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Hello and thank you very much just to read this.

I started to chat with a girl from my city, she contacted me by facebook using a false account due she's married, but I knew that was her bacuse "references"

that she left in her real account and that she used in this false one. We chat for a while until I discovered that she and her housband were swingers, he was

also watching all the stuff, but I continued chating with here as if I didn't notice the truth. So, she fell in love with me. The thing is, that her husband

is gay and sexually impotent, so he had also a boy friend. So he and his boyfriend wanted me for a grupal sex, due that i'm hetero I denied. And that was

when the problem started. they didn't want to accept my denial because I discovered a whole spanish swinger group, so they hacked me all my accounts and my

internet connection just to keep me under control. The girl started me to ask for help, she's victim of abuse from her husband, who scream and psicolgycal

misstreat her but she had a couple of ictus and is not able to make a living by herself due she has two children. So she is quite desesperate but I don't

know how to help her... can anyone of you help me out to unhack my routers and tell me some hints to contra-attack? I don't know what to offer to you, I've

got an online community on music gear of 10.000 people, that I built by myself and I belive in all the points that you defend. i just need some help here.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Ps: If you need any real data, I will be pleased to send it back to you.


call the cops

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