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So I have started drawing and enjoying it a lot. My first story is almost finished. But the problem (maybe) is the main female character likeness is based intentionally on a real non-nude model (I did it originally for my own amusement). I would love to post my work here, but was wondering if this would be like some sort of big no no. Is it? if not forget I asked lol.


Because we're *the guro community* there are pretty much no agreed upon no-nos.

This getting back to that model seems unlikely enough. You'd have to be a good enough artist that her resemblance comes through, and she a unique enough model, and it would have to become a popular enough work to get noticed by someone who would frown upon it and tell her.

Personally I'd love to see it. Not many guro artists work out full stories. I wouldn't recommend using real peoples faces in the future, but all good artists learn and base work off reality.


I am also very highly convinced that it will be impossible to recognize your model from your drawing, even if you use the same name and even if you are a genius artist.

So this is no issue at all.
Even if it was a photo manipulation it would be hard to recognize if someone stumbles upon it randomly, if you have no name attached to it.

I think everyone will agree on one thing: being very interested to see your work.


Hey, >:)

As long as it is 2D/3D you're good. This is to say though as a general rule of thumb, you shouldn't ever really draw/animate anyone you're close to. If someone was to say stumble on this and know the person or stumble upon your work within your residence, you along with you wonderful hobby could be put at risk. So maybe change and alter some features even make in in hentai-ish form. Just saying this so you can be protected my brothern. >:)


Thanks for the feedback guys. Well I am certainly not a "genius" artist and so what have been doing is a mix of 2D drawing and manipulation of original photos with inspiration from artists such as Drabok, Dolcett etc. I am still hesitant about releasing my musings into the wild.

As soon as I figure out how to attach an image to a post I will and would be interested if anyone recognized the model.


you can't attach pictures in /dis/, but you can upload whatever you made to /art/ :)

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