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Welcome back.


Straitjackit, I sure don't envy you.
There's a ton of rule breaking posts still around, its gonna take a while to clean this place up.


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I want to thank you for your dedication in bringing gurochan back, a normal person would've just given up but it's clear you really care about it or else you would't have gone trough all the troubles for bringing it back.

Also wanted to ask some questions if possible:

Is this a new ISP?

Do we have a new moderation that can actually delete shit like spam?

Is possible to go back to the old gurochan interface?


We can't exactly go backto the previous design, but we're in the works of maybe designing a new, and hopefully better, design.

So far, under my temporary ownership of the site, we now have 5 new moderators, with more to come. Hopefully temporary becomes permanent.

Along with new mods, we also have a new potential developer.

When it comes to the ISP question, I genuinely don't know. You'll have to ask Kuukunen.


yeah it is back!


o/ o/ o/ o/ o/


I'd appreciate the Lit char limit being pretty generous :)




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Thank you, kindly. All I ask for is a 'Expand all' button. I got used to it. I'm sorry.



I'll put that in the log for our developer to implement.


Any plans to bring back the thread list? Or at least move the catalog+page list to the top?


Thank you for not giving up and bringing Gurochan back!
Interface isn't perfect, but that doesn't matter. I'm not that active but I was missing this Community.


I would also like to thank everybody who has worked to bring gurochan back!

One question: Do you plan to bring back a onion site too?


I believe as of right now, there aren't any plans to make one, although that may change moving forward with more reworking to the system once everything is running a little cleaner.


hey, it's the timestamp from the year-2038 problem. will vichan break after that or something?


I second the request for a new onion site.


Please excuse me if this has already been answered ad infinitum.

What happened to the old Admins/owners?


Illuminati wars


They went missing and I and another took over. So far things are going MUCH better.

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