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I use to enjoy and getting rock hard at the most intense, really violent guro of any kinds.
Now I look at the some of the same pictures and nauseating, feeling disgust in it. Anyone experience something like this? I thing it is something about my mental state, I'm feeling weak and going through lots of stress from work. Maybe after going through this, I might get back to enjoy guro or maybe not?


Yes, this happens for me very frequently.
when I am in the aroused state, my preferences change a lot.
but when I come, it all becomes completely irrelevant and even disgusting sometimes.
It is not like I start disliking something I liked before, but more like I become more critical about details.
I heard that other people experience something similar as well, like when they are under stress they may turn heterosexual from bisexual and under even more stress they become asexual.

So yes, if you are experiencing stress it is totally natural to become asexual. When you will get in the good mood again your sexuality will come back as well.


I agree with what Onix is saying for the most part. For me, at least, the intensity of my kinkiness is tied to my mental state and sense of self-worth. Sometimes I'm perfectly content with the most wholesome vanilla content. Sometimes, only the worst of the worst can even get my attention. It comes and goes.

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