of you will love. As of now it counts about 1 thousand posts, 3600 pictures for a total of 2.5 GB, not including videos since they are only linked (Tumblr never allowed porn videos to be uploaded on their platform), numbers that will slightly grow as I dump all my queue in the next few days. All content which I know the source of, which is the vast majority, has had it specified. I invite all of you to check out my blog before the 17th. Inside there are also the instructions to download the whole archive of pics, just go on the "archive download links" page for the MEGA links.

There is also a petition to stop Tumblr from banning porn, I have no hopes it will be of any use but here is the link if you want to give i a try:


Lol I forgot to post the link to my tumblr:


Hi, I stumbled upon your blog not so long ago while I was browsing NSFW stuff like most normal users (not those depressed for show SFW cunts).

I don't know if they reconsider… One user kind of suggested this move is supposed to drive off unwanted element, which they hope will be replaced with their target customers. That makes sense. I mean it's stupid move, but at least there is some logic behind that. If they are purging NSFW just out of laziness (instead of fixing the issues with real work), then fuck me they are dumb. Whatever is the case it looks like they are really believing this outcry will die out after some time, so they will push this bullcrap no matter what.
(Although many of the memes are so good, it's almost worth it!)

Good thing gurochan is free from risk of becoming SFW only site.


While we're on the topic of the tumblr drama, can I just say that the deluge of extremely shitty western artists to pixiv has been really awful? This isn't to say that there weren't bad japanese artists before (because there are a lot of shitty japanese artists), but the amount of extremely low effort fetish bait images with misleading tags by western artists has been getting annoying. And that's not even getting into the third worlders with their "lets just throw a filter over top of some screencap of a porno" BS.


Is it that bad? I'll be honest I was using Tumblr for two months and only for taker pov SFM stuff (it's not gay, shut up), so I didn't see many 2D artists.
Although when I was browsing memes users posted on Tumblr's twitter I've checked some artists out and I was very surprised they can make a living with drawings like that.

So yeah, good thing Pixiv has good search engine.

On a side note I always feel bad about great artists with few or none followers. There are so many unappreciated people there who deserve more attention. It will be really unfair if shitty western artists get more recognition than them.


Tumblr was never meant to be a place for artists to host their work - we have places like DA and Pixiv for that, art galleries exist for a reason. It was a blogging platform first and foremost. Yet everyone hopped on the Tumblr bandwagon, despite its horrible blog layouts (some being okay), terrible search engine, and unstable atmosphere full of dumbass SJWs and Tumblr staff that could pull the plug on your blog in a heartbeat. Bullshit hashy filenames so people are never ending asking "sauce" when someone posts an artists work they don't recognize with a tumblr file name. 1280p size limit unless you dicked around with the URL. Several more issues I won't go into, but I have loathed Tumblr for many years and what it has done to the crop of artists/fandoms I follow…or have tried to, no thanks to their site.

Even worse than Tumblr are artists (mostly the younger generation that grew up with social media) that post to Twitter…fucking oy vhey, don't get me started.

>replaced with their target customers
Last time I checked a large portion of their "customers" were porn heavy blogs, both real life and artistic. I personally could see Tumblr closing up shop in a couple years because it has now lost all its appeal to a large chunk of their userbase. Or they could be completely fine, who knows.

>just out of laziness (instead of fixing the issues with real work), then fuck me they are dumb.

I feel that this is the case. Instead of fixing site problems, they are taking the incorrect route of just "BLOCK EVERYTHING NAUGHTY" in the hopes it works out. It won't, years of incompetence finally caught up with them and instead of owning up and doing what's right, they blame the perverts and horny users for their problems. The perfect scapegoats. Fuck Tumblr.

I do feel bad for artists that poured years of effort into establishing their brand on that site. If anything, this should teach people that if you want a stable host where you can post without limitation, pay for it yourself and don't rely on another company to host your content for you. Eventually, you end up getting screwed. People won't learn though, so that's that.

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