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Here you can give feedback on gurochan. Features, bug reports, etc.
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If mods are active again, could you remove the hundreds of old spam posts from /lit/ ? They slow down the catalog loading a lot.


Deleted. Although there's not too much that can be done to Tor spam, but we'll try to keep an eye on it.


Whats the deal with all the blank posts recently?


Thank you, it's way faster, and a lot smoother to scroll.


Let me be the first to say, I absolutely love the new look, especially the dark theme! Site is so much more pleasant to use now.


Nice update!


File: 1553886136789.png (1.63 KB, 318x96, Screenshot_1.png)

Nice update but the sections are harder to navigate now and also ugly to look, fix them and is perfect


I had that too, but after I changed themes it fixed itself. Maybe try that or a hard refresh.


Were aware of the issue with the boardlist headers, apologies.

Please refresh the page
Clear cached data
And remove cookies.

Well do our best to fix it for future users.


Does anyone have the list on when threads purge here?


New gurochan functionality is nice, but now that index block takes half of the page space.
You need to shrink it and make scroolable as in the previous gurochan to be useful and not irritating


Yeah cleared the cache and now it's all fixed, it looks gorgeous it even has the old palette thank you mod <3


Think some real story threads might have been deleted by accident. Example:


I like the new but old template looks. Although the top index can be reduced in size. Bu anyway, even if you left it as it is. I'm fine by it.


The new setup seems to have made it completely impossible to use on mobile.


I'm sorry to hear about it being unuseable on cellphones.

If, on cellphones, you see a light blue colorscheme, it's possible your cache has not been deleted. Find out how to clear cookies and cache from your cellphone browser and it will be fixed.

If you seeing the proper, pink colorscheme and lay out, but the boardlist is taking up too much space on your cellphone screen, as a temporary fix you can turn your phone sideways to improve the spacing.

In the mean time, we will work on a cellphone version of the website. I cannot be certain if it will take a week or a month.


Could someone please fix the spacing of the board links? Right now it's just one long jumble of letters and numbers, and it's hard to tap on the one you want on the phone.


File: 1554060929885.png (2.85 MB, 1680x591, Clipboard01.png)

Hi, I've noticed strange going-on when deleting posts in /lit/. Here's the latest. The posts do appear to delete ok though.


The caching issues should now be fixed. If you have any further problems relating to the style sheet, please feel free to let us know in this thread, or you can also reach me on discord at reg#6449

I think our next task is to take out some time to focus on make the site comfortable on cellphone. Changes to the cellphone version of the site will not effect the desktop version (unless you have a really really tiny desktop.)

Thank you


There's an issue with the killer and victim thread on /rp/ where the latest post is no longer displayed on the front page.


I bumped it as though it were sny other thread.

I'll look into issues with threads reliably bumping some time next week, but I may not be able to affect it quickly.


I think you bumped the second one, but not the first one - it's the one pinned right at the top of /rp/


A bit of a text issue with thread names not popping up and leaving an empty space in discussion board. You might want to check that out.




Alright, alright, I hear you.

I'll talk with the other mod before the weekends up and see what we can do about the bump limits.

Thanks for bug hunting, but I think you're talking about threads in which people don't write a subject, leaving the subject field blank. For threads like that you can still click the date to go to that thread.

Feel free to keep telling us if you see anything you think might be a problem


The bump limit is 25,000 now.

Also in response to the recent vote, He's gonna make dark the default theme for the site. You can always change back at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for helping us to help you help each other hurt anime characters. Let us know if there's anything more we can change.


Hi, I just replied to "The many deaths of Julie" thread in /lit/
After clicking "new reply", I got dumped at a plain white screen.

I went back and checked the thread, my post hadn't appeared, so I re-sent it, and got "flood detected", as per attached screenshot. But there's a load of PHP mumbo-jumbo at the top too.

Ok, my original reply had posted, hence the flood warning. It's just the white screen and PHP errors I'm bringing to your attention.

Hope this info is somehow useful to someone.


File: 1554530926880.png (2.57 MB, 1680x534, Clipboard01.png)

Derp. Screenshot.


Probably giving people the option to go dark would be better, just a thought >:)


Hey also maybe delete this thread?


File: 1554671640752.png (2.42 MB, 1680x503, Clipboard01.png)

When replying:
Am I the only one getting these errors?


Especially when creating new threads, the page does not redirect to the thread, but instead goes to a completely blank page with the path /post.php. I'm guessing this might be because the thread ID isn't generated/called fast enough, or in the wrong order? Anyway, please fix, it makes it hard to tell if your post actually went through and makes people prone to double-posting.


Nah, I saw it too. Tried doing something to it.

Anyone else still getting white pages? (After this post?) I haven't managed to do it. It might be related to the previous problem, which might or might not be fixed now.




Please scroll to the bottom of the page, there you'll find 2 links reading "Guro Light" and "Guro Dark."

Click on Guro Dark to activate the websites dark theme.




Flood detection still hits you after posting two pictures. Please increase this. I hate posting my art here because it takes so much longer than necessary.

If the two-image limit is absolutely necessary, at least add a timer to the "new reply" button to let me know when it's safe to post without my message being discarded.


Two minor things I'd love to see added to the list of threads at the top of each board (which already is a big improvement as-is, thanks for that). For one, can stickied threads stay stickied to the top of that list as well, and two, can the column listing the total replies and/or images in the thread we used to have return?



I relaxed the flood detection a bit.

Also, I've heard some reports of flood detection triggering even on the first post, but I haven't managed to recreate it myself. So if anyone gets that, tell me what you did.


That happened to me once, but only once, a week or two ago. All I can tell you is I (tried to) upload a pic.



As a note, it takes 3 seconds, now, for the spam filter to refresh.


Ill see what I can do, its likely possible but I dont have a lot of time lately.


Still messing me up when I try to post more than a few pics at once :/


A bit bummed when the big category header on the top didn't bring you to the main page. I know, top bar, but phone, toilet, and fat fingers doesn't mix. Plus it's hard to be accurate with only one hand.

(The other hand holds the hand shower. I'm bored, not horny)


In regards to the bump limit, it still seems to start autosaging after 250 posts. I recently tried posting in the manga thread and it hasn't gone up to the top of the catalogue.


Is there any way to increase the character limit in RP? Some entries can get pretty long.


Images are laggy as hell today. What's up with that?


I need help deleting some art post I made I'm new in here and I uploaded my draws in different thread without knowing the right way of doing so which was replying to a single one now I wanna delete them and re-upload them in the right way but I dont know the password to do so if any can help me out I will really appreciate the help, thanks ya

those are the thread I made


What loveable works you have.

I understand, I'm going to delete all of the threads for you.

Thanks for sharing your art, I hope to see it back online again in one thread, very soon.


The head developer for gurochan has re-applied some settings ans should have fixed the bump limit of threads, which should be 25,000.

Let us know if this worked or did not.


Yup, it seems to work now. Thanks for the fix.

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