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I'm not sure about you ladies, but I kinda get off reading about how other girls want to go, so why don't we talk about our fantasies?

Who do you want to snuff you, and how? What perverted acts do you want done to your body?

I'd like something brutal and quick. I don't mind a little pain, but I don't want it long and drawn out. Shot of stabbed in the head/heart, decapitated, throat slashed, hanged, or strangled. I don't mind being shot in the breasts or pussy, just as long as I'm finished off within a few minutes.

When I die, I'd like to be close to orgasm. Doesn't matter if it's by a dick, tongue, or my own finger. Just get me close to the climax, then blow my brains out before I can cum. Mmm.

I don't care what happens after. Fuck my corpse or dispose of it; either is a turn on for me.


I´m into a lot of stuff, mostly execution style like shooting or decapitation or stuff but my favorite is totally being hanged.

Strip me naked first, then make it a short drop or just pull me up from the ground so I won´t break my neck (that´d be over far too quick). I wanna struggle and dance on the rope for a few minutes before finally running out of air and pee myself as I die.

I don´t rlly care who my killer is but I hope after I´m dead they take my body down and fuck it/use it to get off and cover me in their cum/squirt. Then either put me on display somewhere and keep making use of my body or just dump me somewhere it´s not like I can complain anymore lol


Alone cut in half and let play around



Sorry OP. I'm no girl, but I do really enjoy threads like these. Sometimes it feels like it's hella rare to find women that want to get snuffed and like this community is nothing but guys trading ideas.

Please, post more. :-)


I actually get the impression there are more girls here than is average… maybe it's just feminine guys

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