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Do you ever feel nausea to your brink where you're really sick and could actually puke just thinking hack on things?
Is there anything that keeps you going?
Including even just learning things, reading about genocides and the like, what keeps you up at night?

I've had many nights without a phone to distract me from dread I didn't face.
...yet, but have now and holy fuck I hate it.
To give just an example, I've been mistreated by cops and other intense criminals.. and reading of genocides makes me ponder how I might... go...


are you still around?


>What keeps you up at night?

Existential dread some of the time, reading about geopolitics some other nights (gotta keep watch on the conflict in Syria, can't tell when WW3 will begin)

As far as memories go - can't say I have any memories that I consider are worth sharing. I've been alive for 21 years and it was all pretty uneventful and boring. I've never seen anyone die in person, never had sex, never got in a serious fight. Guess I haven't been living much, just pondering stuff and trying to realize how the world works.


>>8218 47 please speak with me and lmk it's you>>8218



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