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I'm a bi cis-male. I'm not really a fan of the Kinsey Scale, but I'm probably about a three. Therefore, I find ladies just as attractive as gentlemen in general. But even still, I like variety. That being said, why are there almost no dudes/gay threads on this website?

I mean, this website is the internet's center for the erotic grotesque. I understand that the vast majority here is probably heterosexual men, but come on. There is no diversity here. I am hard pressed to find any girls killing guys here, let alone guy on guy action.

After considering this, I figured that it was just because majority of erotic guro artists (and all erotic artists for that matter) draw because it turns them on. Therefore, they wouldn't have any motivation to draw men. But then I realized that even among the minority of guro artists, there must be some who like boys. But there simply aren't. It boggles my mind.

What little boy substance I can find is often shota, which is gross IMHO. Other posts are castration/penectomy, which is kind of a niche and usually includes girls anyway. The rest is just standard fare (hanging, beheading, etc.) some of which is really good but I can count it all on two hands.

Therefore, I conclude this rant with a question: does anyone have any sources for larger threads/sites of male and/or gay guro? I really want to see male bellies being sliced open and male limbs being cut off. I like the idea of men drowning in human semen and being impaled on a sharp stick through the ass.

This has been a rant from a mildly annoyed gay.



I have stories involving boys, but I feel they're a little extreme for this site.


I was looking for regular (straight) guro when I unfortunately came accross what you were looking for. >:)

If you go to e-hentai org and type in guro, they have stockpiles of "opposite" guro. I was quite a bit annoyed that there was so much...



We already had this kind of thread with the similar complaint,
but the whole point of being heterosexual is that if you are a guy you should be interested in the cute things and it does not matter if this is men or women.
it is pretty hard to make a cute adult guy without making it look like shota of some kind.

Also, if we discuss plain practical issues with boys, you don't have that much stuff to do with them, besides castrations because they just don't have any other parts. (Unless of course, you start treating them like girls )

If we try to put guys in the role of the girl making him submissive you need to make him look weak and that means cute. You probably can occasionally make some exception when a noncute person gets dominated but this is abnormal.

The guy being drowned in the human cum is not exactly very masculine thing this is more like girl in the male body


I've found loads of it on tumblr and some good tidbits on exhentai. I'm not really into boys myself, but I've drawn some male guro...


I'm str8 so unless these are femdom idc 2much tbh but I doubt this site can't handle your stories.


I too am quite surprised (and also not) at this. It's a given that the vast majority of people who are into our erotic fantasies would oftentimes be males, and therefore the subject matter would thus be heavily focused on females. It is also seen that many males enjoy playing females in order to help them fantasize of their arousals better.

It's not often finding good 'men in peril/doom' pictures and materials, which I high enjoy. Drowning in a river of sperm, for example, or facing impossible odds, interrogation and torture, or just good classic fantasy scenes showing a doomed male and his victorious opponent.

The few good works I could find are by Vittorio Carvelli, some nice works by Odinboy, and a few others. And yes, there seems to be too many Shota online as well. There will always be a bias effect where the vast majority of artworks and references would include females.

Having been roleplaying and exploring erotic peril and erotic doom since the year 2006, I have also felt that it is more exciting and arousing to explore with fellow males, especially those who are bisexual. I too am about a level three or four on the Kinsey Scale, and relate to myself as bi-curious, always enjoying exploring and roleplaying with whether males or females. Both can be very erotic and arousing!

If the anonymous thread starter or any others would be interested in exploring such together, I can be contacted on Discord via FantasyM#6196. I am always looking for others who enjoy similar and are interested to explore our fantasies together!


I'm gay myself and I draw gore stuff occasionally. Understandably, a lot of the stuff here depicts women and there's also a high emphasis on (very) young ages. Those things don't really appeal to me. However, I do love violence, torture and death in sexual settings, so I'm very glad that this site exists.

I'm always happy to read threads like this to find out there some people here that also like more male oriented guro. I will update my thread in /art with newer stuff.


Any shota?


This is so straight it could be used to level a shelf. Cute guys aren't girls...

I was also gonna suggest e-hentai, also hentai-fundary. Use the terms "bara" and "Yaoi", depending on whether you want bears or twinks- most of the shit is drawn by women and sometimes the dicks are upside down for some reason? But there's some great shit hidden in there, you just have to be persistent. I'm more into the psychological aspects than the physical, but I've seen the kind of shit you're looking for.

Also sometimes tumblr, but again, mostly drawn/written by women. There's a blog I follow called "bruised and beaten boys" that hasn't posted in a while but what they've got is worth looking into.

WEIRDLY there's occasionally some good shit on AO3, but you have to read fandoms that you aren't into.

I really don't get how there aren't more "straight" guys on here who get off on the power fantasy- all those dudebros have GOT to want to break another guy to prove that they're better or whatever that mindset is. Take another guy and see him completely crack until he's nothing but a little cumslut. I don't understand how it's not more common. If you're into that, you could try bdsm library- they've got some pretty good snuff stories and a whole category called "sisification".

I don't like that shota shit either.

Also, I just started writing on here. You might like it. Shameless self-promotion.

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